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Industrial & Private Lines: Middlesex

Signal Fact 56

In 1932 the London Midland & Scottish Railway resignalled the Mirfield area with a different form of colour light signalling.

The signals had a mix of aspects and marker lights designed to give drivers an indication of the speed at which they could proceed.

This page should be regarded as “Work in Progress”. The webmaster will welcome additional information for this page.

County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR


London Power Co Ltd, St John's Wood
Off GC001
Grove Road Power Station (TQ 271 826) north of Grand Union Canal and north of Marylebone Goods. 1902-1964.

Tibbett & Britten Group, Neasden
Off GC004
Neasden Freight Terminal, Hannah Close, off Great Central Way (520682 185603)

Admiralty, Tottenham
Off GE020
Leeside Works (TQ 355 915). Sidings off east side of line south of Angel Road station.
Part of site later Tottenham District Light Heat & Power Co (until 1929), then Tottenham & District Gas Co, then Eastern Gas Board (from 1949) and used for By-products factory. Rail traffic rare after c1960.

Tottenham & Edmonton Gas Light & Coke Co, Tottenham
Off GE020
Tottenham District Light, Heat & Power Co (from 1914), Tottenham & District Gas Co (from 1929), Eastern Gas Board (from 1949), Tottenham Gas Works (TQ 350 919) on west side of GE020 south of Angel Road station.
Sidings from GE020.

R &a A Main Ltd, Edmonton
Off GE020
Gothic Works (gas equipment manufacture) (TQ 353 918), east of GE020, north of Leeside Works, served from GE020.

Eley Brothers Ltd, Edmonton
Off GE020
Angel Road Works (535371 192436) east side of line, just north of Angel Road Junction. Closed 1921. Not sure if rail connected.

Ponders End & Enfield Highway Gas Co, Ponders End
Off GE020
Tottenham & District Gas Co (from 1938), Eastern Gas Board (from 1949), Ponders End Gas Works (TQ 360 954) on east side of GE020, south of Ponders End station. Closed 1970.

Minitry of Munitions, Ponders End
Off GE020
Rees Roturbo Manufacturing Comapny Ltd, Ponders End Shell Factory (TQ 362 953) 1914-1919. Sidings off GE020 plus narrow gauge internal railway.

Northmet Power Company, Brimsdown
Off GE020
Brimsdown Power Station (TQ 368 974).
On west side of King George's reservoir and east of railway just north of Brimsdown station.
Extensive sidings 1925-1971.

Ministry of Supply, Enfield Lock
Off GE020
Partially in Essex.
Royal Small Arms Factory (537474 198464) closed 1988. Standard and narrow gauge. Connections to GE020 not shown on maps - were there any?

British Electricity Authority, Poplar
Off GE162
Brunswick Wharf Power Station (TQ 390 807) on site of East India Export Dock which was previously the London & Blackwall Railway terminal. 1954-1984.

United Dairies (London) Ltd, East Finchley
Off GN020
Manor Farm Dairy (TQ 272 893) on east side of GN020 north of East Finchley station. 1928 (bulk milk from Staffordshire) to 1948.

North Middlesex Gas Co, Mill Hill
Off GN022
Mill Hill Gas Works (TQ 239 914) south side of GN022. Closed 1961.

Southgate & Colney Hatch Gas Light & Coke Co Ltd, New Southgate
Off GN030
Southgate & District Gas Co (from ?), Tottenham & District Gas Co (from 1938), Eastern Gas Board (from 1949), New Southgate Gas Works (TQ 289 919).
Sidings off GN030, closed 1962.

Standard Bottle Co Ltd, New Southgate
Off GN030
New Southgate Works (TQ 292 917) south of Gas Works. Transhipment siding off Gas Works sidings ceased 1968. ALso internal narrow gauge system.

Gas Light & Coke Co, Kensal Green
Off GW001
Gas works (TQ 235 824) north side og GW001 about 2 miles west of Paddington. Rail traffic ceased 1970 and internal narrow gauge in 1951.

Ministry of Munitions, Park Royal
Off GW040
National Filling Factory No.3 (TW 202 825) located north of GW040, east of Park Royal Station with mix of standard and narrow gauge lines. Recorded as 20 miles of railway. 1916-1920, site later used as the GWR Trading Estate.

