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Signal Fact 5

The first semaphore signal for the direct control of trains was erected at New Cross on the London & Croydon Railway in late 1841.

North Staffordshire Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
NS001 Colwich LNWR - Stoke North
datum Macclesfield Hibel Road
38m58c Colwich Junction NW180
  Great Haywood
33m42c Highfields LC
  Pasture Fields LC
  Shirleywich Junction GN251
  Weston & Ingestre
31m53c Sandon
28m63c Aston-by-Stone
27m63c Church Lane LC
27m18c Meaford Crossing
27m00c Stone Junction NS002
  Whitebridge LC
  Meaford Power Station Junction
24m44c Barlaston & Tittensor (1)
23m79c Wedgwood
22m63c Trentham South Junction
22m04c Trentham North Junction NS006
21m04c Sideway Michelin Railway
  Mount Pleasant Halt
  Whieldon Road Halt
20m36c Stoke Junction NS010 NS040
  Glebe Street
  Yard South Outlet
19m78c Stoke-on-Trent
19m61c Stoke North Junction
19m60c mile post / Stoke SCC NS050
(1) Barlaston from 1972
NS002 Norton Bridge Branch
3m57c Norton Bridge Junction NW200
3m39c Parrot's LC
2m40c Yarnfield Junction NS003
  Swynnerton Junction NS005
0m07c Stone
0m00c Stone Junction NS001
NS003 Norton Bridge Flyover
datum Stone Junction
4m06c Searchlight Lane Junction NW201
2m40c Yarnfield Junction NS002
NS005 Swynnerton Junction - Cold Meece
Cold Meece Ordnance Depot
Swynnerton Junction NS002
NS006 Trentham Junction - Trentham Park Station
Trentham Park (1)
Hanford Road Halt
Trentham North Junction NS001
(1)Trentham Gardens from 1946.
NS007 Stoke Yard Lines
NS010 Derby Line
30m10c North Stafford Junction MR210
29m49c Findern Level Crossing
29m19c Willington Crossing
  Derby Road Level Crossing
27m50c Eggington LC
27m08c Hilton Level Crossing
  Eggington East Junction GN230
26m69c Eggington Junction
  Egginton West Junction GN236
25m45c Hayside LC
  Marston Junction NS011
25m28c Marston-on-Dove LC
24m57c Rowes LC
24m33c Rocks LC
24m13c Tutbury & Hatton
24m13c Tutbury Crossing
  Tutbury Yard
23m43c Weer Lane LC
23m23c Brandons LC
22m75c Scropton Mill Lane LC
22m53c Scropton LC
22m41c Archers No.1 LC
20m67c Sudbury LC
19m62c Dovefields LC
19m01c Marchington Old Station LC
18m78c Marchington
17m75c Langridge No.2 LC
17m20c Tunnicliffs No.1 LC
  Uttoxeter East Junction NS020
  Uttoxeter Junction station
16m33c Uttoxeter Racecourse LC
16m29c Uttoxeter
  Uttoxeter West Junction NS021
  Bridge Street
16m00c Pinfold Crossing (1)
15m61c Hockley Crossing
15m27c Bakers LC
14m50c Stathams LC
14m11c Loxley Lane LC
14m11c Bromshall Junction GN250
13m71c Westons LC
13m52c Sergeants LC
13m32c Bramshall LC
10m24c Leigh LC
9m57c Upper Leigh LC
9m39c Colliers LC
9m04c Bostocks LC
7m61c Newton Farm LC
7m04c Cresswell Junction NS013
6m76c Cresswell LC
6m07c Bennetts LC
5m74c Jacksons LC
5m42c Stallington Crossing
5m23c Blythe Bridge
5m19c Blythe Bridge LC
  Foxfield Branch Junction Foxfield
4m20c Caverswall LC
  Millfield Junction NS016
  Bridgewood Siding
1m71c Longton
1m56c Foley Crossing
  Glebe Colliery Sidings
  Fenton (1st)
  Fenton (2nd)
  Carter's Crossing
0m00c Stoke Junction NS001 NS040
(1) now Uttoxeter SB

