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The SRS Drawing Office collection of signal box diagrams has been built up over many years and constitutes hand-drawn sketches of the layout controlled by a signal box, with signals and connections numbered. It contains the information that would be included on the signal box diagram displayed in the box. The collection is being digitised and published on CD-ROM in the format presented here. Additional information, such as amendment state, locking table etc., is being added where available.

Diagrams and documentation for 142 boxes in Sections M, N & R (Waterloo to Salisbury) of the Southern Railway Signal box register are included on this CD occupying about 87Mbytes (155 diagrams in all).

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Section M: LSWR London to Exeter Main Line

Section M: LSWR London to Exeter Main Line
M1: Waterloo to Woking Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Waterloo Crow's Nest
 Waterloo 'A'
 Waterloo 'B'
 Waterloo 'C'
 Waterloo 'D'
Vauxhall 'D'
Vauxhall East
 Vauxhall West
 Wandsworth Road
 Nine Elms Further
 Nine Elms Upper
Nine Elms High
 Nine Elms Junction
 Locomotive Junction
Loco Junction
Nine Elms Junction
 [Nine Elms Junction]
Queens Road East
 Queens Road Junction
Queens Road
Queens Road West
 West London Junction
 Clapham Junction Kensington
Ludgate Junction
X44Clapham Junction High East
Clapham Junction East
Clapham Junction 'A'
 Clapham Junction West Main
Clapham Junction South
Clapham Junction 'D'
S123Clapham Cutting
S418 (1897)Earlsfield
S745Merton Road
Durnsford Road
 Wimbledon North
 Wimbledon Junction
X51Wimbledon East
Wimbledon 'A'
X40Wimbledon Yard
Wimbledon 'D'
Wimbledon 'B'
 Wimbledon ASC
X48Wimbledon West
Wimbledon 'E'
Wimbledon 'C'
B335 (pre-1930)Epsom Junction
Wimbledon Junction
West Barnes Junction
Raynes Park Junction
Raynes Park
 Combe & Malden
New Malden
 Marsh Lane
 Surbiton Cutting
 Surbiton East
 Surbiton GF East NBP
Surbiton GF 'A'
S392 (1900)Surbiton West
M1: Waterloo to Woking Junction (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
B194Hampton Court Junction
P16Esher East
P16Esher West
 Walton East GF NBP
Walton 'A' GF
 Walton East
 Walton West
 Walton West GF NBP
Walton-on-Thames 'B' GF
Walton 'B' GF
Walton Cutting
 Weybridge East
Weybridge Junction
B269Byfleet Junction
West Byfleet
 Woking East
 Woking Yard
 Woking Junction
M2: Woking Junction to Worting Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
S537 (1897)Goldsworth Cutting
S563 (1894), P14 (pneu)Brookwood
 Brookwood West
 Pirbright Junction
 Frimley Cutting
L123Sturt Lane Junction
 Farnborough Junction
S666 (1901)Farnborough
S411 (1891), B212 (pneu)Fleet
B172 (pneu)Winchfield
S533 (1883), B187 (pneu)Hook
 Newnham Cutting
 Newnham Siding
 Ashmore Cutting
 Old Basing
S570 (1899)Barton Mill
X39 (pneu)Basingstoke East
Basingstoke 'A'
P363Basingstoke [GW]
Basingstoke 'C'
 Basingstoke ASC
P30 (pneu)Basingstoke West
Basingstoke 'B'
 Basingstoke 'C'
P91Worting Junction
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Section M: LSWR London to Exeter Main Line

