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RailRef Line Codes GX

Great Southern & Western Railway

Signal Fact 75

In 1858 the London & North Western Railway introduced a system of working single lines in which coloured flags were used as the train staff.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
GX001 Dublin Alexandra Road to Islandbridge Junction
6m79c end of line
4m52c Church Road Junction GX003 GX004 GD004
4m18c North Strand Junction GX005
3m24c Drumcondra GX006
2m59c Glasnevin Junction
2m38c Drumcondra Junction
0m20c Dublin Kingsbridge (1)
0m00c Islandbridge Junction GX010

(1) now Dublin Heuston
GX002 Alexandra Quay Branch
4m53c Church Road Junction
6m41c end of tramway
GX003 North Quay Branch
5m11c end of line
4m52c Church Road Junction GX001
GX004 Church Road connection to MGW
datum Liffey Junction
2m34c West Road Junction MI001
2m45c Church Road Junction GX001
GX005 North Street connection to GNR
0m00c Dublin Amiens Street (1) DS001 MI002
  Ossary Road Junction GD003
0m44c North Strand Junction GX001

(1) now Dublin Connolly
GX006 Connection to MGWR
Drumcondra Junction GX001
Glasnevin Junction MI001
GX010 Dublin Kingsbridge (1) to Portarlington
0m00c Dublin Kingsbridge (1)
0m53c Islandbridge Junction GX001
1m43c Inchicore Works Platform
  Inchicore New Junction GX012
3m09c Cherry Orchard
4m34c Clondalkin
6m63c Lucan South
10m00c Hazelhatch & Celbridge
13m10c Straffan
17m71c Sallins (2)
  Sallins Junction GX013
20m33c Caragh
25m34c Newbridge (Droichead Nua)
27m40c Curragh Mainline
27m52c Curragh Junction GX014
30m04c Kildare
32m36c Cherryville Junction GX020
36m47c Monasterevan
41m50c Portarlington
41m58c Portarlington Junction GX030 GX040

(1) now Dublin Heuston
(2) now Sallins & Naas
GX011 Inchicore Works Lines
GX012 DART Underground
East Wall Junction GD001
Dublin Pearse Low Level
St Stephens Green
Dublin Heuston Low Level
Inchicore New Junction GX010

Scheme in advanced planning stage with intent to open 2015 or 2016
GX013 Sallins to Tullow
datum Sallins
  Sallins Junction GX010
1m54 Boreen Lusk (Old Town) LC
  Grange Con
28m13c Waterstown LC
29m02c Rathvilly Station LC
32m70c Rathylon LC
GX014 Curragh Racecourse Branch
0m00c Curragh Junction GX010
0m38c Curragh Racecourse Platform
GX020 Cherryville Junction to Kilkenny
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
32m36c Cherryville Junction GX010
36m46c Kildangan
40m70c Kilberry
44m65c Athy
44m74c Athy Junction GX021
  Athy South Junction GX022
51m00c Mageney
55m68c Carlow
60m09c Milford
66m01c Bagenalstown (1)
66m04c Bagenalstown Junction GX024
74m17c Gowran
77m73c Lavistown North Junction GX025
78m46c Lavistown West Junction
80m64c Kilkenny (2)
80m73c end of line

(1) now Muine Bheag
(2) now Kilkenny McDonagh
GX021 Wolfhill Colliery Branch
datum Athy Station
0m09c Athy Junction GX020
Athy West Junction GX022
0m37c Tegral Asbestos Factory (present end of line)
  Modulbeagh Colliery Junction GX023
  Gracehill Colliery
GX022 Athy South Curve
Athy West Junction GX021
Athy South Junction GX020
GX023 Modulbeagh Colliery Branch
Modulbeagh Colliery Junction GX021
Modulbeagh Colliery
GX024 Bagenalstown to Palace East Junction
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
66m04c Bagenalstown Junction GX020
  Palace East Junction DS040
GX025 CIE Lavistown Loop
0m00c Lavistown North Junction GX020
0m42c Lavistown South Junction GX041
GX030 Portarlington to Tullamore Old Station
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
41m58c Portarlington Junction GX010 GX040
43m12c Power Station Junction GX031
50m24c Geashill
57m13c Tullamore (2nd) GX032
  Tullamore (1st)
GX031 Portarlington Electricity Works Branch
Power Station Junction GX030
Portarlington Works
GX032 Tullamore to Athlone East Junction
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
57m13c Tullamore (2nd) GX030
57m71c Tullamore (3rd)
64m38c Streamstown Junction MI021
64m41c Clara Exchange Platform
64m64c Clara
65m75c Clara & Banagher Junction GX033
68m16c Ballycumber (1)
73m52c Ballinahoun (2)
80m37c Athlone
80m59c Athlone East Junction MI020

