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Hull & Barnsley Railway

Signal Fact 66

London Transport's Victoria Line was commissioned in 1958-1959.

Trains were controlled by pulsed codes in the track circuits and driven automatically.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
HB001 Stairfoot Junction GCR - Wrangbrook Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
55m73c Stairfoot East Junction GC270
55m57c New Oaks Colliery Junction HB002
55m49c Stairfoot North SB
53m33c Carlton Main Junction HB003
53m33c Carlton Main Colliery Sidings SB
52m72c Cudworth Depôt South SB
52m70c Cudworth Yard South Junction HB004 HB005
  Cudworth Depôt GF "A"
  Cudworth Yard North Junction HB006
52m27c Cudworth Depôt North SB
51m50c Hiendley SB
51m29c Monkton Empty Sidings Junction HB006c
51m22c Hiendley Main SB
50m50c Brierley Junction LY390
  Hemsworth & South Kirkby station
48m34c Hemsworth & South Kirkby SB
  Hemsworth Sidings SB
47m39c Hemsworth East Junction HB007
  Upton & North Elmsall station
46m01c Upton SB
  Wrangbrook West Junction BR 1960 junction HB007c
44m64c Wrangbrook Junction HB010
HB002 New Oaks Colliery Branch
55m57c New Oaks Colliery Junction HB001
56m00c New Oaks Colliery
HB003 Monk Bretton Junction MR - Carlton Main Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
54m00c Monk Bretton Junction MR842
53m33c Carlton Main Junction HB001
HB004 Cudworth South Junction MR - Cudworth South Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
54m21c Cudworth Station South Junction MR840
52m70c Cudworth Yard South Junction HB001
HB005 Carlton Exchange Sidings MR - Cudworth South Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
53m20c Cudworth North Junction MR840
52m70c Cudworth Yard South Junction HB001
HB006 Cudworth Yard North - Monckton Main Colliery
datum near Cudworth South Junction
Cudworth Yard North Junction HB001
Monckton Main Colliery
0m00c - 0m76c
HB006c Monkton Main Colliery Empties Branch
1m03c Monkton Main Colliery
0m00c Monkton Emptying Sidings Junction HB001
LNER 1947, closed c1961 according to Cobb. Phil Deaves says opened 1 June 1958..
HB007 Hemsworth Loop
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
48m12c Hemsworth South Junction (1) WR001
47m39c Hemsworth East Junction HB001
(1) Signal Box diagram gives mileage as 49m09c and names it as Hemsworth G N Ry Junction.
HB007c BR 1960 Spur
Wrangbrook West Junction HB001
Wrangbrook South Junction HB011
HB010 Wrangbrook Junction - Aire Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
44m64c Wrangbrook Junction HB001 HB011
  Wrangbrook North Junction HB015
44m60c Wrangbrook Junction SB
43m06c Barnsdale SB
accommodation LC
41m61c Kirk Smeaton & SB
39m22c Doncaster Road SB LC
38m09c Balne Moor SB LC
36m62c Heck SB
35m13c Gowdall Junction HB017
34m41c Aire Junction HB020 HB030

