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Industrial & Private Lines: Staffordshire

Signal Fact 49

Delayed by WW1, the South Eastern & Chatham Joint Committee resignalled Victoria using three position semaphores driven from a power signal box.

The 200 slide (levers) box replaced two earlier mechanical signal boxes.

This page should be regarded as “Work in Progress”. The webmaster will welcome additional information for this page.

County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR


MoD Airforce Department, 16 Maintenance Unit, Coton
Off GN250
Connection to GN250 SJ 932 254
Main site SJ 931 244; Loco shed SJ 932 248. 1939-1975. Part of GN250 remained in use until 1975.

North West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority, Meaford
Off NS001
Sidings on down side of NS001
SJ 889 369. 'A' and 'B' power stations 1947- 1983.

Taylor Tunnicliff (Electrical Industries) & Co Ltd, Stone
Off NS001
Porcelain and Refractory makers. Sidings off down side SJ 894 347. 1920-1965.

Florence Coal & Iron Co Ltd, Longton
Off NS001
Junction with NS001 (north of Trentham station)
crosses Stafford Coal & Iron Co line
Florence colliery
(2m630yards long)
Florence Colliery and Mineral Railway SJ 915 418; Blurton Waste Farm SJ 886 421; Blurton Tilery SH 892 424; Trentham Junction SJ 884 418.

Stafford Coal & Iron Co Ltd, Sideway, Fenton
Off NS001
Stafford Ironworks SJ 883 433; Pendar Pit / Kemball Pit SJ 886 435; Sutherland Pit / Bourne Pit SJ 882 433; Brickworks SJ 886 434; Hem Heath Colliery SJ 885 415.

Michelin Tyre Co Ltd, Boothen
Michelin Factory
Campbell Road Crossing (1)
Sideway Junction NS001
(1) Signal box provided
SJ 871 435. 1926-1962.
See Railway Bylines, November 2011.

Admiralty Machinery Depot, Stoke-on-Trent
Off NS001
H M Factory, California Works, Whieldon Road (SJ 882 444) down side of NS001.
Previously part of Kerr, Stewart & Co Ltd's locomotive works (closed 1930) and then Brookfield Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd. Vacated 1959.

National Coal Board, Trentham
Off NS001
Hem Heath Colliery SJ 884 423. 1951-1990 when merged with Florence Colliery to form Trentham Colliery.

British Gypsum Ltd
Off NS010
Tutbury Plaster Works & Mill SK 214 294. Line finally closed 1983.

MoD Airforce Department, 21 Maintenance Unit, Fauld
Off NS010
Connection to NS010 SK 202 298
Loco shed SK 202 298; Airfield SK 204 323; Magazine and end of line SK 183 285. 1937-1970. Narrow gauge as well.

Scropton Tramway and Fauld Mines
Off NS010
Fauld Mines SK 181 284; Fauld Mines (Statons) SK 183 278; Manor Siding SK 191 301; Scropton Crossing SK 192 301. Also narrow gauge (3'0" and 2'0") systems.

MoD Army Department, Sudbury Camp
Off NS010
Connection on down side at Sudbury SK 159 308
Loco shed SK 145 308. WWII-1964
Connection at Dovefields SK 148 311
BR SB at Dovefields survived until 1967.

Fenton Collieries Ltd
Off NS010
Fenton Colliery SJ 895 444 (aka Glebe Colliery). Trailing connection and short spur from NS010 on up side.

MoS, Royal Ordnance Factory, Bramshall
Off NS010
Connection to NS010 SK 054 330
Connection to GN250 SK 059 324
SK 055 326; Loco shed SK 047 329; Wickham Railcar shed SK 049330. WWII-1968. Location is Bramshall but railway junction is Bromshall.

Foxfield Colliery Ltd, Dilhorne
Off NS010
  trailing connection just north of Blythe Bridge NS010
3m32c present end of line
2m61c Cash Green Junction
2m55c Forsbrook Road LC
2m13c Creswell Ford LC
1m67c Hegarty's / Blakeley Bank Wood LC
0m00c Foxfield Colliery SJ 977 477
Also branch to Richmoor Hill Wharf (closed c1919).
Foxfield Colliery SJ 977 477; Bank Top Wharf SJ 968 466; Cash Heath Wharf SJ 956 420; Blythe Bridge Exchange Sidings SJ 952 417; Dilhorne Colliery SJ 983 441; Adderley Wharf SJ 990 437.

