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The signal box is Blea Moor, situated with a Bleak outlook in winter and the Bleat of sheep in summer. Accompanied by an equally remote house, the signaller's peace and quiet is shattered periodically by the passing of trains and the tramp of dale walker's boots.

There are no less than nine videos in this series. The first three explain the history of the signal box together with its predessor and some of the other boxes past and present nearby. The next five follow the sequence of all the signalling moves that were (and still mostly are) possible at Blea Moor.

After most of the video footage had been recorded Lafarge Tarmac awarded a contract for the carriage of aggregates from Arcow quarry just south of Horton in Ribbledale to GB Railfreight marking a return to rail after many years of road haulage. The ninth video thus brings things up to date by following the changes necessary to facilitate handling of rail traffic from Arcow again. Since then Lafarge Tarmac has rebranded to just Tarmac.

The original intent was to have eight videos but limitations in the arrangements for hosting have led to part 1 being split into three and parts 4 and 5 being combined. Don't be alarmed then by the part numbers in the videos not matching the numbering below ... just sit back and enjoy them.

The geographic location of Blea Moor signal box can be seen on a current OS Map. The map will place the location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the icon(s) to reveal what they represent. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.

These videos are intended for viewing at a maximum screen resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. Please be aware that viewing at a larger size may result in a loss of clarity and a 'grainy' appearance.

Video 1, The Last of The Brass, Part 1

Video 2, The Last of The Brass, Part 2

Video 3, The Last of The Brass, Part 3

Video 4, Block Working & Operation Up Direction

Video 5, Block Working & Operation Down Direction

Video 6, Up Main via Up Goods Loop - a hard act to Swallow

Video 7, Serving Ribblehead Siding

Video 8, Down Main to Up Main Terminating

Video 9, Recent Developments - Arcow Quarry Working

Copyright © of the FARSAP videos belongs to the Friends of the National Railway Museum.
The material may be freely used except for sale or advertising purposes.

Video Credits

Filmed by: Rob Daniels
Filmed in: 2014 to 2015
Archive Material: Peter Ainsworth, Aidan Anderson, V R Anderson,
Mollie Baxter, Michael Blakemore, Donald Binns,
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Special Thanks: British Broadcasting Corporation,
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Narrator: Rob Daniels
Music by: Harvey Lord
Performed by: Harvey Lord, Wes Martin, Moll Baxter,
Jo Gillot, Cam Crook, Mikey Kennedy,
Carlie Rose Laverack, Rob Daniels
Produced & Directed by: Rob Daniels

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