(1) originally Prospect
(2) originally Doon
GX033 Clara to Banagher
0m00c Clara & Banagher Junction GX032
10m16c Ferbane
  Belmont & Cloghan
GX040 Portarlington to Limerick Junction
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
41m58c Portarlington Junction GX010 GX030
50m72c Maryborough (1)
  Maryborough Junction (1)GX041
59m32c Mountrath & Castletown
66m40c Ballybrophy Junction GX050
66m47c Ballybrophy (2)
72m33c Lisduff
78m60c Templemore
86m35c Thurles
87m50c Thurles Junction GX045
94m78c Goold's Cross
95m07c Goold's Cross Junction (3) GX046
99m31c Dundrum
106m28c Kyle Junction GX065
106m56c flat crossing
106m74c Limerick Junction GX066
107m09c Limerick South Junction GX090

(1) now Portlaoise
(2) originally Borris & Roscrea, later Boscrea & Parsonstown Junction
(3) originally Goold's Cross & Cashel
GX041 Maryborough (1) to Waterford Newrath
datum Maryborough (1) Station
  Maryborough Junction (1) GX040
0m51c Conniberry Junction GX043
  Castlecomer Junction GX044
28m22c (present end of line)
28m31c Kilkenny
30m49c Lavistown West Junction
31m09c Lavistown South Junction GX025
32m65c Dunbell
34m25c Bennett's Bridge
36m72c Newhouse
39m03c Thomastown
40m10c Jerpoint Hill
43m23c Ballyhale
51m47c Mullinawat
54m51c Kilmacow
56m60c Dunkitt
57m32c Dunkitt Junction (2) GX060
  Newrath Junction
  Newrath Commons
58m37c Suir Bridge Junction GX060 FR021
58m75c Waterford Newrath (Old Station) (now freight depot ?)

(1) now Portlaoise
(2) aka Newrath Junction
GX042 new connection at Lavistown
78m46c Lavistown West Junction GX041
77m33c Lavistown North Junction GX020 GX025
GX043 Conniberry Junction to Mountmellick
0m00c Conniberry Junction GX041
GX044 Castlecomer Junction to Deerpark Colliery
0m00c Castlecomer Junction GX041
  Deerpark Colliery
GX045 Thurles Junction to Clonmel Junction
0m00c Thurles Junction GX040
  Horse & Jockey
  Laffan's Bridge & Killenaule
  Powerstown Park
  Clonmel Junction GX060
GX046 Goold's Cross to Cashel
datum Goold's Cross
Goold's Cross Junction GX040
GX050 Ballybrophy to Killonan Junction
0m00c Ballybrophy Junction GX040
10m05c Roscrea GX051
20m01c Cloughjordan
29m33c Nenagh
35m19c Silvermines Junction GX052
36m02c Shallee
42m15c Birdhill Junction GX053
42m36c Birdhill
47m06c Castleconnell
48m60c Lisnagry
50m46c Annacotty Halt
52m45c Killonan Junction GX060
GX051 Roscrea to Birr
0m00c Roscrea GX050
  Brosna Halt
  Parsontown Junction PP001
  Birr (1)

(1) originally Parsontown
GX052 Silvermines branch
0m00c Silvermines Junction GX050
1m14c Silvermines
GX053 Birdhill to Killaloe
datum Birdhill
Birdhill Junction GX050
Killaloe (1st)
Killaloe (2nd)
Killaloe Pier
GX060 Limerick to Waterford North
0m00c Limerick (2nd) (1) GX070
0m25c Limerick (1st)
  Markets Branch Junction GX062
0m51c Limerick Check GX072
0m70c Ennis Junction GX140
4m16c Killonan
4m21c Killonan Junction GX050
7m70c Boher
11m46c Dromkeen
13m76c Pallas
18m35c Oola
21m33c Milltown Junction GX065
21m54c Keane's Points GX066
21m65c flat crossing GX040
24m63c Tipperary
29m46c Bansha
38m26c Cahir
49m19c Clonmel
49m30c Clonmel Junction GX045
55m27c Kilsheelan
63m06c Carrick-on-Suir
67m28c Fiddown & Portlaw
70m03c Grange
75m44c Dunkitt Junction (2) GX041
76m50c Suir Bridge Junction GX041 FR021
77m20c Waterford North (3)
77m46c GW&S / Joint line boundary FR012

