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The SRS Drawing Office collection of signal box diagrams has been built up over many years and constitutes hand-drawn sketches of the layout controlled by a signal box, with signals and connections numbered. It contains the information that would be included on the signal box diagram displayed in the box. The collection is being digitised and published on CD-ROM or USB flash drive in the format presented here. Additional information, such as amendment state, locking table etc., is being added where available.

Diagrams and documentation for 261 boxes in Section B (Bristol Division) of the Great Western Signal box register are included on this flash drive (280 diagrams in all). Changes since this CD was published in March 2010 are shown highlighted (thus).

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Section B: Bristol Division

Section B: Bristol Division
B1: Main Line Milton to Huntspill
Drawing no.Signal box
S923 (c. 1950)Milton
Stocks Lane GF
 Stocks Lane Crossing
 Causeway Crossing
 Lockinge East
 Lockinge (West)
P63 (old box, 1934)Wantage Road
P33 (1933)Circourt Crossing
Circourt Crossing
P33 (c. 1914, 1944)Challow
P270 (1947, 1962)Uffington
D215Knighton Crossing
D215Ashbury Crossing
P261 (c. 1957)Shrivenham
 Marston Crossing
Marston Sidings
D72 also P261 (c. 1939)Marston Crossing East
D72Marston Crossing West
L204 (1948)Highworth Jcn
Swindon 'A'
S911Swindon Goods Yard
Swindon 'B'
L48 (1933)Swindon Station East
Swindon 'C'
 Swindon Down Branch
Swindon 'H'
L141 (1932) L142 (1942)Swindon Station West
Swindon 'D'
Section B: Bristol Division (cont'd)
B1: Main Line Milton to Huntspill
Drawing no.Signal box
 Gloucester Jcn [Swindon]
Swindon 'E'
P126Rodbourne Lane
Swindon 'F'
 Swindon (Panel)
 Swindon (New panel)
P126Rushey Platt Jcn
Swindon 'K'
S825Hay Lane
 Wootton Bassett
P179Wootton Bassett East
L35Wootton Bassett West
D543 (old box, 1952)Wootton Bassett Incline
P178 (1949)Dauntsey
 Christian Malford
P178Langley Crossing
 Chippenham No.1
L241 (c. 1937)Chippenham East
 Chippenham No.2
 Chippenham No.3
L241Chippenham West
P136 also S866 (1935)Thingley Jcn
P136Thingley West
 Corsham East
 Corsham West
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Section B: Bristol Division

B1: Main Line Milton to Huntspill (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
 Box Tunnel East End
 Box East
Box No. 1
P61 (also S937 Box Tunnel tell-tale bells)Box
 Box West
Box No. 2
 Ashley Cutting Crossing
D601Farleigh Down
 Farleigh Down Siding
P282 (1956)Bathampton
P282Bathampton West
 Hampton Row
 Bath East
 Bath No.1
P260 (c. 1950)Bath
 Bath No.2
 Westmoreland East
Westmoreland No. 1
 Westmoreland West
Westmoreland No. 2
P260Bath Goods
D359 (c.1920, 1925)Twerton Tunnel
B287 (old box)Keynsham & Somerdale East
Keynsham East
C46Keynsham & Somerdale West
Keynsham West
D601Foxes Wood
 St. Anne's Park
East Depot No. 1
P247 (c. 1957, 1960)Bristol East Depot Main Line
 No.1 Tunnel
 Bristol Hump GF
S907Bristol East Depot Down Yard
East Depot No. 3
L12North Somerset Jcn
 Bristol 'E'
South Wales Union
S796  Bristol Engine Shed [MR]
L46 (1929)South Wales Jcn
Bristol 'A'
 Bristol 'B'
 Bristol Temple Meads East
 Bristol 'C'
Bristol 'G'
 Bristol 'G'
 Bristol East
 Bristol Panel
 Bristol 'F'
Bristol West
 Bristol 'D'
Bristol 'D'
 Bath Road Engine Shed
Bristol West
S908Bristol (Temple Meads) Loco Yard
 Bristol Temple Meads West
 Pylle Hill Jcn
Cattle Pens Telegraph Station
 Pylle Hill
 Pylle Hill Sdgs.
B1: Main Line Milton to Huntspill (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
B40 (1945)Bedminster
X17Malago Vale
 Portishead Jcn
B180Parson Street Jcn
D562Bristol West Depot
West Loop South Junction
D562South Liberty Jcn
South Liberty
 South Liberty Sidings
 South Liberty South
 Flax Bourton Cutting
P288 (1950, 1958)Flax Bourton
D82Nailsea (East)
Nailsea & Backwell
D82Nailsea West
Nailsea Brickworks
 Ballast Sdg [Nailsea]
D171Yatton East
P118 (1955)Yatton
Yatton Junction
Yatton West
D513Huish Crossing
D513Puxton & Worle
D136Worle Jcn
 Weston Jcn
D136 (1941)Hutton
D26Uphill Jcn
 Bleadon & Uphill
D115Brent Knoll
D115 L239Highbridge East
Highbridge North
L239Highbridge (West)
Highbridge Station
Highbridge Crossing
B2: Weston-super-mare Loop
Drawing no.Signal box
L51 X27 (1960)Weston Super Mare (East)
Weston super Mare No. 1
 Weston Super Mare West
Weston super Mare No. 2
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Section B: Bristol Division

