9 October 2015:
GW731c Bicester Chord added.

4 May 2015:
GC134, GC136 amended detail.

4 December 2014:
NE540 amended detail.

4 November 2014:
MR204c added.

6 August 2014:
LY363 amended; LY363e added.

27 July 2014:
GC182, GW370 amended; GC183 added.

26 May 2014:
GC190, LY390, LY391, LY382, LY393, LY395, SY010 amended detail.

22 April 2014:
CA203, CA204 amended detail.

12 April 2014:
GS022, GS023, GS024, GS060, GS063 amended detail; GS027 deleted (continuation of GS022), GS028 deleted (is resurrection of GS023).

14 February 2014:
MR340 Lancashire additional or amended detail.

6 February 2014:
LB090 Lancashire additional or amended detail.

18 January 2014:
BY010, LB090, LB091, Lancashire additional or amended detail.

17 January 2014:
Dublin new; MR830, Cornwall, Hampshire additional or amended detail.

8 January 2014:
LE021f new; CL002, CL060, GC136, GC170, GC270, GC275, GC320, WR005, Yorkshire additional or amended detail.

3 January 2014:
Lincolnshire new; GW220, PL17, WP001, WP002, Berkshire, Essex, Staffordshire, Yorkshire additional or amended detail.

27 December 2013:
BY023, BY025, BY027 additional or amended detail.

14 December 2013:
Berkshire new; GE003, LB104a, SW151, Leicestershire, Rutland additional or amended detail.

3 December 2013:
JN021, Rutland new; GE114, GE150, GE153, JN020, MG001, MR103 additional or amended detail.

2 November 2013:
SE041, Sussex additional or amended detail.

30 October 2013:
CO001, GE191, LB103, SE072, Lanarkshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire additional or amended detail; SE041c, Denbighshire, Sussex new, LB106a renumbered LB113.

24 October 2013:
LB106a new; LB070a, LB106, SE073 additional or amended detail.

6 October 2013:
GE282 additional or amended detail.

5 October 2013:
LY368 new; GN260, LY361, MR640, WR005 additional or amended detail.

27 September 2013:
FF001, FF003, GW846, JN040, NW463, NW466 additional or amended detail.

16 September 2013:
LE010e, MR100l additional.

28 August 2013:
GW275, GW279, GW288, GW290, LU003, LY022, LY070, LY080, LY081, LY082, LY087, LY088, LY100, LY101, LY102, LY110, LY119, LY144, LY147, LY148, LY220, LY224, LY270, LY273, LY275, LY280, LY281, MG001, SW150, SW173 additional or amended detail.

7 August 2013:
GO020, IC001, MR250 additional or amended detail.

29 June 2013:
Norfolk additional or amended detail.

28 June 2013:
GE132, MG010, SW020, SW065, Hampshire additional or amended detail.

28 May 2013:
CL084, GC110, GW306, NS002, NS003, new NW201, NW201-211 renumbered NW202-212, NW777, Essex, Flintshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire additional or amended detail.

9 May 2013:
GW106, GW715, GW716, GW722, GW723, GW822 additional or amended detail.

26 April 2013:
CA562, GE112, GE264, GN150, MG008, MR054, NW755, NW777 additional or amended detail.

18 April 2013:
GW106, GW690, GW710, GW711, GW712, GW715, GW723, GW726, GW732, GW822, SH004 additional or amended detail.

10 April 2013:
GW060, GW087, GW180, GW386, GW391, GW393, GW395, GW532, GW712, MR272, MR290, MR296, MR340, SD001, SV001, SV011, SV022, SV026 additional or amended detail.

5 April 2013:
LB001, LB008, LB040, LB050, LB070, LB070a, LB102, LB103, LB104, LB104a LB106, LB107, LB110, LB112, LB120, LB121, LB122, LB125 additional or amended detail.

