Newbury East Junction

Technical drawing numbers
S191/1Record of amendments
S191/2Locking sketch
S191/3Mechanical locking table
S191/4Detection table
S191/5Electrical control table
S191/6Dog chart
S191/7Lever leads
S191/12Box diagram

The dog chart and associated locking table, derived from the dog chart, show the position as at 7 February 1950. The locking frame w as converted to VT 5 bar and renumbered to 84 levers in July 1948 and track circuit 68T was added in February 1950. A contemporary box diagram may be consulted in the publication 'Signal Box Diagrams of the GW and SR by G.A.Pryer, volume 20, GWR Berks and Hants lines'."
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Newbury Race Course (East)
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The diagram below is a low-resolution version to indicate the content: a full-resolution 'pdf' file has been published on CD-ROM (GW Section A). For availability and ordering information, click on the image below.

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