A warm welcome indeed to the The Bookstall of the Signalling Record Society, the one-stop shop for our books, publications and CD/DVDs.

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Payment by BACS: For Books and CD/DVD items we prefer payment by the BACS system whereby you transfer money direct from your bank account to ours. This is quite painless and we can avoid the additional cost of bank charges.

Payment by PayPal: You also have the option of paying via the PayPal system and this allows you to use your credit card even though you may not have a PayPal account of your own. If you live outside the United Kingdom then PayPal is your best option.

Downloadable Items: If you pay for these by PayPal then you will be able to download the item(s) almost immediately. If you elect to pay for these using BACS, you won't be able to download immediately as we will have to verify receipt of your payment manually first.

Orders by Post and Payment by Cheque: We currently lack a Bookstall Manager and, sadly, for the moment we cannot accept orders other than through the on-line Bookstall system, nor can we accept cheque payments for the time being as there is insufficient volunteer resource available to deal with them.

Would Non-UK Customers please note that they are responsible for paying any customs, import charges or taxes that may be levied on their purchases.

We are rebuilding our product lines and offers.

We are taking an opportunity to fully review our range of publications to make them better available in forms more suited to present day expectations. Whilst this review takes place the range actually on offer will be more limited than we would like. As we rebuild, the range available will expand  to include new items and a return of some old ones so please revisit us regularly.

If there is something not yet listed that you urgently need now please get in touch via the contact us link below.