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Manchester Piccadilly Power Signal Box opened in October 1988 controlling the lines from Ardwick Junction to Deansgate plus Manchester Piccadilly station itself. Rather than being a separate signal box structure in the traditional manner, it was located within a tower block of railway offices at the station.

With the passage of time the area controlled expanded to encompass all the lines bounded by Ardwick, Levenshulme and Styal in the south; Urmston and Weaste in the west; Blackrod, Crow Nest and Turton in the north.

The section from Warwick Road to Brooklands was also controlled until that line was closed and transferred to Metrolink.

The geographic location of the signal box can be seen on a current OS Map. The map will place this location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the lines and icon(s) to reveal what they represent. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.


Video Credits

Filmed by: Richard Pulleyn
Filmed on: Saturday 18 April 2015
Narrators: Allan Lewis and Richard Pulleyn
Shift Manager: Allan Lewis
Team Leader: Michael Maddocks
Signallers (panel): David Connell (meal relief)
Paul Deacon (Piccadilly station)
Stuart Eves (Windsor Bridge & Bolton)
Stuart Hamnett (Oxford Road)
Mark Harrison (Longsight)
Stephen Pugh (Heald Green & Airport)
Video Editor: George Duncan

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The material may be freely used except for sale or advertising purposes.

Key Chronology

December 1959 London Road Power Signal Box opened, controlling Slade Lane to Longsight.
April 1960 Area of control expanded to include Ardwick Junction, London Road and Oxford Road areas.
April 1969 Area of control expanded to include Oxford Road to Cornbrook Junction and Ordsall Lane Junction.
May 1969 Area of control expanded to reach Warwick Road & Trafford Park Junction.
8 October 1988 Manchester Piccadilly Power Signal Box opened controlling Ardwick and Manchester Piccadilly.
15 October 1988 London Road Power Signal Box closed with functions transferred to the new box.
By October 1990 The controlled area had expanded north and west to Brooklands, Urmston, Weaste, Moorside, Lostock and Entwistle.


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