George Cohen Sons & Co Ltd, Park Royal
Off GW040
Cox & Danks Park Royal Depot (TQ 200 824).
north side of GW040 between sidings used by Pauling & Co and Park Royal Trading Estate.
Previously used by G Shellabear & Son Ltd then by Dorman Long (agreement terminated 1935.
Cox & Danks from 1961 and Cohens from 1970.

Arthur Guinness, Son & Co Ltd, Park Royal
Off GW040
Park Royal Brewery (TQ 195 828) between north circular road and GW040 served via Park Royal Goods Yard. Sidings laid c1934, private siding agreement with Park Royal Developments 11 May 1934. Rail transport ceased 1995 and railway dismantled. Brewery closed 2006 and emolished.
This may already have a RailRef in the GW list (GW41c).

Walter Scott & Middleton Ltd, Park Royal
Pauling And Company Ltd, Park Royal
Off GW040
Park Royal Plant Depot on north east side of GW040 near to Park Royal station and GWR electricity generation station at TQ 198 823.
Private siding agreement 1924 transferred to Pauling from 1942, private siding agreement terminated 1966.

G Shellabear & Son Ltd, Park Royal
Dorman Long & Co Ltd, Park Royal
Off GW040
Park Royal Plant Depot on north east side of GW040 near to Park Royal station and GWR electricity generation station at TQ 198 823.
Private siding agreement 1928 transferred to Dorman Long from 1932.

J Lyons & Co Ltd, Greenford
Off GW040
Greenford Depot (TQ 145 842) north of GW040, west of Greenford station, south of Grand Union Canal. Part of site overlapped a previous major plant depot of Pauling & Co (1907-1915) and then by Caffin & Co (1915-1921). Private siding agreement 1920, opened 1921, closed to rail 1969.

Ministry of Munitions, Greenford
Off GW040
National Filling Factory No.28 (TQ 157 837). Site to Purex Ltd in 1921 and Rockware Glass Syndicate Ltd in 1925.

Air Ministry, Ruislip
Off GW050
Ruislip Depot (No.4 Maintenance Unit) (TQ 085 866). West side of GW050 south of West Ruislip station.
1918: Sidings installed. 1927 Private siding agreement. 1969: Closed.

Foster Yeoman Quarries Ltd, Acton
Off GW060
Acton Stone Terminal (TQ 201 813).

Plasser Machinery Parts & Service Ltd, West Ealing
Off GW060
Drayton Green Road (TQ 161 809) north side of GW060, within triangular junction to Greenford branch.

Brentford Gas Co, Southall
off GW060
Southall Gas Works (TQ 117 797) north of GW060, south of Grand Union Canal about 1 mile west of Southall station. Gas Light & Coke Co from 1926. Closed 1965.

Tarmac Southern Ltd, Hayes
off GW060
Hayes Stone Terminal (TQ 105 795) on north side of GW060. Opened by 1909, layout revised 1967. Connections from UGL at 10m30c and 10m54c.

Ministry of Munitions, Hayes
Off GW060
National Filling Factory No.7 (TQ 099 795) located south of GW060, just east of Hayes station, north of Grand Union Canal. Standard & narrow gauge lines. 1915-1918. Site later redevloped.

Castol Oil Co Ltd, Hayes
Off GW060
Crown Works ex C C Wakefield & Co Ltd (TQ 096 797).
Private siding north of GE060 just west of Hayes & Harlington.
Rail traffic ceased by c1962.

Electrical & Musical Industries Ltd, Hayes
Off GW060
Hayes Works ex Gramaphone Co Ltd (TQ 095 795).
Private siding north of GE060 just west of Hayes & Harlington.

Ministry of Supply, Hayes
Off GW060
Royal Ordnance Factory (TQ 080 796) south side of GW060 opposite McAlpine Plant Depot. c1940 -1946. Site later Public Record Office depository.

United Kingdom Glass Co Ltd, Hayes
Off GW060
Dawley Works (TQ 086 796) north of GW060, south of Grand Union Canal. 1917-1932. Site taken over by Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd in 1935 as a Plant Depot (storage) for Locos etc.

Air Ministry, West Drayton
Off GW060
West Drayton Depot (TQ 071 798) from 1918.
South side of GW060, half mile east of West Drayton.
1923: Depot closed, Site taen over by Power Plant Co Ltd with private siding agreement 1925.

