The February 1937 edition of LMS Magazine carried a short article about the role of The Distant Signal written by no less a personage than the Signal and Telegraph Engineer. This sparked the idea of a further article about signalling explaining things in simpler terms from the perspective of one of the staff of the Signal department who has to maintain the equipment in good working order.

The further article was written during the course of 1937 and was intended to be submitted to the editor of the LMS Magazine for publication. Whether the author thought better of it or just changed his mind is now lost in the mists of time, but it was not submitted for publication. Nevertheless, the manuscript was retained by the author and passed, on his death, to his family.

In later years, the manuscript was given to one of our members with a view to possible publication at some stage. As our member points out he wrote this article in a lighter, humorous vein to guide readers through some of the equipment used by the Signal and Telegraph Department.

This slim A5 size booklet will resonate with anyone who has, or does, maintain the equipment of a mechanical signal box whether for a living or as a volunteer. Who knows, they might even recognise themselves or colleagues!

So who was Semmer Fore? We could tell you but that would spoil the fun. You'll just have to buy a copy to find out.

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This 'Ere Signalling by Semmer Fore

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