29 March 2013:
LB073, LB120, NE237 additional or amended detail.

20 March 2013:
MD010, Northumberland additional or amended detail.

5 March 2013:
HR020, NE220, Edinburghshire additional or amended detail.

1 March 2013:
NE540 additional or amended detail.

28 February 2013:
GC190, GE246, GW190, GW220, GW222, GW230, GW800, HB001, HB007, HB011, HB015, HB030, HB032, HB038, JN030, JN033, MR004, NE040, NE070, NW220, NW503, NW504, SJ001, Essex, Lancashire, Yorkshire additional or amended detail.

17 February 2013:
Warwickshire additional or amended detail.

15 February 2013:
NE545, SE044, Warwickshire, Yorkshire additional or amended detail.

7 February 2013:
GE240, GE246, GE260, GE280, SE072, Fife, Surrey additional or amended detail.

29 January 2013:
BY050, GE134, GW065, GW530, MD003, MG010, TV040, Angus, Ayrshire, Banffshire, Berwickshire, Caithness, Clackmannanshire, Dumfriesshire, Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Edinburghshire, Fife, Inverness-shire, Kinross-shire, Kircudbrightshire, Lanarkshire, Linlithgow, Midlothian, Moray, Nainshire, Renfrewshire, Ross & Cromarty, Roxburghshire, Stirlingshire, Sutherland, West Lothian additional or amended detail.

8 January 2013:
GE020, GE080, GE111, GE210, GE271, GW861, GW863, MG001, MG004, MG014, MR890, NE230, Ayrshire additional or amended detail.

4 January 2013:
CA021, CA041, CA048, CA081, CA093, CA097, CA111, CA121, CA124, CA131, CA133, CA146, CA162, CA173, CA191, CA204, CA205, CA211, CA212, CA221, CA255, CA256, CA257, CA272, CA273, CA276, CA285, CA287, CA288, CA301, CA303, CA304, CA311, CA312, CA321, CA327, CA342, CA362, CA368, CA373, CA413, CA418, CA471, CA472, CA474, CA478, CA482, CA484, CA492, CA493, CA495, CA496, CA497, CA502, CA503, CA510, CA512, CA513, CA520, CA521, CA522, CA523, CA530, CA531, CA534, CA536, CA540, CA542, CA550, CA552, CA556, CA557, CA558, CA559, CA560, CA561, CA562, CA563, CA580, CA582, CA583, CA584, CA585, CA586, CA588, CG002, CJ001, CJ002, CJ003, CT001, DA001, DA003, DA004, DA005, DA006, DJ001, GB001, GB003, GB005, GB006, GO001, GO002, GO003, GO004, GO005, GO010, GO011, GO012, GO020, GO021, GO022, GO023, GO024, GO030, GO032, GO033, GP001, GP003, GP004, GP005, GP007, GP009, GP014, GP015, GS001, GS006, GS013, GS020, GS021, GS040, GS050, GS051, GS053, GS060, GS062, GS063, GS064, GS066, GS067, GS070, GS071, GS074, GS080, GS081, GS090, GS110, GS111, GS112, GS115, GS116, GS130, GS131, GS132, GS133, GS140, GS144, GS145, GS146, GS147, GS148, GS150, GS160, GS164, GS165, GS170, GS171, GS172, GS174, GS175, GS176, GS179, GS180, GS190, GS191, GS192, GS193, GS194, GS195, GS197, GS198, GS199, GS201, GS202, GS210, GS211, GS212, GS213, GS234, GU001, HR001, HR002, HR003, HR004, HR005, HR006, HR010, HR011, HR012, HR013, HR014, HR016, HR020, HR024, HR025, HR026, HR028, HR029, IM002, KB001, NB007, NB011, NB016, NB017, NB021, NB030, NB042, NB043, NB045, NB048, NB060, NB061, NB064, NB065, NB067, NB068, NB076, NB078, NB079, NB091, NB093, NB095, NB096, NB097, NB099, NB101, NB102, NB114, NB120, NB121, NB122, NB123, NB166, NB168, NB181, NB183, NB188, NB204, NB210, NB293, NB342, NB343, NB344, NB374, NB393, NB462, NB460, NB463, NB467, NB518, NB572, NB581, NB582, NB583, NB605, NB622, NB641, NB651, NB652, NB653, PD001, PW001, PW002, PW003, PW004, PW005, Aberdeenshire, Edinburghshire, Fife, Wigtownshire additional or amended detail.