(1) now Limerick Colbert
(2) aka Newrath Junction
(3) now Waterford Plunkett
GX061 Limerick Bell Terminal Branch
GX062 Limerick Markets Branch
0m00c Markets Branch Junction GX060
  Markets area
GX063 Limerick Works Lines
GX065 CIE Limerick Junction North Curve
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
106m28c Kyle Junction GX040
106m70c Milltown Junction GX060
GX066 Keane's Points to Limerick Junction station
21m54c Keane's Points GX060
22m09c Limerick Junction GX040
GX070 Limerick to Newcastle West via Cork Direct Curve
0m00c Limerick (1) GX060
  Limerick Goods Junction GX071
1m00c Foynes Junction GX072
1m78c Cement Factory Junction GX073
6m39c Fort Etna Road
7m26c Patrickswell
  Patrickswell Junction GX092
9m62c Kilgobbin Halt
11m06c Adare
17m26c Ballingrane
17m27c Ballingrane Junction (2) GX074
19m07c Rathkeale
24m42c Ardagh
27m30c Newcastle West GX080

(1) now Limerick Colbert
(2> originally Rathkeale
GX071 Limerick Goods Branch
Limerick Goods
Limerick Goods Junction GX070
GX072 Limerick Check to Foynes Junction
datum Limerick
0m51c Limerick Check GX060
1m00c Foynes Junction GX070
GX073 Cement Factory Junction to Castlemungret
datum Limerick via Cork Direct Curve
1m78c Cement Factory Junction GX070
4m30c end of line
GX074 Ballingrane Junction to Foynes
datum Limerick via Check (reverse)
17m27c Ballingrane Junction GX072
20m71c Askeaton
26m58c Foynes
  Foynes Pier
GX080 Newcastle West to Tralee
0m00c Newcastle West GX060
6m27c Barnagh
10m67c Devon Road
14m24c Abbeyfeale
18m24c Kilmorna
23m47c Listowel
30m07c Lixnaw
34m67c Abbeydorney
38m27c Ardfert
41m42c divergence point of Fenit line
42m68c Fenit Line Junction GX081
43m01c Tralee (L&K) GX082
GX081 Tralee to Fenit Pier
datum Tralee (L&K)
0m12c Fenit Line Junction GX080
6m20c Kilfenora
8m00c Fenit
8m53c Fenit Pier
GX082 Tralee Link Line
0m00c Tralee (L&K) GX080
0m18c Tralee (T&K) (1) GX110

(1) now Tralee Casement
GX090 Limerick Junction to Cork
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
107m09c Limerick South Junction GX040
113m39c Emly
117m05c Knockalong
124m09c Kilmallock
127m64c Charleville North Junction GX091
128m12c Charleville South Junction GX092
129m17c Charleville (1)
137m16c Buttevant & Doneraile
  Mallow Junction GX093
144m37c Mallow
145m16c Killarney Junction GX100
148m18c Mourne Abbey
154m24c Rathduff
159m28c Blarney
161m31c Rathpeacon Staff Platform
  Cork Victoria (Blackpool)
Glanmire Road West Junction GX095
165m20c Cork Glanmire Road (2nd) (2) GX120

(1) aka Rathluirc
(2) now Cork Kent
GX091 Charleville North Loop
127m64c Charleville North Junction GX090
  Charleville West Junction GX092
GX092 Charleville Junction to Patrickswell Junction
datum Charleville Junction
Charleville South Junction GX090
Charleville West Junction GX091
Patrickswell Junction GX071
GX093 Mallow to Fermoy
datum Mallow
Mallow Junction GX090
Castletownroche & Killavullen
Fermoy Junction GX094
Fermoy FR020
GX094 Fermoy to Mitchelstown
datum Fermoy
Fermoy Junction GX093
GX095 Cork Glanmire Road (1st) Station
Glanmire Road West Junction GX090
Glanmire Road (1st)
GX100 Mallow Killarney Junction to Killarney
0m00c Killarney Junction GX090
5m40c Lombardstown
10m58c Banteer (1)
  Banteer Junction GX101
14m58c Rathcoole
18m78c Millstreet
25m36c Rathmore
28m05c Freemount
32m47c Headford Junction station
32m52c Headford Junction GX102
39m50c Tralee Junction GX110
39m64c Killarney

