This collision only shows how little dependence can be placed on the telegraph only for insuring safe working on single lines .....” (Major General Hutchinson, 1879). Thus Forbes Alexander sets the scene for this paper telling the history and operation of the Tokenless Block system developed by British Railways, Scottish Region.

After a description of early tokenless systems using Sykes Lock and Block Forbes moves on to tracing the development of the modern tokenless system from an idea floated in the early 1960s. Scottish Region signal engineering staff then looked at how the idea might be developed into a workable system and set up a demonstration in the works and then a working system put into use between Usan and Montrose.

Forbes continues with the development of the system for wider use and expansion of capability and the development of the signalling regulations for use of the system. He also recounts the trails and tribulations of resolving the failures that occurred. Finally he tells how the final standard was achieved; reliability improved and how the needs of the operational staff were met.

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Scottish Region Tokenless Block

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