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30 July 2020
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26 November 2011

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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes Z

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ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
ZIG   Zig Zag Branch TB003
ZZA1 yes Mauchline Sidings  
ZZA2 yes Ayr EWS Depot  
ZZA3 yes Swinlees Branch GS162
ZZA4 yes Barassie Overhead Line Depot  
ZZA5 yes Meadowhead Paper Mill Sidings, Irvine  
ZZA6 yes Shewalton Engineers' Coup Sidings  
ZZA7 yes Hunslet Barclay Sidings, Kilmarnock  
ZZA8 yes Kilmarnock Engineer's Plant Depot  
ZZA9 yes Springburn Works Sidings  
ZZB1 yes Shields Depot Sidings  
ZZB2 yes Corkerhill CSMD Sidings  
ZZB3 yes Haymarket Sprinter Depot  
ZZB4 yes Eastfield Sidings  
ZZB7 yes Long Lyes Sidings, Kilmarnock  
ZZB8 yes Fouldubs (Grangemouth)  
ZZC1 yes Gunnie Cement Terminal  
ZZC2 yes Hunterston High Level Sidings GS142
ZZC3 yes Drongans Sidings, Maxwelltown Branch  
ZZC5 yes Shettleston Plant Depot Sidings  
ZZC6 yes Grangemouth TDG Sidings  
ZZC7 yes Rutherglen Training School Sidings  
ZZC8 yes Motherwell TMD  
ZZC9 yes Mossend Up Yard  
ZZD1 yes Mossend Down Yard  
ZZD2 yes Gartsherrie Coatbridge Container Base Sidings  
ZZD4 yes Rutherglen Permanent Way Depot Sidings  
ZZD5 yes Polmadie Carriage Servicing Depot Sidings  
ZZD7 yes Fort William BAC Sidings  
ZZD8 yes Fort William Yard  
ZZE2   Ravenscraig No.4 Sidings  
ZZE4 yes Lafarge Sidings  
ZZE5 yes Caberboard Sidings, Plean Junction  
ZZE7 yes Rothesay Dock Sidings, Yoker Yard  
ZZE9 yes Kilwinning Station Up Sidings  
ZZF1 yes BP Chemical Sidings, Grangemouth  
ZZF2 yes Dumbarton Engineer's Sidings  
ZZF3 yes Ayr Townhead EMU Sidings GS114
ZZF4 yes Sighthill Loop NB184
ZZF5 yes Stevenston ICI Sidings GS147