(1) originally Kanturk
GX101 Banteer to Newmarket
datum Banteer (1)
Banteer Junction GX100

(1) originally Kanturk
GX102 Headford Junction to Kenmare
datum Headford Junction station
0m05c Headford Junction GX100
  Loo Bridge
  Morleys Bridge
GX110 Killarney to Tralee
datum Killarney Junction
39m45c end of line
39m50c Tralee Junction GX100
39m55c Killarney Check
40m40c Fitzgerald Platform
46m52c Ballybrack
50m41c Farranfore Junction GX111
50m45c Farranfore
  Gortatlea Junction GX112
54m26c Gortatlea
61m27c Tralee (T&K) (1) GX082

(1) now Tralee Casement
GX111 Farranfore to Valentia Harbour
datum Farranfore station
0m04c Farranfore Junction GX110
  Caragh Lake
  Mountain Stage
  Valentia Harbour
GX112 Gortatlea to Castleisland
datum Gortatlea station
Gortatlea Junction GX110
GX120 Cork to Cobh
datum Dublin Kingsbridge (Heuston)
165m20c Cork Glanmire Road (1) GX090
165m58c Water Street Junction (2) GX121
166m37c Tivoli
168m02c Dunkettle
169m60c Little Island
171m04c Glounthaune (3)
171m17c Cobh Junction GX123
172m31c Fota
174m25c Carrigaloe
175m57c Rushbrooke (4)
  Queenstown (1st)
176m59c Queenstown (2nd) (5)

(1) now Cork Kent
(2) aka Tivoli Junction
(3) originally Queenstown Junction, later Cobh Junction
(4) originally Monkstown Ferry
(5) now Cobh
GX121 Glanmire Branch
0m00c Cork Glanmire
0m38c Grattan Hill Junction
  Water Street Junction (1) GX120

(1) aka Tivoli Junction
GX122 Summerhill Branch
0m00c Cork Summerhill
  Water Street Junction (1) GX120

(1) aka Tivoli Junction
GX123 Cobh Junction to Youghal
0m00c Cobh Junction GX120
2m60c Carrigtwohill
6m16c Midleton
11m38c Mogeely
14m15c Killeagh
20m63c Youghal
GX130 Gratton Hill Junction GSW towards Cork Glanmire Road Station
GX131 Cork Glanmire Road GSW to Albert Quay CB&SC
0m15c Cork Glanmire Road
0m00c Junction with GSWR
0m22c St Patrick's Quay Junction
0m30c Anderson's Quay Junction
0m35c Lapp's Quay Junction
0m57c Albert Quay Junction ZS001
GX132 St Patrick's Quay Branch
GX133 Anderson's Quay Branch
GX134 Lapp's Quay Branch
GX140 Limerick Ennis Junction to Athenry Ennis Junction
datum Limerick
0m70c Ennis Junction GX060
3m68c Ardnacrusha Branch Junction GX141
3m73c Longpavement
9m59c Cratloe
12m70c Sixmilebridge
16m46c Ballycar & Newmarket
19m58c Ardsollus & Quin
22m70c Clarecastle
24m51c Ennis
32m36c Crusheen
36m56c Tubber
42m16c Gort
48m69c Ardrahan
55m06c Craughwell & Loughrea
60m30c Ennis Junction MI020
GX141 Ardnacrusha Branch
Ardnacrusha Branch Junction GX140
Arnacrusha Power Station
GX142 Athenry Tuam Junction to Claremorris South Junction
datum Limerick
60m54c Tuam Junction MI020
69m77c Ballyglunin (1)
76m08c Tuam GX143

(1) originally Brook Lodge
GX143 Tuam to Claremorris South Junction
0m00c Tuam GX142
4m36c Castlegrove
8m51c Milltown
12m45c Ballindine
16m52c Claremorris South station
16m68c Claremorris South Junction MI040 MI041
GX144 Claremorris North Junction to Collooney Junction
datum Claremorris station
0m16c Claremorris North Junction MI040
9m31c Kiltimagh
16m79c Swinford
24m10c Swinford
24m10c Charlestown
27m36c Curry
30m62c Tubbercurry
35m67c Carrowmore
41m14c Leyny
45m70c Collooney
45m75c Collooney GSWR Junction GX145
46m14c Collooney Junction MI030
GX145 Collooney 'Southern Siding'
0m00c Collooney GSWR Junction GX144
  Collooney SLNCR Junction LN001


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