HBR3: Wrangbrook Junction - Gowdall Junction
DRA1: Cowdall Junction - Aire Junction
HB011 Wath (H&B) - Wrangbrook Junction
8m47c Wath
  Wath Station Junction HB012
8m30c Wath SB
  Hickleton Colliery Junction
6m04c Hickleton Main SB
5m51c Hickleton & Thurnscoe SB
  Hickleton & Thurnscoe station
  Moorhouse Station Junction HB014
2m50c Moorhouse & South Elmshall SB
  Moorhouse & South Elmsall station
  Moorhouse Junction WR007
0m20c Wrangbrook West SB
  Wrangbrook South Junction BR 1960 Junction HB007c
0m00c Wrangbrook Junction HB001 HB001
HB012 Manvers Main Colliery - Wath Junction
datum Wath Junction
0m00c Wath Station Junction HB011
0m36c Manvers Main Colliery
Allocation of MAC is uncertain. Quoted as 0m18c - 0m57c. For a period a connection existed from Wath GCR and ran over part of this line. MAC could equally belong to the connection from Wath North (MR) that crossed over this line by bridge to reach Manvers Main.
HB013 Hickleton Colliery Junction - DVR Hickleton Colliery Spur
HB014 Frickley Colliery Branch
0m43c Frickley Colliery
0m00c Moorhouse Station Junction HB011
1960 and 1972 Appendices show down from Frickley to Moorhouse.
HB015 Lowfield Junction GCR - Wrangbrook (North) Junction
datum Wrangbrook North Junction
11m39c Lowfield Junction GC270
  Denaby station
  Denaby SB
  Sprotborough station & SB
  Pickburn SB
  Pickburn & Brodsworth station
  Pickburn Junction HB016
  Wrangbrook South LC
0m21c Wrangbrook South SB LC
0m00c Wrangbrook North Junction HB010
HB016 Pickburn Junction - Brodsworth Main Colliery
0m00c Pickburn Junction HB015
0m59c Brodsworth Main Colliery
HB017 Hensall Junction LYR - Gowdall Junction
datum Hull Alexandra Dock
35m53c (0m00c) Hensall Junction LY360
35m13c (0m40c) Gowdall Junction HB010
Mileages in brackets are those applicable from 1974 when the curve was reused to access Drax Power Station.
Braithwell Junction - Aire Junction
21m31c Braithwell Junction HB023 GC233
 Warmsworth Junction HB024
 Sprotborough South Junction GC252
 Sprotborough North Junction GC252
 Doncaster South Junction HB025
 Doncaster North Junction HB026
 Bullcroft (south) Junction HB027
 Bullcroft (north) Junction
 Thorpe Marsh CEGB
00m00c Aire Junction HB010 HB030
HB021 Bramley & Maltby Goods Branch
Bramley & Maltby (Hellaby) Goods
Bramley & Maltby Junction (1) HB023
(1) aka Hellaby Junction
Thurcroft Colliery Branch
  Thurcroft Sidings Junction HB023
6m15c Thurcroft Colliery
Laughton West Junction - Braithwell Junction
datum Brancliffe East Junction
4m24c GC/MR - GC/HB/MR boundary GC230
4m29c Laughton West Junction SY003
5m38c Thurcroft Sidings Junction HB022
7m66c Bramley & Maltby Junction (1) HB021
8m48c Braithwell (Northern) Junction HB020

(1) aka Hellaby Junction

THC: Laughton West Junction - Thurcroft Sidings Junction
RML1: Thurcroft Sidings Junction - Braithwell Junction
Yorkshire Main Colliery Branch
16m39c Warmsworth Junction HB020
  Yorkshire Main Colliery
Doncaster Curve
Doncaster South Junction HB020
Doncaster East Junction HB025
Doncaster Goods Branch
0m00c Doncaster North Junction HB020
  Doncaster East Junction HB025
0m57c Doncaster York Road Goods
Bentley Colliery Branch
0m00c Bullcroft (south) Junction HB020
0m46c Bentley Colliery Exchange Sidings
HB028 Bullcroft Colliery - Bullcroft Junction
datum Bullcroft Junction
0m00c Bullcroft (south) Junction HB020
1m65c Bullcroft Colliery
Connection to GN/GC joint at Skellow Junction is by transfer siding parallel with GN/GC line, not justifying a RailRef.
HB030 Aire Junction - Alexandra Dock, Hull
34m41c (1m12c) Aire Junction HB010 HB020
34m07c (1m52c) West Bank Hall SB LC
33m25c (2m28c) Jacky Duffin Wood LC
33m07c (2m46c) Linwith Lane LC
32m58c Carlton SB
  Carlton station (1)
31m79c (3m54c) Wood Road LC
31m53c (4m00c)Power station Junction HB030c
31m16c Drax LC
31m03c Drax SB
30m22c Drax Abbey SB
29m48c Ouse Bridge SB
28m69c Barmby SB
  Barnby station
27m69c Asselby SB
25m74c Howden West SB
25m52c Howden East SB
  Howden station (2)
22m51c Eastrington West SB LC
  North Eastrington station
22m34c Eastrington East SB LC
20m60c Ings Wood SB LC
  Sandholme station
20m08c Sandholme SB
  Newport station (3)
18m76c Newport SB
16m26c North Cave SB
  North Cave station
14m67c South Cave SB
  South Cave station
13m25c Weedly Block SB
12m40c Drewton Tunnel SB
10m45c Little Weighton SB
  Little Weighton station
9m30c Skidby SB
7m65c Kirk Ella Cutting SB
  Kirk Ella occupation LC
7m13c Willerby & Kirk Ella SB LC
  Willerby & Kirk Ella station
  Springhead Halt
  Locomotive Junction HB031
4m20c Springbank North Junction HB033
  Springbank Road Junction HB036
3m13c Ella Street SB
3m09c Ella Street Junction HB037
  Beverley Road
2m39c Beverley Road Junction HB038
2m18c Sculcoates Goods Junction HB039
  Sculcoates Gas Junction HB039c
1m62c Hull Bridge SB
1m37c Burleigh Street North Junction HB039f
  Wilmington Viaduct Junction HB039i
1m00c Burleigh Street SB
  Burleigh Street Goods Junction HB041
0m41c Bridges Junction
  Alexandra Dock Junction HB042
  Alexandra Dock LC
  Alexandra Dock station
0m00c Alexandra Dock

