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The SRS Drawing Office collection of signal box diagrams has been built up over many years and constitutes hand-drawn sketches of the layout controlled by a signal box, with signals and connections numbered. It contains the information that would be included on the signal box diagram displayed in the box. The collection is being digitised and published on CD-ROM in the format presented here. Additional information, such as amendment state, locking table etc., is being added where available.

SRS signal box diagrams for 310 boxes in Sections G, R and S (Gloucester, Worcester and Birmingham Divisions) of the G.W. Signal box register are included on this CD plus further documentation on these and 26 more boxes occupying about 430 Mbytes.

Changes since this CD was published in August 2009 are shown highlighted (thus).

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Section G: Gloucester Division

Section G: Gloucester Division
G1: South Wales Main Line
Drawing no.Signal box
L141 (1932) L142 (1942)Swindon Station West
Swindon 'D'
P105Swindon Locomotive Yard
Swindon 'G'
P105 (1943)Bremell Sdgs
P213Minety & Ashton Keynes
 Kemble (East)
Kemble Junction East
 Kemble West
Kemble Junction West
Tetbury Road
 Sapperton Tunnel
P211Sapperton Sdgs
S184Frampton Crossing
 St. Marys Crossing
L110Brimscombe (East)
L110Brimscombe West
 Stroud "B"
Stroud East
D514 (1935)Stroud (East)
 Stroud "A"
Stroud West
D514Beards Lane Crossing
 Jefferie's Sdg
 Gloucester No.1
Gloucester Goods South
G2: South Wales Main Line
Drawing no.Signal box
B156 (1944)Standish Junction
S315Naas Crossing
Brookthorpe Crossing
B357 (1956)Tuffley Sidings
Tuffley Junction
G3: South Wales Main Line
Drawing no.Signal box
L116 X73 (1950)Gloucester South Jcn
 Gloucester No.2
J89Gloucester North
 Gloucester Panel
 Gloucester No.3
 Gloucester No.4
 Gloucester Mileage Yard GF
 Gloucester Goods Yard North
J96Tramway Junction
P224Gloucester East
 Gloucester Middle
Gloucester No. ?
 Gloucester No.6
P224Gloucester West
P264 (1958)Over Jcn
P264 (1945)Over Sdgs
 Oakle Street
 Grange Court East
 Grange Court West
P109 (1960)Grange Court
G3: South Wales Main Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
P72Bullo Pill East
 Bullo Pill Centre
P72Bullo Pill West
X30 (1958)Awre Jcn
X30Lydney Jcn G.W.
Lydney Junction G.W.
X30Lydney West
D290Beachley Jcn
D290 (1936)Wye Valley Jcn
B378 (c. 1954)Chepstow
G4: Grange Court & Hereford Line
Drawing no.Signal box
D211Mitcheldean Road
 Ross South
 Ross North
 Holme Lacy
 Rotherwas South
 Rotherwas Factory
J73 (1949)Rotherwas Jcn
G5: Stratford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
L61Honeybourne East Loop
P283Long Marston
S924 (c. 1955)East & West Jcn [Stratford]
S&M Junction
LMR Junction
Stratford Upon Avon West Junction
D57 also L114 (1960)Evesham Road Crossing
 Shottery Footpath
G6: Honeybourne & Cheltenham Line
Drawing no.Signal box
P225 (1960)Honeybourne West Loop
Bretforton & Weston-sub-edge
 Stanton Cutting
D272Bishops Cleeve
D272Cheltenham Racecourse
G7: Birmingham & Gloucester Line/Cheltenham Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Engine Shed Junction
S114Elm Bridge
P102 (1944)Churchdown
P102Hatherley Jcn
L62Lansdown Jcn
Lansdown(e) Junction Main
P385 (c. 1960)Cheltenham Malvern Road West
Cheltenham Spa Malvern Road West
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Section R: Birmingham Division