B3: South Wales & Bristol Direct Line
Drawing no.Signal box
X66 also L238 (1933)Little Somerford
P53 also L238 (1937)Hullavington
P295 (1945)Chipping Sodbury
P295 (1942)Wapley Common
D73 (1942)Westerleigh East
D73 (c. 1945)Westerleigh (West)
P47 (c.1953)Coal Pit Heath
B122 (1959)Stoke Gifford East
L50 (1947)Stoke Gifford West
B4: South Wales & Bristol Direct Line
Drawing no.Signal box
P84Filton Jcn
P138Filton Incline
P138Ashley Hill
 Narroways Hill Jcn
X31Stapleton Road
 Easton Road Jcn [Bristol]
 Lawrence Hill
L117 (1954)Dr. Days Bridge Jcn
 Dr. Days Bridge
B5: Bristol & South Wales Union Line
Drawing no.Signal box
D155Patchway Tunnel
D155Over Sidings
Cattybrook Sidings
P125Pilning Jcn
P125Pilning Station
P193Severn Tunnel East
P193 (1942)Severn Tunnel West
B128 (1936)
L201 (1958)
P269 (1960)
Severn Tunnel Junction East
B6: New Passage Pier
Drawing no.Signal box
 New Passage .... [1]
 New Passage .... [2]
B7: Berks & Hants Line
Drawing no.Signal box
D83 (1950)Grafton East Jcn
Grafton Curve
D83 (1950)Wolfhall Jcn
D91Savernake East
D91Savernake West
 Burbage Sdg
P285 (1949)Wootton Rivers
B7: Berks & Hants Line (cont'd)
P306 (1957)Patney and Chirton Junction
 Stert Jcn
P306 (1934)Crookwood
 Lavington East
P306Lavington (West)
P59Edington & Bratton
P59Heywood Road Jcn
B8: Weymouth Line
Drawing no.Signal box
S145 (1939)Beanacre
 Dunch Lane Crossing
L49Holt Jcn
 Bradford Jcn North
L122 (1955)Bradford Junction
 Bradford Junction South
Bradford Junction
 Trowbridge No.1
 Trowbridge No.2
D93 (1944)Hawkeridge
 Westbury No.1
 Westbury No.2
P406 (c. 1933) L34 (1962)Westbury (North)
 Westbury Panel
W13/04 S682 (c. 1940)Westbury Middle
P407 (c. 1933) L228 (1953)Westbury South
D95Fairwood Jcn
D95Fairwood Crossing
D506 (1957)Clink Road Jcn
D506 (c. 1900) X33 (1970)Frome North
Frome No. 1
S921 (c. 1900)Frome Middle
Frome No. 2
X23 (1950)Frome South
Frome No. 3
X23 (c. 1951) B17 (1970)Blatchbridge Jcn.
P187 (1943, 1972)Witham
 Pink Wood
P243 (c. 1923) X7 (new box)Castle Cary
P153Marston Magna
 Yeovil Pen Mill North
Yeovil Pen Mill No. 1
 Yeovil Pen Mill South
Yeovil Pen Mill No. 2
L20Yeovil Pen Mill
D31Yeovil South Jcn.
D31 (1932)Clifton Maybank Jcn.
 Maiden Newton North
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Section B: Bristol Division

B8: Weymouth Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
 Maiden Newton South
B85 also W13/293 (1968)Maiden Newton
D180Grimstone & Frampton
 Viaduct 199
 Viaduct 202
D180 (West)Dorchester Station
Dorchester West
L243 (c. 1950)Dorchester Jcn.
L243Bincombe Tunnel
 Upwey [ML]
D304 (1917, 1961)Upwey Jcn.
Upwey & Broadwey
 Portland Jcn.
D523Weymouth Jcn.
D523 also X43 (1957)Weymouth Station
B9: Bradford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B250Limpley Stoke
 Limpley Stoke North
 Limpley Stoke (South)
 Avoncliff Sdg
 Bradford Jcn West
B10: Weymouth & Portland Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Littlefield Crossing
D28 (1907, 1930)Rodwell
 Portland Siding
D30 (1919)Portland Goods Jcn
D30 (1905) L273Portland Station
 Castleton Junction Siding
B11: Bridport Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 West Bay
B12: Abbotsbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B13: Faringdon Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B14: Highworth Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Stratton Factory
D358 (1942)Kingsdown Road
D358Highworth GF
B15: Calne Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B16: Malmesbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B17: Berks & Hants Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Devizes No. 1
 Devizes No.2
B18: Frome & North Somerset Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Contractors Sdg [Radstock Branch]
D224Pensford & Bromley Collieries Sidings
D473 (1922)Hallatrow
 Old Mills Sdg
 Old Welton Sdg
D153Radstock North
Radstock No. 3
Radstock West
D153Radstock South
Radstock No. 2
 Radstock No. 1
 Mells North
Mells Road North
 Mells South
Mells Road South
D490 (c. 1958)Mells Road
 Frome Market Sdg
D490Frome West
B19: Avonmouth & Filton Railway
Drawing no.Signal box
B5Filton West
 Brabazon Crossing
 Henbury West
 Hallen (East)
 Hallen West
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Section B: Bristol Division

