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The Archive is open to visitors. See the Meetings & Events page for dates and details.

Archive Open Days for 2024. have been agreed. See the Meetings & Events page for details.

Doncaster & York ROC Visits. See the Meetings & Events page for details.

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Worksop Power Signal Box
Worksop Power Signal Box
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Welcome indeed, to the web site of the Signalling Record Society.

The Society maintains and shares knowledge of Railway Signalling and Operation in the British Isles and Overseas. Everything from the present day signalling to the earliest times.

We possess much archive material and have expertise which can assist members in their study and research on these topics. We publish books, photographs and drawings which may be purchased. Modern material is being added to the digital archive regularly and members are able to download some of the digital material free of charge.

Please take the opportunity to explore the site. Navigation links are provided at the top of the page (in the bar to your left on old style pages) and more links are conveniently scattered about the pages. A link to the home page and the top of the page you are viewing are provided at the bottom of all pages.

Want to know more about us and what we do?

Follow this link to our About Us page for more information.

Members wishing to be notified by email of any meeting cancellations or rearrangements should ensure they are included on the email list. To add your name to the list please contact the Membership Secretary, contact details are on the back page of SRS News.

For any questions about this web site please ask, by email to the webmaster. That will help us to see what else should be on this site or otherwise improve the browsing experience for you.

Other questions about the Society and its activities should be addressed to the appropriate person listed on the Contacts page.

Website Overhaul

Under ReconstructionThe web site is currently undergoing a major overhaul. During the overhaul period - which is likely to last several months - there will be a mix of the old and the new so you may well find yourself flitting between the two formats as you move from page to page.

Changes are being made as part of the overhaul process to ensure the web site is compliant with modern web standards, equality standards and make pages equally viewable on all sizes of computer and devices. However, some of the content may vary in position dependent on the width of the screen you are using.

Are the new pages and colours working for you? Email the webmaster and let him know.

In order to use the web site properly you should ensure that you have accepted and installed the all the updates offered by your browser supplier and the supplier of your chosen operating system. You need to do this anyway, as part of your protection against computer viruses and malware. If you don't do this you place yourself at risk. Why take the risk?

Ordnance Survey Map Page

Ordnance Survey withdrew their OpenSpace facility round which the map page was based on the 31st August 2021. This has given rise to a lot of extra work in both constructing a replacement page using the OpenLayers system and then altering all the data files to work with the new coding structures. These changes to the data coding are on-going and will take some time to complete.


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