British Coal Corporation, West Drayton
Off GW060
West Drayton Landsale Depot (TQ 054 802).
Coal Distribution Depot sidings north side of GW060 west of West Drayton and south of Staines branch.
Designated CCD by 1959, internal loco from c1989, rail traffic rare by 1999.

Associated Equipment Company, Southall
Off GW064
AEC Works (TQ 136 798).
1926-1979. Sidings off GW064, south of GW060, north of GW064, half mile east of Southall station.

Day Aggregates, Brentford
Off GW064
Brentford Town Goods Depot (TQ 166 778).
Loco used from 1972 to 1998 to shunt at aggregates terminal on east side of NW064 and south of Piccadilly line.

Express Dairy Co (London) Ltd, Cricklewood
Off MR001
Claremont Road bottling plant, on land leased from LMSR 1927. Expanded 1961 and subsequently closed. Occupied space between station and carriage shed (523884 186142).

Handley Page Ltd, Cricklewood
Off MR001
Cricklewood Works, 110 Cricklewood Lane, 1936 OS map shows aeroplane works at 523992 186326 which matches IRS statement of east side of Claremont Road, north of station. Closed 1929. Rail connection uncertain.

Air Ministry, Hendon
Off MR001
Hendon Aerodrome (TQ 215 900). c1911-1924.

Northmet Power Co, Willesden
Off MR060
Taylors Lane Generating Station located south west of Neasden station and the BR/LTE Finchley Road - Wembley Park line, between the North Circular (A406) and the Neasden - Acton Railway (TQ 213 850) (IRS book). This is wrong as the OS reference is that of Neasden MPD (GCR).
There are differences in road names between the OS (as at September 2011) and Google Earth etc. Have roads been renamed recently? The power station was at 521032 184428. 1956 Handbook refers to the sidings as 'Harlesden' and the sidings are shown in Quail volume 4 (page 1L), entry controlled by Neasden Junction SB. As at September 2011 the reception / run-round sidings still exist (visible in Google Earth) but disconnected and fenced of from MR060.
Power station fronted to Leicester Road (part still there). IRS state later power station on other side of road. It is, on other side of Leicester Road at 520928 184459.

Colas Products Ltd Harlesden
Off MR060
Harlesden Works (TQ 213 825) producer of road tar.
South of NW007 and Grand Union Canal and east of MR060. 1925-1952.

General Electric Co Ltd, North Wembley
Off NW001
Osram-GEC Glass Works (TQ 178 865) served by sidings off NW001 east side. Rail traffic ceased 1969.

London Power Co Ltd, Willesden Junction
Off NW007
Acton Lane Power Station, connection from Low Level Goods at (520460 183491).
1900-1981. Delivery of wagons involved propelling round a tight curve, something of a problem in wet weather or with poorly maintained locos.

H J Heinz Co Ltd, Harlesden
Off NW007
Harlesden Works, Waxlow Road (520196 183386) connected via 'F' Sidings. Rail traffic ceased late 1960s due to BR's failure to provide a reliable supply of empty vans for loading.

Ministry of Munitions, Hackney Marshes
Off NW040
National Projectile Factory (Dick, Kerr & Co Ltd, (TQ 365 851) sidings off NW040. 1915-1920.

Mayer Parry Recycling Ltd, Willesden
Off NW080
600 Ferrous Fragmentisers Ltd, Scrubs Lane (522368 182605). In early 1970s had large signs "Proler Cohen" visible from Willesden DED.

War department, Feltham
Off SW030
Air Ministry / Ministry of Munitions Air Acceptance Park (TQ 106 722) on site of earlier Union Construction & Finance Co Ltd (builders of Feltham Trams and Diddler Trolleybuses) on south side of SW030 about half mile west of Feltham station. 1935-1958.

Kempton Park Works, Sunbury
Off SW040
c1928-c1956. Also had narro gauge internal from Hampton Works.

Gas Light & Coke Co, Fulham
Off WE001
Gas Works (TQ 262 768) between Imperial Road and WE001. Closed 1968 but internal railway closed 1954.

W H Davis & Sons (Wagons) Ltd, Neasden
Neasden Wagon Works (TQ 208 852). Steam power unit on traverser at end of workshops, standard gauge. Site may not have been rail connected.

Kensington & Notting Hill Joint Committee, Shepherds Bush
Wood Lane Power Station (TQ 235 806) on site acquired from Kensington Council. 1900-1927. Not visible on old maps site although the Council yard is. Probably not rail connected.


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