G7: Birmingham & Gloucester Line/Cheltenham Branch (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
P385 (1960)Cheltenham Malvern Road East
Cheltenham Spa Malvern Road East
G8: Banbury & Cheltenham Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Kingham West Loop
P378 (1929)Stow on the Wold
P378Bourton on the Water
D501Andoversford Jcn
D501Andoversford Station
 Charlton Kings
D558 (1954)Cheltenham South & Leckhampton
D558Gloucester Loop Jcn
 Lansdowne Branch
G9: Cheltenham Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Bays Hill
P385 (c. 1956)Cheltenham Station
Cheltenham Spa St. James Station
G10: Cirencester Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S894Cirencester (Town)
G11: Tetbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
G12: Ledbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Barber's Bridge
D105 (1948)Newent
 Ledbury Branch
G13: Forest of Dean Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
P262Eastern United Colliery [Glos.]
G14: Ross to Littlemill Jcn
Drawing no.Signal box
 Kerne Bridge
B374Lydbrook Jcn.
 Lydbrook Junction 'B'
 Symonds Yat
P226Monmouth May Hill
P226Monmouth Troy
G15: Wye Valley Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Wyesham Jcn
St Briavels
G16: Coleford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
Section R: Birmingham Division
R1: Didcot & Chester Line
Drawing no.Signal box
S848 (1954)Heyford
 Heyford Bridge
 Heyford Bridge
D141 (1959, 1880)Fritwell & Somerton
P42Aynho Jcn
P42King's Sutton Jcn.
S849 (1908)Astrop
Astrop Sidings
B101 (c. 1944)P423 (1958)Banbury South
Banbury 'B'
L144 (1951) L143 (1959)Banbury North
Banbury 'A'
 [ For Up Loop ]
L171 (1942)Hump Yard GF [Banbury]
P12Banbury Jcn
 Banbury Bridge
S806Ironstone Branch
X26Claydon Crossing
X26 (1960) S1136Fenny Compton
P331 (c. 1952)Greaves Sdg
P331 (c. 1956)Southam Road & Harbury
P331 (1950)Fosse Road
 [ At Canal Bridge ]
 Leamington Engine Shed
D519Leamington South Jcn
Leamington East Junction
 [ Bridge Cabin ]
D519Leamington South
L209 (1921)Leamington North
 Leamington Panel
being redrawnWarwick Avon Bridge
 [ Bridge Box ]
 Warwick South
 [At Canal Bridge ]
D213Warwick North
 [For Royal Agricultural Show]
 Warwick North
Budbrooke Crossing
 Hatton South [original]
 Hatton North [original]
Hatton Middle
B381Hatton South
Hatton Station South
 Hatton Middle
D270Hatton North
D270 (1912)Rowington Jcn
 [At Canal Bridge ]
 Kingswood TFO
P44Knowle and Dorridge
D135Bentley Heath Crossing
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Section R: Birmingham Division

R1: Didcot & Chester Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
D135Widney Manor
X4Acocks Green
L127Tyseley South
S831Tyseley North
 Tyseley Loco Yard
No. 1 Shunting Frame
 [At Canal Bridge]
P256Small Heath South
Tyseley Loco
 Small Heath
P256Small Heath North
 Bordesley Jcn
 Bordersley Junction Sidings
P140Bordesley South
 [at Canal Bridge ]
 [ at Coventry Road Bridge]
 Bordesley Station
P140Bordesley North
L156 (1948) X74 (1962)Moor Street
L226 (c. 1939)Birmingham South
 Birmingham Panel
P43 (1958)Birmingham North
B41Hockley South
Hockley 'B'
B42Hockley North
Hockley 'A'
B43Soho & Winson Green
 Bridge Box
B44Queens Head
B45Handsworth & Smethwick (South)
Handsworth & Smethwick South
 Handsworth & Smethwick North
X72 (1956)Handsworth Jcn
 Sandwell Park Colliery
B47West Bromwich
S1065Swan Village South Jcn
S514Swan Village North
 Wednesbury "C"
Wednesbury South
B50Wednesbury South
Wednesbury Central South
 Wednesbury "B"
Wednesbury Centre
 Wednesbury "A"
B51Wednesbury North
Wednesbury Central North
 Bradley Bridge
 Bradley & Moxley
 Bilston South
 Bilston North
Bilston Central
B61Stow Heath
L199Wolverhampton South
Wolverhampton 'A'
 Wolverhampton Middle
Wolverhampton 'B'
R1: Didcot & Chester Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
L198Wolverhampton North
Wolverhampton 'C'
B29Cannock Road Jcn
 Lower Yard Shed
 Dunstall Park
B65Stafford Road Jcn
P236Oxley Sidings South
Oxley South
P420Oxley Sidings North
Oxley Middle
B28Oxley North
P422 (1946)Albrighton
 Cosford Sdg
 Lawton Sidings
 Ruckley Sdg
P184 (c.1950)Madeley Jcn
 Oakengates Tunnel South
 Oakengates Tunnel North
Oakengates West
 Wombridge Crossing
S154Ketley Jcn
 Haybridge Sdg
R2: Bushbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Bushbury Sdgs
R3: Stratford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D222 (1939)Hatton Branch Jcn
Hatton West
D222 (1939)Claverdon
D47 (1907, 1942)Bearley
Bearley East Junction
R4: Henley-in-Arden Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Henley in Arden [original]
R5: Birmingham & North Warwick Line
Drawing no.Signal box
D352Hall Green
D352 (1948)Shirley
D219Earlswood Lakes
W59/19Henley in Arden
 Contractors Crossing [Bearley]
D79Bearley North Jcn
D79 also S202 shows dog chart HT 3-barBearley West Jcn
 Stratford Upon Avon Goods Junction
L170 (1957)Stratford upon Avon (East)
D57 (1955)Stratford on Avon Station
Stratford West
R6: Alcester Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Great Alne
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Section R: Birmingham Division

