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Various Diagrams

Most documents in the digital archive are in PDF format. However, some larger files may be in JPG, PDF, PNG or TIF format. The files are supplied strictly “As Is”. The entries in each list will make it clear what is available to download and what is only available by other means.

Please do not pass copies of the files around, instead ask interested persons to contact the Society to obtain their own copy. In terms of copyright, British Railways (Residuary) Ltd confirmed to the Society that it was 'not interested' in historical documents that had outlived their operational usefulness and this line seems to have been followed by Railtrack and now Network Rail, as may be evidenced by the quantity of modern material that has entered the public domain through eBay and other auction houses and second hand bookstalls. Similar advice has been received from London Underground in respect of material obtained lawfully from their staff or is already in the public domain.

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Recent Additions

Recent additions to the digital archive will be found listed here.

The following items are currently available ...

The following are currently available ...

RailRef Issue Date Description
NW001 Euston - Watford
NW001 1931 04 02 Willesden Junction area plan.
Members' Download
NW001 c1970 Willesden Junction area plan, damaged.
Members' Download
NW018 Watford - St Albans
NW018 19xx Sketches of each location on the branch drawn by John Swift. These are not copies of the ones in volume 7 of the Swift series.
Members' Download
NW180 Trent Valley Line (NW070)
NW180 2004 Tamworth TD block schematic.
Drawing W.900052, sheet A1.
Members' Download
NW180 2004 Tamworth VDU map 'TH'.
Drawing W.900052, sheet TDC1.
Members' Download
NW200 Stafford - Crewe (NW085)
NW200 1986-09-26 Madeley Junction TD block schematic.
Drawing W.860072/11.
Members' Download
NW200 1986-09-26 Betley Road TD block schematic.
Drawing W.860072/12.
Members' Download
NW200 1986-09-26 Basford Hall TD block schematic.
Drawing W.860072/13.
Members' Download
NW201 Basford Hall - Crewe Coal Yard (NW092)
NW201 1987-10-13 Crewe Coal Yard TD block schematic.
Drawing W.860072/14.
Members' Download
NW315 Coventry & Leamington Line (NW102/104)
NW315 1968-11-13 Milverton. Scheme plan for recovery of siding connections.
NW315 1969-01-17 Kenilworth Junction. Scheme plan for recovery of Berkswell branch line connections.
NW344 Aston - Lichfield (NW126)
NW344 version AA1 Aston SCC VDU maps.
Drawing W.900038, sheets TDC1-TDC2.
Members' Download
NW530 Crewe Coal Yard - Golborne Junction (NW240)
NW530 1990-09-19 Crewe Coal Yard - Weaver Junction location plan.
Sheet Y01, version AS1.
Members' Download
NW530 1994 Crewe Coal Yard - Weaver Junction location plan.
Sheet Y02 version EG1.
Members' Download
NW530 1994 Crewe Coal Yard - Weaver Junction location plan.
Sheet Y03 version EG1.
Members' Download
NW530 1994 Crewe Coal Yard - Weaver Junction location plan.
Sheet Y04 version DA1.
Members' Download
NW530 1979 Birdswood - Warrington location plan.
Drawing RA2 0110-1 version GA.
Members' Download
NW550 North Union Line (NW250)
NW550 1973 Golborne - Bamfurlong; Ince Moss - St Helens location plan.
Drawing 10448, sheet 4.
Members' Download
NW550 1988 5mp - 11½mp plus Crow Nest - Wigan Location Plan.
Drawing 10449, sheet 5.
Members' Download
NW590 Weaver Junction - Edge Hill (NW270)
NW590 1991-05-29 Ditton - Wavertree Location Plan.
Drawing W 892028.
Members' Download
NW590 2001-09-01 Ditton TD stepping control table and signalling outputs.
Members' Download
NW590 2001-09-03 Ditton TD block schematic.
Drawings DIT/21/002-004.
Members' Download
NW590 2005-02-25 Ditton Double Junction Signalling Plan.
Drawing DIT/02/01, version DE4.
Members' Download
NW590 2005-02-04 Ditton PSB, Halewood Interlocking, Signalling Plan.
Drawing HLE/02/01, version DK4.
Members' Download
NW594 Speke Junction - Garston Docks (NW273)
