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Signalling Record Society - 50 Years

Signalling Papers

These contain the fruits of research into signalling topics. The papers are of some technical or historical weight, usually dealing with a subject at greater length than would be appropriate in an article in The Signalling Record but not sufficient to justify a book. They are intended to be comprehensive and definitive accounts of their subject.

Please note that these papers are only copied on receipt of an order and you should allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Qty Number Description Members Price Non-Members Price
1 Principles of tappet interlocking, M.R.L.Instone, 1982, pp10 £2.00 £2.40
Great Western lever frames - the 3-bar tappet frames, 1982. The paper may be viewed here or downloaded in Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) form by clicking here. If you haven't already obtained it, the Acrobat® Reader program can be downloaded from here.
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3 Great Western lever frames - the 5-bar tappet frames, 1982, ppl3 £2.50 £3.00
4 Great Western lever frames - the twist frames, A.Price, 1983, ppl5 £2.00 £2.40
5 Signalling the layout - British Rail, Western Region practice 1948-1971, J.P.Morris, 1983, pp23 £3.00 £3.00
6 Signalling the layout - Great Western practice 1900-1914, J.P.Morris, 1984, pp22 £3.00 £3.00
7 Long and short section tablet working in Scotland, D.Stirling, 1986, pp28 £4.00 £4.80
8 Signal Box Diagrams of the Great Western and British Railways, Western Region, A.Price, 1987, pp44 £5.50 £6.60
9 Signalling the layout - Great Western practice 1915-1947, J.P.Morris, 1988, pp33 £3.75 £4.50
10 The Scottish Region Tokenless Block, F.Alexander, 1989, pp70 £7.50 £9.00
11 Electric Token Block Instruments, D.Stirling, 1991, pp44 £5.50 £6.50
12 The Marks System, L.Crosier, 1992, pp11 £1.75 £2.10
13 An Introduction to French Signalling, R.O.Lemon, 1995, pp27 £3.00 £3.00
14 An Introduction to Belgian Signalling, R.O.Lemon, 1997, pp35 £3.50 £4.20

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