Gloucester East

Technical drawing numbers
S2418/1Record of amendments
S2418/2Locking sketch
S2418/3Mechanical locking table
S2418/4Detection table
S2418/5Electrical control table
S2418/6Dog chart
S2418/7Lever leads
S2418/12Box diagram

A replacement GW type 12B box was built here in February 1938 with a 110 lever VT5 frame. Some unusual locking was provided between levers 15 (Up Main Starting) and 17 (Up Main Advanced Starting, slotted by Tramway Junction). A spring lock implemented 17 locks 15 normal (non-recip.) preventing lever 15 being restroked until lever 17 was restored."
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The diagram below is a low-resolution version to indicate the content: a full-resolution 'pdf' file has been published on CD-ROM (GW Sections G, R & S). The diagram itself has not changed (other documentation may have been added or the diagram renumbered or paired) since publication.

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