Timetable Appendices

Timetable Appendices started life as real appendices at the back of working timetables. Like the proverbial 'Topsy' the appendices growed and growed over time and became separate publications. In turn this avoided some of the frequent republication of information associated with frequent issue of the working timetable books.

Some of the larger companies issued these relatively early on but several smaller companies left it late or didn't issue them at all. Similarly, some companies issued them frequently and others infrequently.

There was a noticeable surge in publication just before the grouping, perhaps with a view to perpetuating the company name as long as possible. The LNER issued their final set on the eve of nationalisation.

In the grouping period the frequency of issue generally fell off and amendment booklets came into their own.

Each publisher adopted their own house style and similarly the range of content varied. A common standard was achieved when British Railways reissued everything in 1960.

Timetable appendices continue to be issued to this day although they are now loose leaf sheets in ring binders or just bytes on a hand held tablet or phone.

Visitors to our archive premises will be able to access printed copies of many more.

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