R7: Stourbridge Extension Line
Drawing no.Signal box
L278Smethwick Jcn
 Rood End
B38Oldbury & Langley Green East
 Oldbury Jcn.
S683Oldbury & Langley Green Middle
B39Oldbury & Langley Green West
Langley Green Crossing
L275Rowley Regis & Blackheath
 Old Hill Tunnel East
 Old Hill Tunnel West
L59Old Hill Jcn.
 Corgreaves Sdg
B69Cradley Heath & Cradley East
Cradley 'B'
 Cradley "A"
B70Cradley Heath & Cradley West
 Hays Lane Jcn.
 Timmis Siding
R8: Oldbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Chemical Sdg
S884 (1901)Oldbury
Oldbury Goods
R9: Halesowen Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Old Hill Loop
 Halesowen Basin Jcn.
 Longbridge West
 Longbridge East
R10: Windmill End Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
B49Cox's Lane Crossing
Higleys Siding
 Windmill End
B46Windmill End Jcn.
R11: Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line
Drawing no.Signal box
P107 (1901, 1943)Stourbridge Jcn. South
J92Stourbridge Jcn Middle
 Stourbridge Jcn Station
L32 P418 (1954)Stourbridge Jcn. North
B53Stourbridge Engine House
 Stourbridge Engine Shed Sidings
B48Brettell Lane
 Kingswinsford Jcn
J93Kingswinsford Jcn South
 Moor Lane
S1134Kingswinsford Jcn North
 Brierley Hill
 Round Oak Station
P426Round Oak South
L276Round Oak North
 Harts Hill and Woodside
 Parkhead Sdgs
 Blowers Green Crossing
S889Blowers Green Sdgs
Netherton Sidings
 Netherton South
Netherton Middle
R11: Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
W60/23Netherton North
Netherton Junction
Blowers Green Junction
 Dudley Tunnel South
 Dudley Tunnel North
P244Dudley South
L274Dudley North
 Tipton Station
W60/26Tipton Jcn.
 Bloomfield Crossing
B35Princes End
 Princes End Station
 Daisy Bank and Bradley
Daisy Bank
 Daisy Bank and Bradley South
 Daisy Bank and Bradley North
 [At Canal Bridge ]
P421Bilston West
Bilson West Midland
R12: Kingswinford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D278Pensnett (South)
 Pensnett North
D278 (1948)Baggeridge Jcn.
D172 (1943)Wombourn
D172Oxley Branch Jcn
R13: Stourbridge Town Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S885Stourbridge Town
R14: Great Bridge Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D230Swan Village West
Branch Crossing
D230Swan Village Basin
W61/13Great Bridge
R15: Victoria Basin Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Stafford Road Steam Shed
 Victoria Basin
R16: Madeley Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Madeley Court
R17: Much Wenlock Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S671Much Wenlock
 Harton Road
D505Marsh Farm Jcn
R18: Ketley Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Lawley Bank
D255Horsehay & Dawley
P134Lightmoor Jcn
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Section S: Worcester Division