M3: Worting Junction to Salisbury West
Drawing no.Signal box
P91 (1898)Battledown
Whitchurch North
P367 (1883, 1954)Hurstbourne
S644 (1934)Hurstbourne Junction
 St Marybourne
D367 (1882, 'A')Andover Junction East
Andover Jct 'A'
Andover 'A'
 Andover Junction
D232 (1882, 'B')Andover Junction West
Andover Jct 'B'
Andover 'B'
D94 (1915, 1950), S86 (SMA Jcn 1882)Red Post Junction
S. M. and A. Junction
Redpost Jct
P248 (1898, 1902), B191 (1956)Grateley
D18 (1902)Newton Tony Junction
D18 (1899)Newton Tony
S601Amesbury Junction
J66 (1910), L78 (1958)Salisbury Tunnel Junction
J23 (1899)Salisbury No. 1
Salisbury 'A'
X50Salisbury East
 Salisbury No. 2
Salisbury 'B'
 Salisbury No. 3
Salisbury 'C'
L77Salisbury West
 Salisbury No. 4
Salisbury 'D'
P212Salisbury [GW]
Salisbury 'C'
M4: Salisbury West to Exeter West
Section N: LSWR Guildford, Portsmouth & Mid-Hants
N1: Raynes Park Junction to Effingham Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Raynes Crossing NBP
Raynes Park Goods GF NBP
 West Barnes Crossing NBP
 Blue House Crossing
Motspur Park
S739Worcester Park
 Cuddington Cutting
Cuddington Crossing
Ewell West
L82Epsom Junction East
 (see Section X7 for boxes on joint line)
 Leatherhead Station [LSW]
Leatherhead West
 Leatherhead Crossing NBP
N2: Motspur Park to Chessington South
Drawing no.Signal box
D456Chessington South
N3: Hampton Court Junction to Guildford Yard
Drawing no.Signal box
 Sheath Crossing NBP
Sheath Lane Crossing
 Cooks Crossing GF NBP
P165 (new box)Effingham Junction
S19 (1932)Merrow Siding
S532London Road
N4: Woking Junction to Havant Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
S441 (1898)Worplesdon
S420 (1917)Guildford North
 Alton Junction
 Guildford Yard
 Guildford ASC
 Guildford Tunnel
Guildford South
 St Catherines East
 St Catherines West
J27Shalford Junction
S440 (1897)Peasmarsh Junction
D147 (1897)Farncombe East
D147 (1897)Farncombe West
 Godalming Junction
 Godalming (Old)
S486 (1897)Godalming
Godalming (New)
 Sickle Mill Crossing NBP
 Liss Common Crossing NBP
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Section N: LSWR Guildford, Portsmouth & Mid-Hants

N4: Woking Junction to Havant Junction (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
 Longmoor Military Railway GF NBP
 Princes Bridge Crossing NBP
 Stodham Crossing NBP
 Sheet Crossing NBP
 King's Fernsden Crossing NBP
P70Petersfield North
Petersfield Junction
 Petersfield South
Petersfield Yard
 Petersfield GF 'B' NBP
B295Buriton Siding
 Idsworth Crossing
S536Rowlands Castle
 Havant North
Havant Junction [LSW]
X55Havant Junction East
Havant Junction
Havant ASC
N5: Guildford North to Farnham Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Pinks Hill
S334 (1897)Wanborough
S349Ash Junction
 Ash Green
S688 (1897)Tongham
N6: Petersfield to Midhurst
Drawing no.Signal box
 Midhurst [LSW]
S696Midhurst West
N7: Brookwood to Pirbright Camp
Drawing no.Signal box
 Bisley Branch GF
 Bisley Camp GF 'A'
 Bisley Camp GF 'B'
 Deepcut Camp GF
 Blackdown Camp GF
 Pirbright Camp GF
N8: Pirbright Junction to Winchester Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
S721North Camp Junction
Ash Vale Jct
D389Aldershot Junction North
Aldershot Junction
D389 (1913)Aldershot Government Sdgs
Aldershot Military Sidings
D143Aldershot East
Aldershot 'A'
D143Aldershot West
Aldershot 'B'
 Farnham Junction
P97Farnham East
Farnham Gate
Farnham 'A'
P97Farnham West
Farnham Yard
Farnham 'B'
N8: Pirbright Junction to Winchester Junction (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
Bentley Station
 Bentley Junction
L109 (1903, 1955)Alton
 Alton [MHR]
L150Butts Junction
D361Medstead & Four Marks
 Ropley [MHR]
Alresford [MHR]
D369Itchen Abbas
J22Winchester Junction
N9: Bentley to Bordon
Drawing no.Signal box
N10: Butts Junction to Knowle Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Farringdon Sdgs GF NBP
D246West Meon
 Mislingford Gds GF NBP
Mislingford Siding
D451Knowle Siding
Knowle Junction
N11: Basingstoke to Butts Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Herriard LSW
 Bentworth & Lasham
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Section R: LSWR Suburban Lines