28 December 2012:
CA001, CA007, CA009, CA020, CA022, CA030, CA031, CA032, CA034, CA035, CA036, CA040, CA043, CA044, CA060, CA062, CA080, CA082, CA090, CA091, CA094, CA095, CA096, CA110, CA112, CA113, CA114, CA120, CA122, CA123, CA125, CA130, CA132, CA140, CA147, CA160, CA161, CA170, CA171, CA184, CA190, CA193, CA202, CA207, CA211, CA212, CA220, CA240, CA250, CA253, CA270, CA271, CA280, CA283, CA284, CA300, CA310, CA315, CA320, CA322, CA323, CA340, CA341, CA343, CA346, CA351, CA354, CA360, CA364, CA372, CA380, CA382, CA410, CA411, CA416, CA450, CA455, CA470, CA473, CA475, CA477, CA479, CA483, CA490, CA491, CA492, CA510, GS080, GW550, NB001, NB003, NB007, NB008, NB009, NB010, NB011, NB012, NB013, NB018, NB019, NB020, NB030, NB031, NB035, NB036, NB040, NB041, NB042, NB045, NB047, NB060, NB061, NB062, NB063, NB064, NB065, NB068, NB069, NB070, NB071, NB073, NB074, NB076, NB077, NB080, NB090, NB098, NB100, NB110, NB112, NB115, NB116, NB117, NB119, NB122, NB124, NB130, NB133, NB140, NB150, NB151, NB152, NB154, NB160, NB165, NB180, NB185, NB186, NB200, NB203, NB204, NB209, NB220, NB222, NB228, NB229, NB231, NB240, NB242, NB251, NB270, NB290, NB295, NB300, NB303, NB320, NB327, NB332, NB350, NB355, NB357, NB365, NB370, NB390, NB392, NB397, NB410, NB414, NB416, NB419, NB422, NB437, NB450, NB451, NB452, NB460, NB461, NB464, NB467, NB480, NB482, NB483, NB485, NB490, NB496, NB498, NB510, NB511, NB514, NB515, NB516, NB517, NB519, NB530, NB539, NB542, NB543, NB570, NB573, NB584, NB587, NB590, NB596, NB597, NB600, NB606, NB607, NB611, NB620, NB623, NB640, NB643, NB646, NW118, Ayrshire, Northumberland additional or amended detail.

22 December 2012:
CA202, CA221, CA241, EL001, GS023, GS028, GS143, GS145, GW040, GW050, GW072, GW382, GW712, GW716, GW731, SW100 additional or amended detail.

15 December 2012:
CA521, CM015, CM050, FF001, FN001, FN020, FN022, GO002, GO010, GW083, GW844, LY050, LY060, LY070, LY072, MR180, MR210, NS010, NS020, NS026, NS040, NS043, SW060, TA001, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Argyll, Ayrshire, Staffordshire additional or amended detail.

14 December 2012:
FN003, GC190, GE054, GN270, MG020, MR890, MR893, MR907, MR910, NE001, NE004, NE005, NE006, NE630, NE720, NW150, WR004 additional or amended detail.

10 December 2012:
GE025, GN001, GN010, GN045, GN121, GN122, GN124 additional or amended detail.

9 December 2012:
BY053, GN001, GN008, GN010, GN030, GN040, GN320, GN320a, GN320b, GW530, GW550, GW561, GW580, NE340, NE420, NE502, NE520, NE530, NE537c, PT001, PT030, WR001 additional or amended detail.

