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Continued from LNER North Eastern Area

Notice & Year Extent of Cover Included and Implementation Date RailRef(s)
1948 Church Fenton North Signal Box.
Sunday 7 November.
O.3905 1951 York New Signalling, closure of Chaloners Whin, Clifton, Leeman Road, Locomotive Yard, Platform, South Points and Waterworks SBs.
Issued February.
1954 Grangetown New Signal Box.
Sunday 30 May.
20B 1955 Newcastle No.1 Signal Box.
Sunday 15 May.
12B 1956 Newcastle No.1 Signal Box.
Sunday 25 March.
38A 1957 Newcastle No.3 Signal Box.
Sunday 22 September.
2A 1958 Bowesfield, Thornaby East and Newport East Signal Boxes.
Sunday 12 January.
20A 1958 Greetland No.2, Elland and Brighouse Station Signal Boxes.
Sunday 18 May.
48A 1958 Huddersfield Signal Box.
Sunday 30 November.
15A 1959 Newcastle. New Newcastle SB. Closure of Manors, Newcastle No.1, Newcastle No.2, Newcastle No.3 SBs.
Sunday 12 April.
15A 1960 Tweedmouth South - Crag Mill (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 1).
Sunday 10 April.
40A 1960 Pelaw Signal Box.
Sunday 2 October.
NE370 NE610 NE640
10A 1961 Stamford Crossing - Belford (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 2A).
Sunday 12 March.
27A 1961 Huddersfield Signal Box Extensions.
Sunday 9 July.
36A 1961 Alnmouth - Christon Bank.
Sunday 10 September.
49A 1961 Marshall Meadows - Tweedmouth (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 2C), new Tweedmouth SB, closure of Berwick, Marshall Meadows, Tweedmouth North, Tweedmouth South SBs.
Sunday 10 December.
8A 1962 Belford - Crag Mill (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 2E).
Sunday 25 February.
15A 1962 Healey Mills New Marshalling Yard, Stage 1.
Sunday 14 April.
22A 1962 Killingworth Station - Morpeth (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 3), closure of Cramlington SB, Dam Dykes, Plessey SBs reduced to GBs.
Sunday 3 June.
27A 1962 Tees Yard Stage 1; Middlesbrough West - Tees.
Sunday 12 August.
38A 1962 Introduction of colour light signalling at Hessle Road Signal Box.
Sunday 23 September to Sunday 7 October.
49A 1962 Gateshead new Signal Box.
Sunday 9 December.
50A 1962 Morpeth - Chevington (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage 4A).
Sunday 16 December.
16A 1963 Tyne Signal Box, new Tyne Yard PSB, closure of Birtley North, Birtley Station, Chester-le-Street, Chester Moor, Kimblesworth, Lamesley, Low Fell, Low Fell Sidings, Ouston, Plawsworth SBs.
Sunday 21 April.
19A 1963 Tees Signal Box.
Sunday 12 May.
24A 1963 Healey Mills Signal Box.
Sunday 16 June.
2A 1964 Chevington - Alnmouth (Heaton - Burnmouth Stage).
Sunday 12 January.
5A 1964 Manors - Heaton South; Manors - South Gosforth.
Sunday 2 February.
9A 1964 Benton Signal Box.
Sunday 1 March.
36A 1964 Heaton Signal Box.
Sunday 5 September.
4A 1966 Parkgate - Ferryhill No.3.
Sunday 23 January.
6A 1966 Newcastle - Scotswood.
Sunday 6 February.
1A 1967 Knottingley Area.
Sunday 8 January.