Now Foxfield Light Railway Society Ltd.

Lane End Works Ltd, Lane End
Off NS010
Foley Crossing
Longton Hall Works
Lane End Colliery SJ 900 435; Lane End Ironworks SJ 902 437; Foley Ash Colliery SJ 903 437; Swindle Hill Colliery SJ 902 443; Oldfield Colliery and Brickworks SJ 899 441; Calcroft Colliery SJ 905 443; Stone Road Colliery SJ 915 248.
Earlier plateway closed 1891 from Whieldon Wharf (T&M Canal) SJ 882 448 five miles long to near Longton station where it divided to go along Market Street and along Edensor Road for 2 furlongs 7 chains; not connected to main line railways.
Lane End Works
(under NSR)
trailing connection off down side of NS010
Glebe Colliery

Longton Hall Co Ltd
Off NS010
Facing connection off down Stoke line just south of Longton at Foley Crossing
Longton Hall Collieries Ironworks SJ 898 434; Longton Hall Colliery and Brickworks SJ 904 432; Swingle Hill Colliery SJ 902 433; Oldfield Colliery and Brickworks SJ 899 441. Only Oldfield remained after 1897.

New Haden Colliery
Off NS013
SJ 994 423. Trailing connection to NSR at Tean, originally Totsmanslow. Also brickworks from 1933. Closed 1960s.

Cheadle Collieries Ltd
Off NS013
Draycott Colliery, Draycott Cross SJ 989 412.

Chatterley-Whitfield Collieries Ltd
Off NS015
Botteslow Wharf SJ 894 469; Ubberley Group of Collieries, Bucknall SJ905 467.
Botteslaw Junction
Chell Junction (for Whitfield Colliery)
Running powers 1894-c1924 over NSR Botteslow to Chatterley Whitfield.
Part of Botteslw yard leased to NSR (agreement 6 January 1920) to ease congestion in Hanley goods yard.

Mossfield Colliery Ltd
Off NS015
NS015-NS016 ceased to be a through route in 1895 when the NSR took over the lines from Longton, Adderley Green & Bucknall Railway. Claimed as due to insufficient capacity for through traffic plus local traffic on offer but it shortened the route to Derby for through traffic and lowered the rates. This forced traffic via longer routes so the NSR could charge more!

Bentilee Colliery SJ 926 459; Mossfield Colliery SJ 915 449; Park Hall Colliery SJ 925 434; Adderley Green Colliery SJ 922 444; Fenton Wharf (Sandford Hill) SJ 908 443; Bridgewood Sidings SJ 913 434; Meir Hay Wharf SJ 919 434; Central Colliery, Bucknall SJ 911 464.

Staffordshire County Lunatic Asylum, Cheddleton
Off NS020
Leek Brook Exchange Platform

Thomas Bolton & Sons Ltd
Off NS020
SK 053 446. Oakamoor Copper Works, Oakamoor. Rail connection by 1856. BICC from 1961. Closed 1963

Hepworth Minerals & Chemicals Ltd
Off NS020
Was British Industrial Sand and previously Moneystone Sand SK 047 451. Oakamoor Sidings north of Oakamoor Tunnel 1960-1988.

Thomas Bolton & Sons Ltd
Off NS020
SK 053 472. Froghall. Rail connection from Bolton's Siding, siding agreement May 1890. BICC from 1961. Closed 1968.

Berry Hill Collieries
Off NS040
SJ 894 459. Previously William Taylor Copeland (until c1861), W E Bowes until 1880, Henry Warrington & Son until c1918, John Slater Ltd until 8 May 1922. Collieries and iron works with connection to NSR 1 mile 218 yards from Stoke Junction on the up side. Includes Holly Bush Pit SJ899 460 abandoned 1891; Folly Pit SJ 895 458 abandoned 1896; No.1 SJ 893459; No.4 SJ 892460; Railway SJ 892 462 ceased 1931; Rose Hill SJ 892 460; Ash & Knowles SJ 897 457; Top Pits SJ 902461; Brickworks SJ 895456; Ironworks SJ 891 459; Victoria Road Wharf SJ 889 463.