1880s OS maps show mile posts from Stoke.
NS011 North Stafford Junction (Burton) - Marston Junction
3m27c North Stafford Junction MR210
3m00c Horninglow
2m44c Stretton Junction NW410
2m45c Stretton Junction NS012 2m03c Stretton & Clay Mills
1m17c Rolleston-on-Dove
0m69c Dove Junction GN236
0m00c Marston Junction NS010
BUB: Stretton Junction - Marston Junction

1883 OS maps show mileposts from Marston Junction
NS012 Hawkins Lane Junction MR - Stretton Junction
datum Marston Junction
3m46c Hawkins Lane Junction
3m41c Burton South Junction GN237 GN239
3m07c Burton North Junction GN237 GN238
2m45c Stretton Junction NS011
BUB: Burton South Junction - Streeton Junction
NS013 Creswell - Cheadle
3m73c Cheadle
  Cheadle Junction NS014
  Tean Junction NS014
  Tean (1)
0m00c Cresswell Junction NS010
(1) Totmonslow until 1907
NS014 Cheadle Branch deviation alignment
Cheadle Junction NS013
Tean Junction NS013
  NS015-016. Cobb (page 314) shows line from Normancot Junction to Botteslow Junction opened 1875 complete with branch to Hulme Colliery. Location sequnce: Normancot Junction - Weston Coyney Goods (Park Hall Colliery) - Adderley Green Colliery - Hulme Valley Junction - Botteslow Junction. With it is a branch from Hulme Valley Junction to Hulme Colliery.

He shows Weston Coyney - Adderley Green as shutting in 1895 (supported by OS map evidence) and Hulme Valley - Hulme Colliery closing in 1900.

Cobb's use of the name Normancot Junction is indicative of his missing the OS map evidence and the entry in the 1937 Appendix which names it Millfield Junction.

1937 and 1960 Appendices show two entries:
1. Down from Weston Coynley Park Hall Colliery to Millfield Junction,
2. Down from Adderley Green (Stirrup & Pye Colliery) to Botteslow Junction.

1900 1:2,500 OS map refers to 1. as 'Longton, Adderley Green & Bucknall Branch'.
1937 1:2,500 OS map refers to 1. as 'Adderley Green & Bucknall Branch.
1900 1:10,560 OS map marks the branch as 'Hulme Valley Branch.
NS015 Adderley Green Branch (Millfield Junction - Botteslow Junction)
2m20c Adderley Green Stirrup & Pye Colliery
  Hulme Valley Junction
  Mossfield Level Crossing
0m00c Botteslow Junction NS040
NS016 Hulme Colliery Branch
  Hulme Colliery
  Hulme Valley Junction
  Adderley Green Stirrup & Pye Colliery
1m34c Weston Coyney Goods (Park Hall Colliery)
0m00c Millfield Junction NS010
NS020 Churnet Valley Line
0m00c Uttoxeter East Junction NS010
  Uttoxeter North Junction NS021
  Dove Bank
  Spath Crossing
  Rocester Junction NS022
  Denstone Crossing (1)
  Alton (2)
  Oakamore Junction NS023
10m21c Oakamoor Sand Sidings (present end of line)   Froghall Junction NS024
12m17c Kingsley &Froghall
  Bolton's Siding
14m19c Consall
16m43c Cheddleton
16m45c Cheddleston LC
  Leek Brook South Junction NS026 NS043
  Leek Brook North Junction NS027
17m74c Leekbrook LC
18m01c present end of line
  Rudyard (Horton) (3)
  Cliffe Park
27m28c North Rode Junction NS080
(1) Denstone from 1923.
(2) Alton Towers from 1954.
(3) Rudyard Lake until 1905; Rudyard from 1923, then Rudyard Lake again from 1926.