Section R: LSWR Suburban Lines
R1: Bank to Waterloo
Drawing no.Signal box
 Waterloo W & C
R2: Nine Elms North Viaduct to Loco Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
S736Nine Elms North Viaduct
J29Nine Elms South Viaduct
R3: Nine Elms 'B' to Queens Road East
Drawing no.Signal box
D279Nine Elms 'B' NBP
D279Nine Elms 'A'
R4: Clapham Junction Yards
Drawing no.Signal box
 West London Sidings GF NBP
 Clapham Junction East GF NBP
 Clapham Junction Middle Shunting GF NBP
 Clapham Yard Shunters NBP
R5: New Malden to Fulwell Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Malden Crossing
L112 (1900)Kingston Yard
Kingston Junction
 Hampton Wick
 Fairfax Crossing
Fairfax Road Crossing
 Somerset Rd Crossing NBP
 Shacklegate Junction
R6: Hampton Court Junction to Hampton Court
Drawing no.Signal box
 Thames Ditton
B206 (new box)Hampton Court Crossing
Hampton Court
 Hampton Court Station
R7: Clapham Junction to Staines East
Drawing no.Signal box
 Clapham Junction West
Clapham Junction West Windsor
Clapham Junction West
Clapham Junction 'E'
Clapham Junction 'C'
 Plough Lane
Plough Lane Junction
 Plough Lane GF NBP
Wandsworth Town
B169 (1899)Point Pleasant Junction
S566Barnes East
L83Barnes Junction
Barnes West
 Barnes Richmond Line Crossing NBP
Barnes Windsor Line Crossing
Barnes Siding
Barnes Common Crossing
R7: Clapham Junction to Staines East (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
 Mortlake Junction
 White Hart Lane Gates
White Hart Crossing
 Black Horse Crossing
North Sheen
X45Richmond Junction
 Richmond West
 Richmond Bridge
 St Margarets
S754Twickenham East
 Twickenham Station
 Twickenham West
S74Whitton Junction
 Feltham Junction
 Feltham East
 Feltham West
Feltham Reformatory
 Shortwood Common
 Shortwood Common Crossing NBP
R8: Point Pleasant Junction to Wimbledon East
Drawing no.Signal box
 East Putney
 Cromer Road
 Revelstoke Road
S337Wimbledon Park
R9: Wimbledon Traincare Depot
Drawing no.Signal box
 Wimbledon Top Yard Shunt Panel NBP
R10: Barnes Junction to Feltham Junction via Brentford
Drawing no.Signal box
 Barnes Loop Line Crossing NBP
Barnes Loop Crossing
Barnes Common Crossing
 Barnes (Chiswick Jct)
 Barnes Bridge
 Grove Park Crossing NBP
 Chiswick Junction
S502New Kew Junction
B322Old Kew Junction
 Brentford Yard
Brentford Central
 Wood Lane Crossing
 Hounslow Junction
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Section R: LSWR Suburban Lines

R11: Kensington North Main to Richmond Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Shepherds Bush
 Grove Road Jct
Hammersmith Junction
 Studland Road Junction
Ravenscourt Park Junction
 Turnham Green
Turnham Green Junction [LSW/District]
Fisher's Lane
 Acton Lane Junction
D16 (1893)Gunnersbury East
Gunnersbury Junction
D16 (1893)Gunnersbury West
Gunnersbury South
 Kew Gardens
R12: South Acton Junction to Gunnersbury East
Drawing no.Signal box
 Bollo Lane Junction
R13: Kew East Junction to New Kew Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Kew Curve
R14: Twickenham to Shepperton
Drawing no.Signal box
 Thames Valley Junction
Strawberry Hill Junction
Strawberry Hill
 Fulwell Junction
 Fulwell Station
 Fulwell Cutting
 Mark Hole
 Kempton Park
R15: Feltham Yard
Drawing no.Signal box
 Feltham Down Hump NBP
 Feltham Up Hump NBP
R16: Staines East to Wokingham Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Staines East
Staines Central
 Staines Junction
 Staines West Jct
Staines South Junction
Staines West
 Thorpe Lane Crossing
 Egham Causeway Crossing NBP
R16: Staines East to Wokingham Junction (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
 Pooley Green
S37Rusham Crossing
 Stroud Crossing NBP
L70Virginia Water
Virginia Water 'A'
S165Virginia Water 'B'
 Knowle East
 Knowle West
P368Drake & Mount's Siding
S695Ascot East Junction
Ascot Junction
Ascot 'A'
L205Ascot West Junction
Ascot 'B'
S680Ascot West
D330Manor Siding
S7Amen Crossing NBP
Amen Corner Crossing
 Waterloo Crossing NBP
 Star Lane Crossing
P253Wokingham Station
R17: Staines Junction to Windsor
Drawing no.Signal box
 Staines North Junction
Staines High Street
 Staines Reservoir
J24Staines Moor
 Common Crossing
 Mays Crossing NBP
Windsor & Eton
Windsor & Eton Riverside
R18: Virginia Water to Weybridge
Drawing no.Signal box
 Virginia Water 'C'
 Lyne Crossing
 Chertsey GF 'A'
 Chertsey GF 'B' NBP
 Addlestone GF
S738 (1897)Addlestone
 Coxes Lock Mill Crossing NBP
Coxes Mill Crossing
S748Addlestone Junction
R19: Ascot West Junction to Ash Vale Junction
Drawing no.Signal box
 Ascot South
Ascot Branch Junction
Ascot Branch
S665 (1902)Frimley
J21Frimley Junction

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