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RailRef Line Codes

Industrial & Private: Kent

County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

Explanation of column content is here.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR


Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway
Leisure (hobby) railway started in 1975.

Calders Ltd, Deptford
Off LB043
Plough Road Depot (timber) (TQ 364 788), siding attached to Deptford Wharf system.

Royal Army Service Corps, Deptford
Off LB043
Deptford Supply Reserve Depot (TQ 368 786). Sidings off LB043 plus internal narrow gauge system.

Coporation of London, Deptford
Off LB043
Foreign Cattle Market, Grove Raod(?) (TQ 369 782), tramway along Grove Road and connecting into LB043.

South Suburban Gas Co, Lower Sydenham
Off SE007
Lower Sydenham Gas Works (TQ 367 720) sidings off SE007 adjoing Lower Sydenham station.

Forbes, Abbott & Lennard, East Greenwich
Off SE020
Ordnance Wharf Tar Works (TQ 389 801).

Taylor Woodrow Anglian Ltd, Charlton
Off SE020
Prefabricated Buildings Depot, Charlton Station (TQ 411 783). Closed 1965.

Royal Arsenal
Off SE020
Woolwich Arsenal (loco shed at TQ 445 794) north of SE020, connection east of Woolwich Arsenal station. Closed 1967. Internal railway of narrow, mixed and standard gauge sections.

W R Cunis Ltd, Plumstead
Off SE020
Plumstead Rubbish Shoot (TQ 455 809)

Ministry of Public Building & Works, Kidbrooke
Off SE021
Air Ministry Depot (TQ 411 755) south side of SE021.

South Metropolitan Gas Co, Greenwich
Off SE025
East Greenwich Gas Works (TQ 395 799) connected on the south of the gas works to SE025. Closed by 1968.

Redpath Brown Ltd, Riverway
Off SE025
East Greenwich Works (TQ 399 793, rail connection at TQ 401 794). Closed 1978.

Thames Metal Co Ltd, Greenwich
Off SE025
Angerstein's Wharf Scrap Yard, Horn Lane (TQ 403 792). Closed by 1992. Site reused in 1993 by firm crushing rubble.

G A Harvey & Co (London) Ltd, Charlton
Off SE025
Greenwich Metal Works, Woolwich Road (TQ 406 785), closed c1976.

London County Council, Charlton
Off SE025
Charlton Tramcar Repair Works (TQ 404 786). Opened 1909 and application made in 1911 for private siding from SE025; made from Angerstein Wharf via Christie's Wharf. To LPTB in 1933 and LTE in 1948. Closed 1952-3 after scrapping last of London's trams.

Moore Nettlefold & Co Ltd, Charlton; United Glass Ltd
Charlton WOrks, Anchor & Hope Lane (TQ 408 790). Closed 1966, site now used for warehousing.

Snowdown Colliery
Off SE120

Lloyd's Paper Mills, Kemsley
Off SE126
Ridham Junction SE126
Opened c1919. Bowater's from 1936.
Also narrow gauge, part of which is now Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Railway.
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