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This video covers all three corners of the Norton Triangle plus Norton-on-Tees station. Opened in 1870, Norton South and Norton East are now the oldest block post signal boxes on the national network.

The geographic location of the Norton area can be seen on a current OS Map. The map will place this location at the centre of the map panel, roll the mouse over the icon(s) to reveal what they represent. Increase the scale using the scale selector on the left to separate closely positioned icons.

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Video Credits

Filmed by: Neil Mackay & Dafydd Whyles
Filmed in: May 2015
Narrator: Neil Mackay
Local Operations Manager: Andy Thaxton & Team
Signallers: John Forrest (Norton South)
Robert Moreland (Norton Station)
Danny Watchman (Norton East)
Video Editors: Derek Young

Key Chronology

1833 Clarence Railway opened from Ferryhill to Port Clarence with a branch to Stockton.
1835? First Norton Junction station opened roughly on site of 1870 Norton South Junction.
c1837 Norton Junction station opened at site of 1841 Norton South Junction.
1841 East to South curve opened at Norton-on-Tees.
1843 Stockton & Hartlepool Railway took over operation.
1852 West Hartlepool Harbour & Railway absorbed both Clarence and Stockton & Hartlepool companies.
1865 West Hartlepool Harbour & Railway vested in North Eastern Railway.
1870 Signal Boxes opened at Norton West, Norton East and North South. Original East to South curve closed, replaced by curve on new, less sharp, alignment. Second Norton Junction station closed. Third Norton station opened some way east of Norton East Junction.
1872 Signal Box opened at Norton station.
1901 Norton station renamed Norton-on-Tees.
1921 Norton West signal box replaced.
1960 Norton-on-Tees station closed.


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