Whitfield Colliery and Mineral Railway
Off NS040
Whitfield, Chell on up side between Ford Green and Black Bull. Includes Albert pits (Laura) SJ 887 532; main colliery site SJ 884532; Outclough SH 883 534 (-1875); Rawbones SJ 884 528 (1868-1879); Old Whitfield SJ 889 525 (1868-1876); Rigeway SJ 891 538; Pinnox Sidings SJ 867 510; Greenhead Wharf SJ 868501; Pinnox Junction SJ 863 504; Brownhills Wharf SJ 860 508.
Private railway 2m55c long opened 1878 in westerly direction to Tunstall where it connected with NS051, includes 404 yard tunnel at Chell. NSR connection later transferred to Pinnox Junction (Whitfield - Pinnox railway).
Ran their own workmen's trains.
Junction with Whitfield - Pinnox Railway (Pinnox Sidings)
(crossed over above by bridge)
Brownhills Wharf Branch

Norton & Biddulph Collieries Ltd
Off NS040
Black Bull
Brownlees Colliery
(over NSR line)
Norton Colliery, Ford Green SJ 894 508; Ford Green Ironworks SJ 892 508; Nettlebank Wharf SJ 883 502; Intake Colliery SJ 891 520; Pinfold Colliery SJ 888 513; Biddulph Valley Ironworks SJ 879 553; Victoria Colliery, Balck Bull SJ 879 555; Brown Lees Colliery SJ 877 551; Turnhurst Colliery SH 866 527; Brunswick Wharf SJ 865 634; Bradley Green Colliery SJ 878 573; Bradley Green Wharf SJ 881 577; Newchapel Colliery SJ 863 548; Brindley Ford Slag Tip SJ 882 545; Childerplay Colliery SJ 881 550; Stone Trough Colliery SJ 866 564; Towerhill Colliery SJ 868 568; Brownhills Colliery SJ 860 508; Bradley Green Colliery SJ 877 574; Falls Colliery SJ 877 578; Packmoor Coal Wharf SJ 866 545; Holden Lane Wharf SJ 898 498.

Workmen's trains run over NSR lines between Black Bull and Congleton Town well into LMSR days.
Newchapel Branch
Packmoor Wharf Branch (and on to Turnhurst)
Norton Colliery
Holden Lane

Tunstall Coal & Iron Co Ltd, Chell
Off NS040
Served off Turnhurst Colliery (industrial) branch. Chell Colliery (1st shaft) SJ 873 534; Chell Colliery (2nd shaft); Oxford Colliery SJ 869 536. Chell Colliery aka Beswick's.

Turnhurst Colliery Co, Turnhurst, Chell
Off NS040
Turnhurst Colliery SJ 866 536; Rising Lark Colliery SJ 863 536; Packmoor Coal Wharf SJ 866 545.

Wedgwood Colliery Company
Off NS040
Wedgwood Colliery, Chell SJ 871 538; Lane Ends Colliery, Park Moor SJ 871 544; Brindley Ford Colliery SJ 878 548. West of NS040

Josiah Hardman Ltd
Off NS043
Milton. Chemical Works SJ 899 500; Aluminium Works SJ 899 498.
Up side of NSR Leek branch

Harrison & Son (Hanley) Ltd
Off NS043
Victoria Mill, Stanley SJ 925 524. Connected to NS043 south of Endon c1884-1961.

British Gas Light Co Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent
Off NS050
Stoke Gas Works. New works SJ 868 466; old works SJ 871 471. Sidings off Etruria Goods Yard just south of Etruria station. Closed 1973.

George Woolliscroft & Son Ltd, Etruria
Off NS050
Tile works off up side of main line adjacent to gas works. SJ 868 469. Closed 1955.

Staffordshire Chemicals Ltd
Off NS050
Bradwell Wood. Down side SJ 852 504; up side (new Acid Company) SJ 853 504

National Coal Board, Wolstanton
Off NS050
Wolstanton Colliery SJ 860 480. By Grange Junction, 1962-1985.

