The Signalling Record

The Signalling Record, the journal of the Society commenced in 1987 and has been issued regularly to members ever since.

Until 2018 the journal was A5 format and published six times each year. From 2019 the format changed to four A4 size issues annually. Colour was introduced in late 2018.

Included in The Signalling Record are articles about signalling, photographs, and signalling changes.

Many diagrams are included.

Some of the information is unlikely to have been published elsewhere.

You can download an Index to the The Signalling Record free of charge.

The issues have been compiled into searchable PDF format files.

The contents of these journals are subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement set out in the Terms and Conditions which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Signalling Record 1-78

Signalling Record 1-78

On this CD are the first 78 issues of our Society journal, The Signalling Record, which were publish..


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