1887 OS maps shows mile posts from Uttoxeter (East) Junction

Oakamoor to Leek Brook Junction sold to North Staffordshire Railway Society on 20 March 1995.
NS021 Uttoxeter Curve
Uttoxeter West Junction NS010
Uttoxeter North Junction NS020
NS022 Rocester - Ashbourne LNWR
0m00c Rocester Junction NS020
  Norbury & Ellaston (1)
  Ashbourne (1st)
  Ashbourne No.1
  Ashbourne No.2
6m50c NSR/LNWR boundary NW774
(1) Norbury until 1901
Ashbourne Joint Line
See London North Western Railway NW774 for detail.
NS023 Oakamoor Branch
Oakamoor Junction NS020
Oakamoor Wharf
NS024 Froghall Branch
0m00c Froghall Junction NS020
0m45c Froghall Goods
NS025 Caldon Low Tramway
Froghall Goods
Caldon Low Quarry
Sold by LMSR to Hadfields (Hope & Caldon Low Quarries) Ltd in 1934. Subsequent owners Derbyshire Stone Quarries Ltd until 1968 and Tarmac Roadstone Holdings Ltd. Closed 1989 when BR ceased purchase of ballast from this quarry.
NS026 Waterhouses Branch
0m00c Leek Brook South Junction NS020 NS043
0m23c Leek Brook East Junction
1m54c LC
2m35c Bradnop
3m20c Apesford LC
3m69c LC
4m42c Ipstones
6m42c Winkhill Halt
7m39c Caldon Junction NS028
7m73c Caldon Low Halt
8m65c Waterhouses (2nd)
SCQ3: Leek Brook South Junction - Caldon Low Junction

Mileages calculated by reference to box-box distances in 1937 Appendix.
NS027 Leek Brook North Junction - Leek Brook East Junction
Leek Brook North Junction NS020
Leek Brook East Junction NS026
NS028 Caldon Junction - Caldon Quarry
0m00c Caldon Junction NS026
0m51c end of line (Caldon Low)
Caldon often shown on maps as Cauldon.
NS029 Leek & Manifold Light Railway
0m00c Waterhouses (2nd)
  Waterhouses (1st)
  Beeston Tor
  Thor's Cave & Wetton
  Redhurst (1)
  Wetton Mill
8m21c Hulme End
(1) Redhurst Crossing from 1923
NS040 Biddulph Valley Line
0m00c Stoke Junction NS001 NS010
0m18c Pratt's Sidings NS041
  Fenton Manor
  Berry Hill
  Botteslow Junction NS015
  Bucknall & Northwood
  3m20c Abbey LC
3m21c Milton Junction NS043
  Ford Green & Small Thorne
  Whitfield Sidings
  Black Bull
  Heath's Junction
  Knypersley Halt
  Biddulph (1)
  Mossley Halt
12m20c Congleton Lower Junction NS044
12m47c Congleton Upper Junction NS080
(1) Gillow Heath until 1864