Birchenwood Gas & Coke Co Ltd
Off NS051
Main ironworks, later coke ovens SJ 849 543; No.18 pit SJ 848 543; No.6 pit SJ 846543; No.4 pit SJ 839 541; Kidswood pit SJ 838 542; Nelson pit SJ 839 536; Bathpool pit SJ 838 536; brick works SJ 853 543; Dragon incline SJ 837546; Canal wharf SJ 838 545; Valentine pit SJ 842 543.

Tarmac (Kidsgrove) Ltd, Bathpool
Off NS051
Bathpool SJ 840 537; Childerplay SJ 882 551; Norton SJ 894 503. Access is via other industrial lines.

British Steel Plc
Off NS051
Etruria Steelworks SJ 867 477; Deep pit, Hanley SJ 885 483; Racecourse Colliery SJ 873 480; Rowhurst Colliery SJ 878 474; Grange Colliery SJ 869 488; Shelton Furnances (Cobridge Road) SJ 875 476; Old loco shed SJ 881 478; New loco shed SJ 875 478; Loco shed post 1980 SJ 864 475.

Coking Co Ltd
Off NS051
Shelton Iron and Steelworks, Etruria

Sneyd Collieries Ltd
Off NS051
Sneyd Colliery, Sneyd Green SJ 878 498; Sneyd Brickworks SJ 875 495; Exchange Sidings SJ 876 495; Landsale Wharf SJ 879 501.

National Coal Board, Goldenhill
On NS051
Park Farm Disposal Point SJ 861 541. 1971-1976. Bunker was on site of Potteries Loop line.

Chatterley Iron Co Ltd
Off NS056

Pinnox (aka Scotia) Colliery SJ 866 508; High Lane Colliery SJ 876 517; Chalkey Colliery, Tunstall SJ 868 517. Spur to landsale wharf at Brownhills in Tunstall SJ 860 507. Connected to NSR at Pinnox Junction.

Pinnox Colliery
Chell branch junction
Chalkley Colliery
Chell branch junction
Chell (High Lane) Colliery

Knutton Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Knutton
Off NS060
On down side Silverdale side of Knutton Forge Junction. Forge SJ 836 466; Pool Dam Wharf SJ 846 458. Apedale Ironworks locos had running powers over NSR between Apedale and Knutton Forge.

J H Ketley & Co, Knutton
Off NS060
North side of line (Ketley's Sidings). New Grove Colliery SJ 826 472; Old Grove Colliery SJ 828 471; Oak Colliery SJ 827 467; Mill Bank Colliery SJ 832 463; Knutton Tileries SJ 827 467 (roughly on site of Oak Colliery).

Shelton Iron, Steel & Coal Co Ltd
Off NS060
Kents Lane Colliery, Silverdale. Silverdale Ironworks SJ 810 471; Silverdale Tileries SJ 805 463; Kents Lane Colliery Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17 SJ 813 468; Grubbers Hill Colliery SH 812 475; Sherriff Pit No.6 SH 805 472; Crackley Pit No.4 SJ 802 472; Nabbs Pit Nos.1, 2 SJ 807 473; Haying Pit SJ 806 467, Hollywood Pits Nos.12, 13 SJ 803 464; Silverdale Coke Ovens SJ 809 472; Rampin Pit SJ 806 466.

Holditch Mines Ltd
Off NS061
Holditch Colliery, Chesterton SJ 836 482. Previously Brymbo Steel Co until 1930.
Connection just north of Knutton Road LC, north of Knutton Gate Junction; worked by NSR-LMSR until c1930.

Apedale Slag & Tar Macadam Co Ltd
Off NS061
Apedale Iron Works (SJ 823 488) 1919-1930. Private siding agreement 6 July 1920.

