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30 July 2020
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15 August 2018

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“Traditional Signalling”

This video has been produced to explain the basics of “traditional signalling” of the sort developed and used from the fourth quarter of the 19th century until the earlier parts of the 21st century. Although “traditional signalling” has largely been superseeded on the national railway network it remains the system of choice for the majority of the heritage railways.

The video is also a lovely showcase for the oldest working model railway in the world as it uses the former Lancashire & Yorkshire Signalling School model railway which is now located at the National Railway Museum.

In turn, the video takes you through the history of the L&Y model railway layout iself; semaphore signals; absolute block working; calling on signals; shunting signals. On other pages you will find extracts from this video covering specific subjects individually.

This video is intended for viewing at a maximum screen resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. Please be aware that viewing at a larger size may result in a loss of clarity and a 'grainy' appearance.

Video Credits

Filmed by: George Duncan & Richard Pulleyn
Filmed in: 2017
Narrator: Phil Graham assisted by Richard Pulleyn
Signalmen: Richard Pulleyn and Phil Graham
Train Driver: Richard Pulleyn
Video Editor: George Duncan