SCQ1 Stoke Junction - Congleton Lower Junction
CLU Congleton Lower Junction - Congleton Upper Junction
NS041 Pratts Shops
Pratt's Siding NS040
Pratt's Siding Shops
NS042 Whitfield Branch
Off NS040, BR 1964-1976
NS043 Leek Line
0m00c Milton Junction NS040
0m40c Milton
  Stockton Brook
3m11c Endon LC
  Wall Grange & Longsdon
6m58c Leekbrook Junction
6m65c Leek Brook South Junction NS020 NS026
NS044 Congleton Lower Junction - Brunswick Wharf
13m33c Brunswick Wharf
12m20c Congleton Lower Junction NS040
NS050 Stoke North - Longport Junction
datum Macclesfield Hibel Road
19m60c mile post / Stoke SCC NS001
19m35c Newcastle Junction NS060
  Cliff Vale
18m64c Etruria
  Etruria Junction NS051
18m20c Grange Junction NS052 NS055
17m03c Longport
16m63c Longport Junction NS056
16m40c mile post NS080
NS051 Potteries Loop Line
0m00c Etruria Junction NS050
  Hanley Junction NS052
  Hanley Station Junction NS053
  Hanley (2nd)
  Waterloo Road
  Ford Green & Smallhome
  Tunstall Junction NS056
  Newfields Junction NS054
  Pitts Hill
  Newchapel & Goldenhill (1)
  Kidsgrove Halt
  Kidsgrove (2)
7m23c Kidsgrove Liverpool Road Junction NS080 NS085
(1) Goldenhill until 1913.
(2) Kidsgrove Liverpool Road from 1944.
NS052 Hanley - Grange Chord
Hanley Junction
Grange Junction NS050
NS053 Hanley Goods
Hanley Station Junction NS051
Hanley (1st) Goods
NS054 Newfields Branch
0m60c Newfields Colliery or Wharf
0m00c Newfields Junction NS051
NS055 Grange Junction - Grange Wharf
0m00c Grange Junction NS050
1m20c Grange Wharf
NS056 Longport Junction - Tunstall
0m00c Longport Junction NS050
  Pinnox Junction
1m08c Tunstall Junction NS051
NS060 Stoke, Silverdale & Market Drayton Branch
0m00c Newcastle Junction NS050
0m46c Hartshill &Basford Halt
1m25c Newcastle
  Newcastle (Brampton) Halt
1m43c Brampton Siding
1m59c Liverpool Road Halt
1m62c end of line after 1967
2m08c Apedale Junction NS061
  Knutton Halt
2m44c Knutton Forge Junction NS062
2m64c Ketley's Sidings (1)
3m19c Crown Street Halt
3m27c end of line after 1991
  Silverdale (1st) NS063
3m53c Silverdale (2nd)
4m56c Keele
5m00c Keele Junction NS064
5m20c Honeywall Junction NS065
6m25c Keele Park
7m36c Madeley Chord Junction NS068
7m56c Madeley Road
8m14c end of line after 1966
10m38c Pipe Gate
13m05c Norton-in-Hales
16m19c Silverdale Junction GW811
(1) aka Gordon's Siding

1937 mileages calculated by reference to box-box mileages in 1937 Appendix.

1890 OS map shows a 1 mile post from Silverdale shortly before Keele.
NS061 Apedale Branch
0m00c Apedale Junction NS060
  Knutton Gate Junction
  Apedale Colliery
NS062 Pool Dam Branch
1m29c Pool Dam
0m00c Knutton Forge Junction NS060
NS063 Silverdale East - Audley
Silverdale East Junction NS060
Leycett Junction NS064
Formation appears on 1877 OS maps without any track. By 1900 is shown as dismantled railway. Cobb doesn't show it - was it ever opened? 380488 347076.
NS064 Audley Branch
datum Newcastle Junction
5m00c Keele Junction NS060
  Honeywall Curve Junction NS065
  Leycett Junction NS063
  Hayes Wood
  Audley (1)
9m05c Diglake Junction NS066
  Jamage Junction NS067
  Bunker Hill
  Alsager Road (2)
  Alsager Yard
12m16c Alsager East Junction NS090
(1) Audley & Bignall End from 1923.
(2) Talk & Alsager Road uuntil 1889. 1890 OS map shows mileposts from Honeywell Junction (not Honeywell Curve Junction)
NS065 Honeywall Junction - Honeywall Curve Junction
Honeywall Junction NS060
Honeywall Curve Junction NS064
Closed 1881 when Keele Junction - Honeywall Curve Junction opened.
NS066 Diglake - Bignall Hill
Bignall Hill Colliery
Diglake Junction NS064
2 furlongs 5 chains long
NS067 Jamage Branch
Jamage Colliery
Jamage Junction NS064
NS068 Madeley Chord Line
0m25c Madeley Chord Junction NS060
0m00c Madeley Junction NW200
NS080 Longport Junction - Macclesfield Hibel Road LNWR
16m40c mile post NS050
16m20c deviation point south NS081
16m20c Chatterley (new) Junction NS082
16m16c Bradwell Sidings
  Chatterley Junction
  Chatterley (1)
13m70c deviation point north NS081
13m68c Harecastle Junction NS090
13m60c Harecastle (2)
  Kidsgrove Junction NS085
  Kidsgrove Liverpool Road Junction NS051
  Mow Cop Sidings
11m30c Mow Cop & Scholar Green
11m30c Mow Cop LC
  Ackers LC
  Astbury Sidings
8m12c Congleton
  Congleton Upper Junction NS040
4m69c North Rode Junction NS020
  North Rode
  Macclesfield Moss
0m25c Macclesfield Central (3)
  Macclesfield Junction NS100
0m00c Hibel Road NW748
(1) Tunstall until 1873.
(2) Kidsgrove Central from 1944, Kidsgrove from 1964.
(3) Macclesfield from 1960.