Midland Coal, Coke & Iron Co Ltd, Chesterton; and Halmerend
Off NS061
Grove Junction to Old Grove, New Grove, Gorsty Bank and Whitebarn, closed 1896
Apedale Group: Apedale Ironworks Loco Shed SJ 823 484; Apedale Ironworks SJ 823 483; Burley Pit, Apedale SJ 820 494; Forge Pit, Chesterton SJ 828 495; Footrails Colliery, Apedale SJ 823 479; Glasshouse Footrail (abandoned 1922) SJ 826 506; Gorsty Bank Colliery, Knutton (abandoned by 1894) SJ 822 472; Gresley's Canal Cross Heath Basin SJ 846 467, New Grove Colliery, Knutton SJ 823 472; Newcastle-under-Lyme Junction Canal Stubbs Walks SJ 853 458; Old Grove Colliery, Knutton SJ 828471; Sladderhill Pit, APedale SJ 821 495; Whitebarn Colliery, Knutton SJ 827 475; Wood Pit, Apedale (abandoned 1917) SJ 815 498; Watermills Colliery, Apedale SJ 815 498; Apedale Junction SJ 841 468; Whitebarn Junction SJ 829 477; Grove Junction SJ 823 467; Pool Dam Wharf SJ 845 458; Marsh Street Wharf SK 851 454.

Halmerend Group: Hayeswood Colliery, Alsagers Bank SJ 795 482; Minnie Pit, Halmerend SJ 792 489; Podmorehall Colliery, Alsagers Bank SJ 798 485; Sandpit Footrail SJ 812 498; Hayeswood Junction SJ 792 486; Podmore Junction SJ 795 490.

Running powers over NSR from Apedale to Newcastle, Knutton Forge, Pool Dam and Silverdale.
Apedale to Halmerend (main line) built 1890s, closed 1930s?
Apedale Works
Knutton Forge Works
'Paddy' service ("The Nigger") for workmen Halmerend NSR station to Newcastle via this line and NS061.

Rigby & Co Ltd
Off NS064
Bunkers Hill Colliery, Talke SJ 823 538; Diglake Colliery aka Audley Colliery, Bignall End SJ 812 509; Bignall Hill Colliery SJ 815 508; Merelake Junction (with NSR SB) SJ 812 535; Townfield Lock SJ 819 553.

Bignall Hall Colliery Co Ltd
Off NS066 & NS067
Jamage Colliery SJ 822 517; Jamage Main Colliery SJ 826 518; Rookery Colliery SJ 817 518

Thomas Peake (Tileries) Ltd, Chatterley, Tunstall
Off NS080
Bradwell Sidings NS080

Chatterley Ironworks
Off NS080
Chatterley SJ 849 509.

Goldendale Developments Ltd, Chatterley
Off NS080
Goldendale Ironworks SJ 851 515. Connected by trailing spur to up line at Chatterley Junction. Running powers over BR to Chatterley Sidings.
Also coal workings at Ashwood on opposite side of NSR and connected to NSR.

Tarbitumac Ltd
Off NS080
Goldendale Works, Chatterley SJ 851 512. Slag reduction works by Goldendale Ironworks.

Harecastle Collieries Ltd
Off NS080
Maryhill Colliery, Kidsgrove SJ 843 553. Trailing connection to NS080 just north of Liverpool Road Junction.

Harecastle & Woodshutts Colliery & Coke Co
Off NS080
Trubshaw Sidings (off NS080 by Kidsgrove (Loop Line) Junction)
Harecastle Colliery SJ 838 554)
Harecastle Colliery aka Moss Pits SJ 838 554 (closed 1897); Hollins Wood Colliery SJ 833 537; Woodshutts Colliery SJ 832 544 (closed 1897); Slappenfield Colliery SJ 832 546 (closed by 1894); Moss Colliery SJ 838 544 (closed 1894); Lawton Colliery aka Dalkhurst Colliery SJ 825 549; Butt Lane Colliery SJ 829 546; Trubshaw Colliery SJ 857 552.

National Coal Board
Off NS
Chatterley Coal Stock Site SJ 848 514. Sidings and loco shed built c1955 and never used, abandoned by 1960. Down side of main line, part of site used for Harecastle diversion.

Chesterton Coal & Iron Co Ltd
Off NS083
Chesterton (Hem Heath) NSR boundary NS083
Chesterton Colliery and Ironworks SJ 827 495
Also Glasshouse Colliery SJ 826 506.
Running powers over NSR to reach New Hem Heath Colliery SJ 835 499.

