Larry Crosier (Plymouth)

Larry Crosier became interested in railways in the 1930s on visits to relations at St Germans. He visited the Great Western Railway signal box there and was hooked. He joined the railway in 1943 and was soon on his way to becoming a signalman.

During his signalling career Larry worked most of the mechanical signal boxes in and around Plymouth and this book reflects his deep knowledge of the area. With the approach of Plymouth PSB he moved out of signalling to become an Inspector nearer to London but never lost interest in signalling.

The signal boxes of both the railway companies are included and they are all listed here.

Larry became one of the “famous five”; the five people who founded the Society in 1969, and our first Chairman.

Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth

Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth

Starting with a brief history of the railway at Plymouth, Larry moves on the describe the staff, the..


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