B20: Avonmouth Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
P230Pilning Branch
P230Severn Beach
 Chittening Jcn
D152Hallen Marsh Junction
 Contractors Sdg [Avonmouth]
Holesmouth Junction
D152Holesmouth Jcn
P111 also S945 (1910)Avonmouth Town Goods Yard
P111St. Andrews Jcn.
L181 (1927)Gloucester Road Crossing [Avonmouth]
B21: Bristol Relief Line
Drawing no.Signal box
J59 (old box) J60 (1962)Marsh Jcn [Bristol]
S906 (c. 1960)St. Phillip's Marsh
B22: Bristol Harbour Branch/Wapping Wharf Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D13Bristol (Temple Meads) Goods Yard
 Bathurst Basin Bridge
W15/20Ashton Swing Bridge North
 Ashton Swing Bridge South
B23: Canons Marsh Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S873Avon Crescent Crossing
 Junction Lock [Swing Bridge]
 Canons Marsh
B24: Portishead Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 West Loop North Jcn [Bristol]
 Ashton Sidings East
 Ashton Vale Sidings
 Ashton Upper Crossing
 Ashton Sidings West
X62 (1958)Ashton Jcn
X62 (1947)Clifton Bridge
 Netham Quarries
X62Oak Wood
D62 (1950)Pill
D62Portbury Shipyard
P192 (1953, 1958)Portishead
B25: Cheddar Valley Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D285 (1948)Congresbury
D285Sandford & Banwell
D492 (c. 1950)Axbridge
S139Lodge Hill
D507 (Tucker Street)Wells Station
Wells Tucker Street
B26: East Somerset Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D287Shepton Mallet
 Doulting Siding
D507Wells East Somerset
Wells 'B'
B27: Salisbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
W16/20Upton Scudamore
 Warminster North
Warminster No. 1
 Warminster South
Warminster No. 2
P4 (c. 1940) P29 (1944)Warminster
P245 (1944)Beechgrove
D371 (1916, 1943)Codford
D142 (1914, 1916) W16/274 (1943)Sherrington Crossing
 Wylye No.1
P127 (1943)Wylye (No.2)
P127 (1945)Wishford
Wilton North
P212Salisbury GWR
Salisbury 'C'
B28: Limpley Stoke & Camerton Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Dunkerton Station
 Dunkerton Colliery
B29: Yate Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S274Yate South Junction
S794 (1942)Westerleigh North
B30: Marlborough [GW] Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Marlborough South Jcn
 Marlborough [GW]
B31: Bristol Old Station
Drawing no.Signal box
D13Bristol Old Station
Bristol 'C'
B32: Clevedon Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B33: Weston-Super-Mare Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Weston Super Mare [Old Branch]
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Section X: Joint Lines

Section X: Joint Lines
X3: Clifton Extension Line/Hotwells & Avonmouth Line
Drawing no.Signal box
P304 (1957, 1959)Ashley Hill Jcn.
P298Clifton Down
 Clifton Tunnel West.
 Sneyd Park Jcn.
Sneyd Park
L219 (1950)Sea Mills
 Horse Shoe Curve
 Horse Shoe Point
P305 (1876, 1910)Avonmouth Dock Jcn
D3 (1954)Crown Brickyard Crossing
Avonmouth Dock Jcn
Crown Brickyard
S205Avonmouth Dock Station
X4: Avonmouth Dock Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D3 (1954) also P305 (1913)Avonmouth Dock Sdgs
X5: Hotwells & Avonmouth Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Hotwells Extension
X8: Andoversford Line
Drawing no.Signal box
D501Andoversford Junction
 Andoversford & Dowdeswell
D63 (1902) S1356 (c. 1943)Withington [Glos.]
D63 (1902)Chedworth
D87Foss Cross
D87Cirencester (Watermoor)
D88South Cerney
 Rushey Platt 'B'
B237 (1942)Rushey Platt Station
 Rushey Platt 'A'
D294 (1905, c. 1950)Swindon Town 'A'
P46 (1905, 1942)Swindon Town 'B'
B108 (1942)Chiseldon
P141 (1952)Ogbourne
P141 also L218 (1929)Marlborough [MSW]
D89 (1944)Marlborough Tunnel West
D89 (1944)Marlborough Tunnel East
L218 (1929)Savernake
Savernake High Level
P147 (1905, 1933)Wolfhall Junction [MSW]
Grafton South Junction
D262 (1928, 1943)Weyhill
S86 (1882)
D94 (1915, 1950)
S. M. & A. Junction
Red Post Junction
X9: Tidworth Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
Amendment state information will be added to the SRS web site as it is submitted. Further diagrams will be digitised and further CDs will be published as suitable geographic areas are completed.

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