30 November 2012:
HS008 Waterloo connection added, HS008-HS010 renumbered HS009-HS011.
SE117 Ravensbourne Chord added.
BP001, BP003, EK001, GC170, GC270, GC272, GC310, GC311, GC402, GE050, GE062, GE080, GE081, GE110, GE210, GE230, GE235, GE240, GE250, GE254, GE260, GE261, GE262, GE264, GE267, GE280, GE282, GE290, GN137, GW001, GW034, GW043, GW072, GW073, GW081, GW086, GW100, GW102, GW110, GW157, GW170, GW180, GW190, GW193, GW195, GW200, GW220, GW230, GW234, GW239, GW250, GW531, GW536, GW591, GW596, GW630, GW640, GW660, GW666, GW670, GW672, GW674, GW675, HS011, LB064, LB067, LB073, LB080, LB081, LB082, LB083, LB084, LB090, LB092, LB094, LB104a, LB106, LB107, LB120, LB121, LB122, MR615, MR827, NB030, NB060, NB072, NE730, NE740, NS090, NW200, RY001, SD001, SE020, SE020a, SE040, SE041, SE043, SE046, SE047, SE060, SE071, SE072, SE073, SE080, SE090, SE101, SE106, SE107, SE120, SE121, SW012, SW014, SW016, SW020, SW030, SW033, SW040, SW050, SW051, SW053, SW056, SW062d, SW070, SW078, SW086, SW100, SW103c, SW105, SW113, SW120, SW126, SW140, SW144, TV051, TV060, WL001, WP002 additional or amended detail.

15 November 2012:
CA001, CA030, CA040, CA042, CA097, CA220, CA280, CA283, CA410, CA502, CA540, CA585, CL010, CM001, CM005, CM040, CM080, DA001, GB001, GC180, GC483, GN035, GE054, GN001, GN003, GN006, GN008, GN040, GN090, GN100, GN110, GN112, GN140, GN260, GO001, GS001, GS013, GS020, GS022, GS023, GS110, GW100, GW690, GW697, GW701, GW712, GW720, GW730, GW750, GW751, GW752, GW840, GW841, GW861, HR010, JN034, JN050, LY020, LY080, LY140, LY361, MA001, MR101, MR150, MR160, MR200, MR202, MR210, MR234, MR235c, MR421, MR423, MR440, MR600, MR610, MR640, MR641, MR710, MR733, NB001, NB130, NB132, NB140, NB200, NB290, NB370, NB373, NB390, NB418, NB437, NB460, NB510, NB515, NB530, NB539, NB570, NB580, NB590, NB595, NE470, NW020, NW024, NW100, NW130, NW181, NW225, NW314, NW360, NW380, NW620, NW621, OI002, PW001, SH001, SJ001, SP001, SW038, WI010 additional or amended detail.

9 November 2012:
BJ004, CA001, CA030, CA040, CA090, CA140, CA200, CA270, CA470, CA493, CA510, CA530, CL010, CL020, CL030, CV001, FN001, FN003, GB001, GC002, GC020, GC110, GC130, GC137, GC150, GC152, GC154, GC161, GC270, GC278, GC340, GC360, GC490, GE020, GE027, GE030, GE040, GE050, GE060, GE080, GE084, GE120, GE130, GE140, GE141, GE142, GE140, GC170, GE210, GE211, GE220, GE260, GE272, GN100, GN130, GN270, GW220, GW720, GW723, GW730, GW733, GW738, GW785, GW800, GW804, GW822, GW844, GW846, JN050, LB022, LY160, LY166, LY190, LY200, LY310, MG020, MR040, MR042, MR050, MR053, MR057, MR081, MR100, MR100c, MR101, MR104, MR150, MR640, MR775, MR820, MR830, MR890, MR901, MR910, MR913, NB001, NB020, NB076, NB160, NB320, NB340, NB350, NB491, NB580, NB600, NB640, NE040, NE071, NE250, NE272, NE310, NE430, NE490, NE512, NE550, NE563, NE590, NE600, NE610, NS080, NS090, NU003, NW018, NW124, NW140, NW181, NW315, NW320, NW323, NW340, NW390, NW420, NW460, NW463, NW467, NW500, NW634, NW730, NW741, NW770, NW890, NW893, NW896, PR001, PR002, SE060, SE090, SE101, SE120, SE126, SE131, SW147, WI002, WI010, WR001 additional or amended detail.