CMD2: Longport Junction - deviation point south
CMD3: deviation point south - deviation point north
CMD1: deviation point north - Macclesfield Hibel Road
NS081 Harecastle Deviation
16m20c deviation point south NS080
  gap in mileage 15m65c-16m00c
13m70c deviation point north NS080
CMD2 deviation point south - 15m65c
CMD1 16m00c - deviation point north
NS082 Chesterton Devation
Chatterley (new) Junction NS080
Chesterton Junction NS083 NS084
BR 1964
NS083 Chesterton Branch
Chatterley Junction NS080
Chesterton Junction NS082 NS084
Chesterton (Hem Heath)
TLK: Chatterley Junction - Chesterton Junction
CHB: Chesterton Junction - Chesterton
NS084 Talke Branch
datum Chatterley Junction
  Chesterton Junction NS082 NS083
0m58c   High Carr Tilieries
  Red Street Junction
2m32c Talk o' th' Hill
NS085 Summit - Kidsgrove Junction
Kidsgrove Junction NS051 NS080
Included in 1937 Appendix, 1m704 yards from Kidsgrove Junction to Summit SB. Unable to locate on OS maps.
Macclesfield (NS-LNW) Goods Branch
Macclesfield Goods
Tunnel End Junction NW748
NS090 Crewe Branch
0m00c Harecastle Junction (1) NS080
0m05c Harecastle (1)
  Lawton Junction NS091
1m35c Coopers LC
  Alsager East Junction NS064
2m33c Alsager
2m33c Alsager LC
3m01c Home Farm LC
4m03c Radway Green
4m07c Radway Green LC
4m26c Lower Level Crossing Lower Radway Green LC
4m67c Barthomley Junction
4m77c Barthomley LC
7m52c North Stafford Junction NW205
  North Stafford Sidings
8m25c Crewe South Junction NW200
(1) Kidsgrove from 1944.
NS091 Lawton Junction - Sandbach [LNWR]
0m00c Lawton Junction NS090
0m23c Lawton Yard
0m46c Lawton
3m15c Hassall Green
4m04c Malkin's Bank 'B'
4m29c Malkin's Bank 'A'
4m76c Sandbach (Wheelock) (1)
5m58c Ettiley Heath Goods
6m12c Elton Crossing
6m40c Sandbach Junction NW740
(1) Wheelock & Sandback from 1923
Macclesfield - Marple Wharf Junction MR
0m00c Macclesfield Junction NS080
  Macclesfield Goods Junction NS101
  Poynton (1)
  High Level Junction NW
  Middlewood (2)
  High Lane
9m78c post 1970 end of line
10m04c Rose Hill & Marple
11m02c Marple Wharf Junction GC410
(1) Higher Poynton from 1930.
(2) Middlewood Higher from 1951.

1881 OS map shows mileposts from Macclesfield.
Macclesfield (NS-GC) Goods Branch
Macclesfield Goods
Macclesfield Goods Junction NS100
Middlewood Curve
See London North Western Railway NW786 for detail.
Middlewood Curve Up Flyover
See London North Western Railway NW787 for detail.


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