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16 February 2019
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8 February 2018

Signalling Record Society

FARSAP logo Calderdale

Four surviving signal boxes out of a much larger number that served this area in its heyday.

The geographic locations of the signal boxes can be seen on a current Mill Lane Junction, Halifax, Milner Royd Junction, Hebden Bridge. The map will place each location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the icon(s) to reveal what they represent. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.

Video Credits

Filmed by: Richard Pulleyn
Filmed on: 19 May 2015
Narrator: Richard Pulleyn
Signallers: David Pendleton
Local Operations Manager: Phil Stone
Mobile Operations Manager: Connor Breen
Signallers: Barry Drake (Mill Lane)
Alex Robinson (Halifax)
Alan Tranter (Milner Royd Junction)
Paul Kenny (Hebden Bridge)
Video Editor: Derek Young

Copyright © of the FARSAP videos belongs to the Friends of the National Railway Museum.
The material may be freely used except for sale or advertising purposes.

Can you help?

The project would love to hear from you, especially if you worked or still work in a signal box, and you are willing to provide reminiscences and / or pictures. Please contact the webmaster in the first instance.

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