When you go into a signal box, especially a mechanical one, one of the most obvious features is the signal box diagram hung up above the lever frame.

But, have you ever considered whether the diagram you are looking at has always looked the way it does? We don't just mean the changes in layout from time to time but how the actual style and appearance has evolved over the years. Whilst this paper looks at Great Western practice and that of it's successor post nationalisation, you may rest assured that similar evolution took place with the other railway companies, each of which developed its own unique style.

Alan Price has looked at how these products of the Great Western Railway's drawing offices developed their styles and methods and materials of production from the late 19th century through to the late 20th century. Recorded is the transition from purely drawn diagrams to those which were illuminated to mark the passage of trains along the lines under the signalman's control. Alan has identified the names of many of the people who were involved who, generally speaking, just left their initials on the finished products.

Fascinating reading for collectors and users of signal box diagrams alike. Read this and, who knows, you could be a winner on Mastermind.

The paper is lavishly illustrated.

This signalling paper is supplied as a photocopied booklet. Copies are created to order - we don't keep piles of them on the shelves - so there can easily be a three week gap between you ordering and the booklet dropping through your letter box. The wait will be worth it!

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Signal Box Diagrams of the Great Western Railway and British Railways Western Region

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