NW594 1932-12-10 Garston & Speke Junction Sidings track plan with various signal boxes marked. Plan number 181/22/44. Date stamped 10 December 1932 by the Chief Operating Manager's Office (on front) and also 17 November 1932 (on back) by the Photographer's Office.
Members' Download
NW620 Manchester Victoria - Liverpool Lime Street (NW290)
NW620 1977 Newton-le-Willows - Astley plus 187mp - 1mp (WCML) Location Plan.
Drawing 10447, sheet 3, version HG1.
Members' Download
NW620 1990-02-26 Rainhill - Winwick plus 185½mp - 187mp (WCML) Location Plan.
Drawing RA2/0110-2, sheet 2.
Members' Download
NW620 1890 Edge Hill Yards. Undated but matches to the 1890 Ordnance Survey (1:2,500) map.
Members' Download
NW620   Edge Hill Signal Numbered Signal Box numbering follows a pattern although the pattern is somewhat convuluted to follow. A common number series was used for signal boxes, ground frames and, apparently, some Inspectors' huts. However, it may be that some inspectors shared a hut with a ground frame. In the location descriptions that follow an asterisk (*) denotes that the signal box carried the name shown; the others just showing Edge Hill plus their number.
 1 Edge Hill West Junction 11 Engine Shed Junction *
 2 Edge Hill East Junction 12 Downhill Sidings
 3 Bootle & Wavertree Line Junctions 13 Exhibition Junction *
 4 Viaduct Junction * 14 Foot of Grid GF
 5 Picko Junction 15
 6 16 Picton Road Junction *
 7 Tuebrook Sidings GF 17 Goods GF
 8 18 Goods GF
 9 Cattle Sidings GF 19 Top of Grid GF
 10 North Grid GF 20 Park Sidings *
NW620 1954-5-16 Liverpool Suburban Control area track diagram. Centred on Edge Hill, covers area from Riverside / Lime Street / Park Lane to Alexandra Dock / Thatto Heath / Huyton Quarry / Halebank / Garston Road ex LNWR lines. Signed date on front 16 May 1954 but shows Edge Hill No.1 closed in 1947. Posssibly dates from 1932 - see NW594 above.
Members' Download
NW620 1985-12 Edge Hill Location Plan.
Drawing EEH/27 2 of 2.
Members' Download
NW620 2000 Edge Hill Signalling Plan.
Drawing EEH/27 2 of 2.
Members' Download
NW620 1978 Liverpool Lime Street Location Plan.
Drawing LLS/27/1, version CU3.
Members' Download
NW620 1986-09 Liverpool Lime Street Signalling Plan.
Drawing LLS/02/1, version CU3.
Members' Download
NW620 1997 Liverpool Lime Street TD Stepping Table.
Members' Download
NW620 1997-10-01 Liverpool Lime Street TD block schematic.
Drawings W.910062, version AA1, sheets TDA1-TDA2.
Members' Download
NW620 1997-10-01 Liverpool Lime Street VDU maps.
Drawings W.910062, sheets TDC1-TDC2.
Members' Download
NW634 Bootle Branch (NW296)
NW634 Undated Hand-drawn track diagram of branch from Edge Lane to Alexandra Dock and Canada Dock including positions of signal boxes.
Members' Download
NW740 Crewe & Stockport Line (NW340)
NW740 1999-05-24 Sandbach PSB Control Rea. Signalling Plan Sheet 1 (158½ - 162½ mile posts.
Drawing SDH/2-1.
Members' Download
NW740 undated Chelford Station SB (GF) signalling plan.
Drawing W 437 B.
Members' Download
NW740 2008-07-16 Manchester South (Cheadle Hulme - Adswood Road) signalling plan.
Drawing MSC/02/04.
Members' Download
NW740 1996-08-02 Edgeley No.1 signalling plan.
Version AJ.
Members' Download
NW740 2004-10-08 Edgeley No.1 signalling plan.
Drawing 04-CR-13/19, version DB1.
Members' Download
NW740 2013-01-02 Edgeley No.1 signalling plan.
Drawing EY1/02/01, version EZ1.
Members' Download
NW740 2004-10-07 Edgeley No.2 signalling plan.
Version BQ2.
Members' Download
NW740 2004-10-30 Stockport No.1 signalling plan.
Version BY2.
Members' Download
NW740 2004-10-07 Stockport No.2 signalling plan.
Version CU2.
Members' Download
NW740 2004-10-08 Heaton Norris Junction location and signalling plans.
Heaton Norris Junction signalling plan.
Version CR1.
Members' Downloads:
location plan signalling plan
NW740 1992-08-14 Manchester Piccadilly Location Plan.
Version DY3.
Members' Download
NW748 Macclesfield Branch (NW344)
NW748 undated Cheadle Hulme - Grange Junction location plan.
Drawings CML 836-4.
Members' Download
NW790 Heaton Norris & Guide Bridge (NW360)
NW790 1993 Heaton Norris - Denton Junction location plan.
Drawing NW 862075.
Members' Download