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FARSAP logo  Michael Rising: Tyneside Memories

“Aged to perfection” Michael Rising recounts his enthusiasm acquired with his early introduction to the railway scene as a small boy and describes the area as experienced through his lengthy career in railway signalling.

With the passage of time, the scenes he witnessed and world he describes have mostly disappeared, buried under a sea of redevelopment, and are fast fading from first hand memory. Even more so where people who actually worked at these locations are concerned. Quite a few of the places mentioned no longer appear on the railway map at all; others that survive bear little or no resemblence to what went before.

The pictures in the videos were variously taken by Michaelor collected by him from various sources and are are accompanied by layout diagrams variously drawn by Michael or one of his signalling friends.

The geographic locations of places mentioned by Michael can be seen on a current OS Map using the links you will find below each of the videos. Click on any of the locations and the map will place this location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the icon(s) to reveal what they represent. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.


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Video 1 Tyne Dock to Green Lane

In this video, Michael describes his introduction to the local railway scene and activities as a small boy and then traces how his enthusiasm developed and led on to a career in railway signalling. Michael then takes us on a detailed description of the lines in and around Tyne Dock, fully illustrated by pictures he himself took in the 1950s and early 1960s when the place was still a hive of railway freight activity.

Places mentioned in Video 1: Boldon Colliery | Brockley Whins | Green Lane | Harton Junction | Hedworth Lane | Pontop Crossing | Tyne Dock

Video 2 Pontop Crossing to Boldon Colliery

This second video continues straight on, starting with a railway level crossing which he describes as being the centre of gravity if not the world: one of the few places that existed where one main railway line crossed another on the level. It was also involved with another rarity - the sight of National Coal Board trains being driven along British Railways' lines.

Places mentioned in Video 2: Boldon Colliery | Green Lane | Hedworth Lane | Pontop Crossing

Video 3 Hedworth Lane to Barmston

We continue in the south-south westerly direction in this third video, starting with Hedworth Lane and ending on the approach to the Washington sprawl, just north of the present day A1231 east-west dual carriageway.


Places mentioned in Video 3: Barmston Lane Crossing | Downhill Lane Crossing | Hedworth Lane | Southwick Junction | Three Horse Shoes | Washington Lane Crossing | West Boldon |

Video Credits

Filmed by: Richard Pulleyn
Filmed in: April 2017
Interviewers: Neil Mackay and Richard Pulleyn
Video Editor: George Duncan

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