Parkhouse Collieries Ltd, Chesterton
Off NS083
Back shunt from NS083
SJ 839 501

Midland Tar Distillers Ltd
Off NS083
Chesterton Chemical Works SJ 837 498. Alongside NS083 between Parkhouse Colliery siding and Chesterton Goods Yard.

Robert Heath & Sons Ltd
Off NS084
Connection to Talke Branch
passed behind Chatterley Ironworks in a large loop
crossed NSR by over bridge
Ravensdale Forge
Ravensdale Forge, Chatterley: New Forge SJ 851 511; Old Forge SJ 852 514; Talke Branch Junction SJ 849 510. Closed c1896. Loco shed behind Chatterley SB.
Later Forge at Cliff Vale SJ 871 464 connected to NSR. Closed 1896.

Talk O'Th'Hill Colliery Co Ltd, Talke Pits
Off NS084
Red Street Junction NS084
Jamage Branch
NS084 was part of this, the first 1m55c from Chatterley Junction being leased by the NSR in 1864. NSR bought the remainder of the line in 1904.

Talk O'Th'Hill Colliery SJ 822 527; Talk O'Th'Hill Coke Ovens SJ 823 525; Talk O'Th'Hill Furnaces SJ 821 526; Mitchells Wood Colliery SJ 834 513; High Carr Tileries/Colliery SJ 839 511; Chatterley Junction SJ 850 513; Talke Junction SJ 848 510; Red Street Junction SJ 831 518.

Red Street - Jamage 1870-1879.

Ran 'Paddy' trains for workmen from Talk O'Th'Hill Colliery to Bradwell Wood Sidings via Chatterley.
Trailing connection with NS084 about 100 yards from Red Street Junction
Mitchells Wood Colliery
(about 600 yards long)

Cannock Chase Military Railway
Off NW180
West Cannock No.5 Colliery SK 008 141 (aka "Tackeroo")
Rugeley Camp SJ 995 162
Central Stores Depot No.4 SK 000 165. 1914-1920. Also branches.
Milford & Brocton Station SJ 973 212
Brocton Camp SJ 972 195
Rugeley Camp SJ 995 162

British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co Ltd
Off NW180
Silkmore, Stafford SJ 933 218. Spur off TV line at Queensville, siding agreement 31 December 1927. Traffic ceased 1983.

GEC Alsthom Ltd
Off NW180
Main Works, Stafford SJ 932 221. Previously Seimens (to 1918), English Electric (to 1968). Up side of TV line at Queensville.

MoS, Royal Filling Factory No.5, Swynnerton
Off NW200
Connection at Badnall Wharf SJ 845 322
Factory SJ 852 327; Cold Meece Station SJ 854 327. Freight via Badnall Wharf, passengers via NS005.

Madeley Collieries Ltd, Leycett
Off NW200
Trailing connection with sidings on up side south of Madeley station, 3.5 miles long, to Madeley Heath and Leycett.
Harrison and Woodburn Pits SJ 792 474; Bagup and Fair Lady Pits SJ 798 468; Independent Pit (ironstone) SJ 795 478; Madeley Heath Colliery, Ironworks and Brickworks SJ 786 457; Ridgehill Brickworks SJ 788 453; engine shed at Madeley SJ 775 438.
Until c1867 most trains worked by LNWR. Additional connection to NS064 came later.

Hall O'Lee Colliery Co
Hall O'Lee Colliery SJ 842 565
(passes under NSR)
Wharf on Macclesfield Canal SJ 836 573
Narrow gauge.

Littleton Colliery, Huntington

Article: Railway Bylines 2017 December.

Kynoch & Co; later ICI, Witton.
Kynoch Siding, Witton.
Article Railway Bylines 2014 January.

Amerton Railway
Amerton Railway, Staffordshire Narrow Gauge Railway Society. Built 1990 et seq.
Article: Railway Magazine 2016 March.

Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd
Bilston Steel Works

Article: Railway Bylines 2017 December.

Earl of Dudley, Brierly Hill.
Round Oak Steel Works

Article: Railway Bylines 2017 December.


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