Section S: Worcester Division
S1: Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line/Worcester & Hereford Line
Drawing no.Signal box
S941 (1955)Handborough
 Fawler Sdg
 Brewens Crossing
D582Bruern Crossing
 Chipping Norton Jcn South
Kingham South
P409 (1923) P408 (1949) X71 (1958)Chipping Norton
Kingham North
Kingham Station
 Chipping Norton Jcn North
P299 (1952)Moreton-in-Marsh
D253 (1902)Aston Magna
Chipping Camden
 Chipping Campden Tunnel S
 Chipping Campden Tunnel N
D494 (1953)Honeybourne South Loop
L1Honeybourne Station South
L1Honeybourne Station North
S939 (1944)Sheenhill
D231Littleton & Badsey
D231Aldington Sdg
 Evesham (South)
P268 (1957)Evesham
 Evesham North
D218Charlton Sdg
D218 also S940 (1888)Fladbury
 Norton Jcn
W50/28Worcester Wylds Lane Junction
 Worcester Joint Station
D146 S870Worcester Shrub Hill Station
 Centre Up
 Centre Down
D146 S668 (c. 1939)
S668 not yet available
Shrub Hill Jcn
L229 (1960)Rainbow Hill Jcn
L229Foregate Street Station
L227Bromyard Jcn
Leominster Junction
Bransford Road Junction
 Bransford Road
D537 (1943)Stocks Lane
Newland East
D537 (1943)Gas Works Sdg [Malvern]
Newland West
P122 (1950)Malvern Link
P122Great Malvern
P122Malvern & Tewkesbury Jcn
B33 (1954)Malvern Wells
 Malvern Tunnel Junction
 Cummings Crossing
S1: Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line/Worcester & Hereford Line (cont'd)
Drawing no.Signal box
P308Ledbury North End
P308 (1948)Ledbury Station
 Rea Bridge
P308Stoke Edith
P308Withington (Hereford)
D111 (1957)Shelwick Jcn
S2: Honeybourne North Loop
Drawing no.Signal box
 Honeybourne North Loop
S3: Fairford Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D148Wolvercote Junction
 Yarnton Oxford Road Jcn
P182 (1909, 1942)Yarnton Jcn
 Yarnton Witney Jcn
 South Leigh
 Witney Goods Jcn
W51/19Witney Station
B110Brize Norton & Bampton
Bampton (Oxon.)
S802 (1944)Carterton
D486 (1944)Lechlade
S4: Banbury & Cheltenham Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Kings Sutton Branch
 Sydenham Sdgs
 Bloxham Ironstone Sdgs
D39Hook Norton
D39Chipping Norton (East)
 Chipping Norton West
 Sarsden Sdg
not available (later Kingham East)Chipping Norton Jcn East Loop
Kingham East Loop
S5: Worcester Goods Loop
Drawing no.Signal box
S910Worcester Goods Yard
S6: Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line
Drawing no.Signal box
L60Worcester Tunnel Jcn
B32Blackpole Sdgs
W52/04Fernhill Heath
L200 (1935)Droitwich Spa
D542Hampton Lovett
Cutnall Green
D542Elmley Lovett Sdgs
B57Hartlebury Station
W52/09Hartlebury Jcn.
 Hoobrook Sdg (?)
 Kidderminster Viaduct
L244 (1936, 1958)Kidderminster Jcn
B66Kidderminster Station
 Blakedown Viaduct
B37Churchill & Blakedown
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Section S: Worcester Division