29 October 2012:
CA455, CA520, CA521, GC040, GC180, GC190, GC190c, GC191, GC270, GC310, GE020, GE033, GE190, GE202, GN001, GN030, GN090, GN120, GN130, GN270, GS081, GS085, GS110, GS130, GW172, GW640, HB030, LY001, LY310, LY312, LY341, LY343, LY350, LY360, LY361, MR101, MR255, MR770, MR840, MR880, NE001, NE002, NE005, NE180, NS001, NS002, NS040, NS080, NW180, NW320, NW740, NW810, NW890, SE040, SE092, SK001, SY007, WR005 additional or amended detail.

16 October 2012:
CM001, HB035, NE050, SD001, SD010 additional or amended detail.

29 September 2012:
LB129 Crumbles Branch added. BD004, GE130, GE146, GN097, GN325, MG001, MG002, MG004, MG005, MG006, MG010, MG011, MG012, MG013, MG014, MG015, MG020, MG030, SV001, Leicestershire additional or amended detail.

4 September 2012:
Fife created.
GC180, GE144, GE150, GE151, GE270, GW460, GW840, GW844, GW861, GW862, MG013, MG015, MG020, MG030, MR610, NW111, NW140, NW460, NW485, NW494, NW620, SW120, TV010, WX001 additional or amended detail.

15 August 2012:
GC130, GC136, GC170 GC190, GE151, GN110, GN264, JN030, JN040, MG001, MG010, MG031, MR205, MR610, MR820, NE470, NS001, NS050, NW360 additional detail.
GN035a new.

1 July 2012:
NB160 Cadder Yard added.

2 June 2012:
GN040 Eastwood corrected to Eastfield.

13 May 2012:
GW239 Kentsford & Leigh Bridge added.

10 May 2012:
NW184c Nuneaton North Chord added.

8 May 2012:
IC002 & IC003 note about change of down direction added.
LB092-093 mileages corrected.
LB103 note added.

21 April 2012:
MG020 Sheringham East & West SB's added.

28 February 2012:
CA114 new link to Granton Gas Works.
CA130 new link to CA204 added.
CA203-212 recast, new CA204 added.
FN050 Link added at Corkickle No.1 Junction.
GC542 Link to Pilkington's added.
MR205 Engine Sidings added, mileages amended.
MR890 Bingley North & South, Marley Junction added.
NB119 new link to Granton Gas Works.
NB182-189 recast for Scottish SBR (new NB183).
NW711 additional works connections.
NW949 Link added at Queens Dock.
PW001 Link to Cairnryan added.
Aberdeenshire new county page.
Cumberland Ladysmith Lines added.
Cumberland Whitehaven Harbour Trustees added.
Edinburgh new county page.
Lancashire Pilkington's added.
Wigtownshire new county page

15 February 2012: GC001

4 February 2012: AN001, AN004, AN005, GC020, GC025f, GN132, GN143, GN155, GN156, GW338, GW690, GW697, GW712, GW717, GW720, GW721, GW723, GW725, MR150, MR160, MR162c, MR164, MR270, NE381, NW181, NW194, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, Kent, Leicestershire, Worcestershire.

29 December 2011: AL001, AS001, DR(all), EB001, GC170, GE001, GN090, GN114, JE001, JR001-004, LB020, LB065, LO001, Linlithgow, Middlesex.

5 December 2011: NE395, SS001.

27 November 2011: CA163, CA164, CA326, CA327, CA554, GN121, GN124, GN126, GP003, GS197, NB136, NB480, NB482, NB530, Linlithgow.

18 November 2011: GE260, GN342, JN040, LY350.

10 November 2011: GN090, GN250, GS112, GW089, LY110, MG010, MG014, MG020, MR440, NS001, NS020, NS025, NS064, NS066, PR001, (PR003 deprecated), Ayrshire, Dorset, Lancashire, Northamptonshire.

19 October 2011: JN020, MG notes, MG001, MG007, MG010, MG011, MG020, MG030, MR071.