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RailRef Line Codes LO

Liverpool Overhead Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
LO001 Dingle - Seaforth Sands
7m07c Dingle
  Herculaneum Junction LO002
  Herculaneum Dock (2nd)
  Toxteth Dock
  Brunswick Dock
  Wapping Dock
  Custom House (1)
  James Street
  Pier Head
  Princes Dock
  Clarence Dock
  Nelson Dock
  Sandon Dock
  Huskisson Dock
  Canada Dock
  Brocklebank Dock
  Langton Dock
  Alexandra Dock
  Gladstone Dock
  Seaforth Junction LO003
  Seaforth Sands Junction LO004
  Seaforth Sands (2nd)
0m00c LYR-LOR boundary LY194
(1) Canning from 1947
LO002 Herculaneum Car Shed
Herculaneum Car Shed (1)
Herculaneum Junction LO001
(1) Herculaneum Dock (1st) until 1896
LO003 Seaforth Car Shed
Seaforth Junction LO001
Seaforth Car Shed
Closed 1926
LO004 Seaforth Sands Old Station
Seaforth Sands Junction LO001
Seaforth Sands (1st) (1)
(1) Seaforth Car Shed from 1926
LO010 Seaforth & Crosby Tramway
Seaforth Sands
Seaforth Junction LO011
Church Road
Claremont Road
South Road
St John's Road
Marldon Avenue
Endbutt Lane
Moor Lane
Crosby Victoria Road
LO011 Seaforth Tram Depot
Seaforth Tram Depot
Seaforth Junction LO010