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RailRef Line Codes

Industrial & Private: Derbyshire

County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

Explanation of column content is here.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR

Granville Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR181
Granville Colliery, Swadlincote SK 306 191. No.1 pit connected to MR181 at SK 307 188. No.2 pit opened 1887 (SK 307 191) and connected to MR181 at SK 310 190. Merged with Rawdon 1967 and surface closed 1968.

Halls Collieries Ltd
Off MR181
Cadley Hill Colliery, Castle Gresley SK 278 192. Triangular junction with MR at SK 278 193. Remodelled 1962 with extensive sidings alongside MR line.
Off MR181
Swadlincote Colliery & Sanitary Pipeworks, Swadlincote SK 291 194. Colliery: triangular junction with MR at SK 291 197. Pipe works: triangular connection to MR at SK 290 096. A second pipe works: connection to MR west of colliery connection.
Off MR185
Bretby (No.3) Colliery, Newhall SK 273 200.

Hawfields Brick & Pipeworks Ltd
Stanton Colliery & Hawfields Works, Newhall SK 283 197. Triangular junction with MR at SK 281 194 and SK 287 196. thence to colliery. Closed 1927 but new access to MR created at SK 281 194 which closed in 1953.

John Knowles (Wooden Box) Ltd
Mount Pleasant Firebrick & Pipe Works, Woodville, SK 311 184. Connected to MR at SK 308 189 and ran mile to works. Closed 1964. Also narrow gauge internal.

Ministry of Supply
Kings Newton Depot SK 390 268. 1940-1958.

Moira Colliery Co Ltd
Church Gresley Colliery, Church Gresley, SK 293 181. Ran north-west from MR at SK 298 178. Merged with Cadley Hill 1967.
Coton Park Colliery & Brick Works, Linton, SK 273 177. Ran south-west from MR at SK 272 182. Closed 1959.

Thomas Wragg & Sons Ltd
Hillside Sanitary Pipeworks, Swadlincote, SK 305 194. Connection with MR at SK 302 199 from 1894. Connection to Anchor works at SK 301 195 added c1907. Closed c1950. Also extensive narrow gauge lines.