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Signalling Record Society

The George Pryer Series

Signal Box Diagrams of the Great Western and Southern Railways

The diagrams published in these volumes were drawn by George Pryer who was a founder member of the Society and its first draughtsman. He published these volumes himself during his lifetime and Mrs Pryer has kindly authorised the Society to reprint and reissue the volumes. Opportunity has been taken to include minor corrigenda where known.

In due course it is intended to produce fully revised editions of these volumes. This will happen when resources become available to carry out the task. In the meantime, should any more corrigenda come to light a suitable listing will be made available free of charge on this page.

The Society has also obtained a stock of the four volumes that were still in store when George died and these are now available from us.

Click on the index link to view a full list of volumes and an alphabetical list of locations. The file is in Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) format. If you haven't already obtained it, the Acrobat® Reader program can be downloaded from here.

View a Sample Drawing.

Volumes Reprinted So Far

Qty Volume Area Covered Members Price Non-Members Price UK Shipping
1 Great Western Railway Lines in Dorset. £10.00 £11.00 £1.80
2 Southern Railway Lines in East Dorset. £10.00 £11.00 £1.80

Original Volumes

Qty Volume Area Covered Members Price Non-Members Price UK Shipping
22 Midland & South Western Junction Railway. £5.00 £6.00 £1.80
24 Southern Railway Lines in West Sussex. £6.00 £7.00 £1.80
25 Great Western Railway: Swindon Area. £6.00 £7.00 £1.80
26 Southern Railway Lines: Reading & Windsor. £6.50 £7.50 £1.80

Reprinting arrangements for the remaining volumes of this series are currently being progressed. It will be helpful, therefore, if we can gauge likely demand. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these volumes will you please contact the Bookstall Manager indicating which volumes are of interest to you. Further announcements will be made on this web site as soon as they become available.

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