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6 October 2020
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The geographic location of the signal box can be seen on a current OS Map. The map will place this location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the icon(s) to reveal what they represent. The map can be scrolled to the other nearby locations mentioned in the video. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.

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Can you help?

The project would love to hear from you, especially if you worked or still work in a signal box, and you are willing to provide reminiscences and / or pictures. Please contact the webmaster in the first instance.

Video Credits

Filmed by: Derek Young, James & Isabelle Piper
Archive Photographs: Ken Booth,
Peter Jordan (both SRS Copyright),
Kidderminster Railway Museum.
Narrators: Richard Pulleyn and
Robin Walker
Signaller / Signalling Department Manager: Robin Walker
Operations Manager: Neil Carr
Video Editor: Derek Young

Copyright © of the FARSAP videos belongs to the Friends of the National Railway Museum.
The material may be freely used except for sale or advertising purposes.

Key Chronology

1904-1906 Honeybourne Line opened by Great Western Railway as far as Toddington.
1904 Toddington station opened.
1906 Remaining section through to Cheltenham opened.
1960 Passenger services withdrawn, Toddington station closed.
1977 Line closed.
1984 Gloucester Warwickshire Railway commenced operations at Toddington.
1987 Line reopened betwwen Toddington and Winchcombe.
2018 Line reopened between Broadway and Toddington.