Welcome to the Refreshed Bookstall

While we were away during the Covid-19 lock down we took the opportunity to upgrade the Bookstall to a new version with an improved look. At least we think its improved! Above all, the new version is more flexible and will allow us to venture into new varieties of publication and means of delivery to you.

The nature of the change-over process annoyingly left us unable to carry over any customer details from the old version.

If you were registered with the old Bookstall you will need to register again with this version, sorry.

We are still rebuilding

Although lock-down restrictions are easing some still remain in place affecting our volunteers and this prevents us from being able to offer our entire range of items for the moment. For this reason our initial offerings at reopening were nearly all electronic media or (for us) an initial foray into downloadable files. Some of our Books and Signalling Papers have already been added to the range of items you can now order.

Rest assured we will reintroduce the rest of our range as soon as we are able.

If there is something not yet listed that you need now please get in touch via the contact us link below.


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