S7: Stoke Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
 Clay & Newmans Sdg
L252Stoke Works Junction
S8: Bromyard Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
D32Leigh Court
 Brockhampton Sidings
P81Leominster Station
S9: Severn Valley Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Stourport on Severn South
Stourport South
B55Stourport on Severn (North)
Stourport North
D499 S674 (1932)Bewdley South
D499 (1955)Bewdley North
 Kinlet & Billingsley Sdgs
D515Hampton Loade
 Bridgnorth [original]
 Bridgnorth South
 Bridgnorth North
 Maws Siding
 Ironbridge & Brosley
 Buildwas Jcn
P134 (1958)Buildwas Station
 Burnt Mill Jcn
D420Sutton Bridge Jcn.
S10: Tenbury Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
L132Woofferton Jcn.
 Tenbury Wells West
Tenbury Wells 'B'
W53/09 (1959)Tenbury Wells (East)
Tenbury Wells 'A'
 Newnham Bridge
D541 (1950)Neen Sollars
D541 (1957)Cleobury Mortimer
 Wyre Forest
Section X: Joint Lines
X6: Severn & Wye Line
Drawing no.Signal box
P313Berkeley Loop Jcn
 Berkeley Station
 Oldminster Jcn
P313 (1957)Sharpness South
P313Sharpness Station
 Sharpness North
P313Sharpness Swing Bridge
D267Severn Bridge
D267Otters Pool Jcn.
Lydney Junction 'A'
 Lydney Junction
 Lydney Yard
Severn & Wye Yard
Lydney Jcn Yard
D119Lydney Engine Shed
D160Lydney Town
D160 (1949)Tufts Jcn.
 Whitecroft Station
S1131 (1949)Parkend
 Travellers Rest Crossing
S1130Coleford Jcn
D161Speech House Road
D161Serridge Jcn.
 Trafalgar Colliery
 Drybrook Road
S146Cinderford Jcn.
X7: Lydbrook Branch
Drawing no.Signal box
S152 (GF)Upper Lydbrook South
 Upper Lydbrook North
 Upper Lydbrrok
 Lower Lydbrook
X8: Andoversford Line
Drawing no.Signal box
 Andoversford & Dowdeswell
D63 (1902)Withington [Glos.]
D63 (1902)Chedworth
D87Foss Cross
D87Cirencester (W.)
D88South Cerney
 Rushey Platt 'B'
B237 (1942)Rushey Platt Station
 Rushey Platt 'A'
D294 (1905, c. 1950)Swindon Town 'A'
P46 (1905, 1942)Swindon Town 'B'
Amendment state information will be added to the SRS web site as it is submitted. Further diagrams will be digitised and further CDs will be published as suitable geographic areas are completed.
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Circa 1913 diagrams

A number of hand-drawn locking sketches in the Chester area dating from circa 1913 have been acquired by the Society. Many of these are in the area covered by this CD (and are thus included) but the majority are in the area covered by the 'GW in North Wales' CD. These have either been published on that CD or on the subsequent update CD. The diagrams are listed below:

Newly acquired and on this CD:
Madeley Junction Rushbury Longville Horsehay & Dawley
Buildwas Cressage Berrington Lawley Bank
Added since this CD was originally published (and published on update CD):
Codsall Albrighton Cosford Sdg Ruckley Sdg
Shifnal Lawton Sidings Hollinswood Oakengates
Ketley Jcn Madeley Court Presthope Much Wenlock
Lightmoor Jcn Coalbrookdale Burnt Mill Jcn Ketley
Haybridge Sdg Olton   
Published on the North Wales CD:
Dolgelly West Penmaenpool Coton Hill South Coton Hill North
Leaton Oldwoods Baschurch Haughton Sdgs
Radnal & West Felton Whittington [Low Level] Gobowen South Gobowen North
Chirk Fron Sidings Llangollen Line Junction Ruabon South
Ruabon Middle Vauxhall Colliery Sidings Johnstown & Hafod Bersham
Rhos Junction Croes Newydd South Fork Croes Newydd North Fork Wrexham South
Wrexham North Wrexham Colliery Wheatsheaf Junction United Colliery
Gresford Rossett (South) Rossett North Balderton
Saltney Dee Junction Acrefair Trevor Llangollen Station
Llangollen Goods Jcn Deeside Loop Glyndyfrdwy Carrog
Corwen East Cynwyd Llandrillo Llandderfel
Bala Jcn Llanuwchllyn Garneddwen Drws-y-Nant
Bontnewydd Dolgelley East Bala Frongoch
Arenig Cwm Prysor Trawsfynydd Maentwrog Road
Festiniog Station Tan-y-Manod Sidings Blaenau Festiniog Oswestry
Croes Newydd East Croes Newydd West Moss Valley Junction Plas Power
Broughton Forge Broughton Crossing Brymbo Station Brymbo Middle
Brymbo West Rhostyllen Legacy Rhos
Brook Street Wynn Hall Crudgington Peplow
Hodnot Tern Hill Audlem Moss Crossing [Brynmally Colliery]
Arthog Cefn Marford Market Drayton Station
Silverdale Junction [Market Drayton] Gresty Lane [Crewe]  
Added to the North Wales CD since it was published (and available on the update CD):
Maentwrog Road (updated) Festiniog Station Tan-y-Manod Sdgs Deeside Loop
Llangollen Station Hodnet Crudgington Wrexham Colliery
Croes Newydd South Fork Whitehurst   
Added to the North Wales area subsequently (available from the web site):
Weston Rhyn Ruabon North Green Lane Moss Sidings

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