(1) Carlton Towers from 1922
(2) South Howden from 1922
(3) Newport Yorks from 1921 then Wallingfen from 1923

DRA1: Aire Junction - Power Station Junction, new mileages in brackets.
HBR2: Power Station Junction - Springbank North Junction
ADH1: Springbank North Junction - Bridges Junction
HBR1: Bridges Junction - Alexandra Dock

1947 Appendix seems to list line as down from Alexandra Dock to Aire Junction to Cudworth and Stairfoot, but this appendix is unreliable in this resepct. 1960 Appendix lists Springbank North to West as 'down'.
HB030c Drax Curve
 Junction HB030
4m40c Junction NE029
BR 1974, part of Drax Power Station branch
HB031 Locomotive Junction - Springbank North Junction
1m02c Locomotive Junction HB030
  Springhead Sidings
0m19c Springbank West Junction (1) HB032
  Springbank North Junction HB030 HB033
1m02c - 0m00c
(1) signal box diagram for box gives 4m62c from Alexandra Dock.

SPY1: Springhead Goods Loop, Locomotive Junction - Springbank West
HB032 Springbank West Junction - Neptune Street Goods
2m44c Springbank West Junction HB031
2m24c Springbank South Junction HB033
2m21c Springbank South Junction SB
1m26c BR 1951 Junction HB035
  Neptune Street "B" GF
  Neptune Street "A" GF
  Neptune Street Subway SB
0m00c Neptune Street Goods

SPY2: Springbank West Junction - Springbank East Junction
ADH2: BR 1951 Junction - Springbank South Junction, remiled from 0m00c at Hessle Road Junction to 0m78c at Springbank South Junction.
HB033 Springbank South Junction - Springbank North Junction
4m59c Springbank South Junction HB032
4m37c Springbank North Junction HB030
HB034 Dairycoates Depot - Dairycoates Branch Junction
0m59c Springbank South Junction HB033
0m00c Dairycoates Goods
HB035 Hessle Road Junction 1951 Connection
0m00c Hessle Road Junction NE050
  Hessle Road Junction HB032
BR 1951 connection
HB036 Springbank Road Junction - Walton Street Junction
1m55c Springbank Road Junction HB030
1m27c Walton Street Junction NE070
HB037 Radiator Works Branch
datum Alexandra Dock
4m02c National Radiator Works
3m09c Ella Street Junction HB030
Connections also from Cottingham Junction to the works.
HB038 Beverley Road Junction - Cannon Street
0m00c Beverley Road Junction HB030
  Beverley Road station
  Cannon Street SB
1m04c Cannon Street
HB039 Sculcoates Junction - Sculcoates (H&B) Goods
0m00c Sculcoates Goods Junction HB030
0m25c Sculcoates H&B Goods
0m00c - 1m31c ????
SSG: Goods Branch is only 25 chains long.
SPS: OS maps show a link from the Goods Yard to a power station in the vee between HB030 and HB038. This parallel to HB030 and BR Residual still have an item along the line of route.
HB039c Gasworks Branchdatum
0m00c Sculcoates Gas Junction HB030
0m20c British Gaslight Company Works
Shown on 1914 RCH junction map.
HB039f Wilmington Curve
1m37c Burleigh Street North Junction HB030
1m63c Wilmington New Junction NE074
BR 1969 - 1976
HB039i British Extracting Works Branch
Stoneferry Works
Wilmington Viaduct Junction HB030
The 1911 map shows the formation but no track and states 'old railway'. 1893 map shows track in place but not connected at the NER end. The section may well have been built to make a link but then not used until the Extraction Works was built some time between the 1911 and 1938 editions of the OS maps.
HB040 connection with works lines - Burleigh Street Junction
1m47c - 1m22c
HB041 Burleigh Street Goods Junction - Burleigh Street Goods
0m00c Burleigh Street Goods Junction HB030
0m22c Burleigh Street Goods
HB042 Alexandra Dock Junction - King George Dock
Alexandra Dock Junction HB030
Graving Dock
Holderness Drain South
King George Dock Junction
King George Dock
KGV: Alexandra Dock Junction - King George Dock Junction
KGD: King George Dock Junction - King George Dock
HB043 Saltend Branch
datum Hessle Road Junction
  King George Dock Junction
  junction to timber yards (Steel Terminal)
7m70c Kingston Terminal Junction
8m56c Saltend


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