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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes I

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Signal Fact 21

In the Sykes’ Lock & Block system, there were usually three vertical iron rods linking each instrument on the block shelf with the lever frame below.

These were referred to as rods S, Y and X in the manufacturer’s literature, spelling the company trade mark “SYX”.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
IAO yes Island Road Loop FN045
IBB   Inkerman Brickworks CA326
ICI yes Callerton ICI Branch NE731
ICS yes Ilford Car Sheds GE007
IGD yes Ince Moss Junction - Red Rock Goods NW570
IGE yes Inverkeithing North Curve NB581
IGL   Ingliston Branch CA499
IGN   Invergordon Harbour Branch HR026
IHB   Irvine Harbour Branch GS136
IKT   Ilkeston Town Branch MR719
ILF yes Ilfracombe Branch SW151
ILK yes Ilkley Branch MR900
IMB   Muirtown Branch HR022
IMD yes Macduff Branch GO005
IMG yes Ince Moss Goods Lines NW681
IMS yes Imminham Storage Company GC154
INC   Ilkeston North Curve MR720
ING   Ingliston Branch NB134
INL yes Ingleton Branch NW897
INN yes Ingleton Branch MR911
INS yes Inverness Harbour Branch HR007
INW yes Immingham Dock North West Entrance GC157
IOW yes Ryde Pier Head - Shanklin IC010
IPD yes Ipswich Dock
IRE yes Irvine Depot Branch GS092
IRM   Old Meldrum Branch GO004
IRR   Ipswich Ranleigh Road Depot GE244
ISC yes Isabella Colliery Branch NE702
ISL   Certain lines near St Pancras
ITB   Imperial Tube Works Branch CA345
ITW   Rosehall Junction - Cairnhill Junction CA341
IUP yes Ipswich Upper Yard GE246
IVB   Inchture Village Branch CA541
IWB   Bembridge Branch IW011
IWC   Cowes Branch IC001
IWF   Freshwater Branch IF001
IWM   Merstone to Sandown Branch IC003
IWR   Newport to Smallbrook Junction Branch IC001
IWS   Shanklin to Ventnor Branch IC010
IWV yes Newport - Ventnor West IC002


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