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RailRef Line Codes IC

Isle of Wight Central Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
IC001 Smallbrook Junction - Cowes
datum Ryde Pier Head
2m10c Smallbrook Junction IW010
3m71c Ashey
5m35c Haven Street (1)
6m76c Wootton
  Newport Junction IC002
  Newport FY&N Junction IF001
  Cement Mills Halt
  Medina Wharf Junction IC004
  Mill Hill
14m23c Cowes
(1) Havenstreet from 1958

IWR: Smallbrook Junction - 9m74c
IWC: 9m74c - Cowes

Mileposts originally measured from Ryde St Johns Road. Changed by Southern Railway in 1920s.

Smallbrook Junction - Haven Street now IoW Steam Railway.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 June.
IC002 Ventnor Town - Newport
0m00c Ventnor Town (1)
  St Lawrence (2)
  Merstone Junction IC003
  Merstone Junction station (3)
  Blackwater (4)
  Pan Mill
10m54c Newport Junction IC001
(1) Ventnor West from 1923
(2) Ventnor St Lawrence until 1900
(3) Merstone until 1911
(4) Blackwater I.O.W. from 1923

Note in Southern Way, issue 15, mentions that this line was "down" to Ventnor until about 1928.
IC003 Sandown - Merstone
5m23c Sandown Junction IW010
0m00c Merstone Junction IC002
Note in Southern Way, issue 15, mentions that this line was "down" to Merstone until about 1928.
IC004 Medina Wharf Branch
Medina Wharf Junction IC001
Medina Wharf