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Some Items in L & Y Focus

L & Y Focus and the L & Yorkshire Railway Magazine are published by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society. Follow this link to visit their web site.

Issue Items
2009 Summer LYR Focus 69

Rose Grove: East Lancashire’s great railway complex (LYR; Vol 2).
Issue Items
2008 Winter LYR Focus 68

‘Poulton-le-Fylde’ (LYR; detailed treatise on the station and its development, including signalling; b&w photos of boxes, signal diagrams, maps, etc - with due credit to SRS member Tony Graham for information supplied).
2008 Summer LYR Focus 67

Rose Grove: East Lancashire’s great railway complex (LYR; Vol 1).

LYR Magazine 236

Colour photo of Crow Nest Junction box (LYR; seen in 2008 - still in original (1972) condition, untouched by the ‘uPVC refurbishment gang’!).
2008 Spring LYR Magazine 235

Colour reproduction of current ‘heritage’ displayed poster at Brierfield station, with views of box, track diagram c.1953 and brief signalling details (LYR; similar posters are being put up at other stations by the East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership, including Burscough Bridge, Entwistle and Hapton).
Issue Items
2007 Winter LYR Focus 66

Waterhouse Siding signal box (brief details, b&w photo and a fine colour scale front elevation drawing depicting architectural details; an article on the box, with siding diagram and 4mm scale drawings appeared in LYR Platform (predecessor journal to LYR Focus) SUM 1990 (No 32)).

‘Rishton Station’ by Jeff Wells (detailed article, including b&w photos of the successive signal boxes here and some signalling details).

‘An episode at Walton Junction’ by the late Bob Hall (recounts a regulation ‘drama’ at this busy Liverpool box one summer’s day in the early-1920s).

Blackburn East Lancs goods shed’ by Robert Gregson (major survey of this local landmark before its imminent threatened demolition, noted here because colour photos and details are included of the former Shunters Cabin which comprised a ground level timber signal box structure).

LYR Magazine 234

Facsimile of L&YR diagram for Southport Corporation Gas Works siding, Butts Lane and brief box details (LYR).

Colour photos of Bury South (including interior views) and Ramsbottom preserved boxes (both LYR) on the East Lancashire Railway.
2007 Autumn LYR Magazine 233

Colour photo of the L&YR Signalling School layout, as preserved at the National railway Museum, York.
2007 Summer LYR Focus 65

Eastwood, Gathurst, Horbury & Ossett, and Meols Cop (detailed reviews of four very different L&YR stations, including b&w photos of the signal boxes and some signalling diagrams/details for each place).
2007 Spring LYR Magazine 231

‘Recollections: Working on the railway (Pt2)’ (LYR; John F Saunders continues his account).

b&w photo of Towneley West box (LYR).
Issue Items
2006 Winter LYR Magazine 230

‘Recollections: Working on the railway (Pt1)’ (LYR; John F Saunders recalls his time as a Booking Lad then Signalman at the various boxes in and around Sowerby Bridge from 1949 into the 1950s; much detail on the signalling then in use, modes of operating, etc; track layout plan and b&w photo of Sowerby Bridge box).

Colour photo of block instrument from Cleckheaton North box (LYR) as preserved at the Museum of Rail Travel, Ingrow.
2006 Summer LYR Magazine 228

Colour photo of Poulton No 3 refurbished box (LYR), seen in March 2006.