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Signal Fact 20

The first British 4-aspect colour light signals read, from the top: Green, Yellow, Red, Yellow.

This was later changed to Yellow, Green, Yellow, Red so that snow falling on the hood of the bottom yellow aspect did not build up and obscure the red aspect directly above.

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Location Magazine
Uckfield LB104a Railway Magazine 2020 April.
Railway Bylines 2016 May.
Modern Railways 2016 February.
Rail 2008 September 10.
Rail 2008 August 27.
Steam World 1996 June.
Uffington GW110 Railway Magazine 2013 August.
Steam World 1982 January.
Uffington MR101 Railway Magazine 2020 July.
Ulceby Junction GC150 Railway Magazine 2015 December.
Umberleigh SW151 Southern Way 2010 issue 11.
Upminster MR040 Steam Days 2013 July.
Upperby NW890 Steam World 2000 August.
Uppermill (LNWR) Backtrack 2000 March.
Upton Scudamore GW195 Steam Days 2020 July.
Usk Yard Rail 2008 September 24.
Ústí nad Labem Střekov (Czech) Modern Railways 2016 October.
Uttoxeter NS010 Railway Archive Issue 37.


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