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Industrial & Private Lines: Northamptonshire

Signal Fact 37

Colour light signals were introduced for the first time in 1904 with the opening of the Great Northern & City Railway.

Although automated, they were lit by oil and had 'moving spectacles'.

This page should be regarded as “Work in Progress”. The webmaster will welcome additional information for this page.

County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR


Park Gate Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Charwelton
Off GC020
Connection from Charwelton Goods Yard GC020
Charwelton Ironstone Quarries SP 526 568. 1917-1961.

War Department
Off GC020
Connection west side of of GC020
Barby Depot SP 518 705. 1943-1955. Northern perimeter now marked by M45. H M Prison may well be on the site now.

Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd, Blisworth
Off MJ001
Connection off south side of MJ001 about 0.75 mile west of Blisworth
Blisworth Ironstone Quarries SP 713 536. 1942-1967.

Byfield Ironstone Co Ltd
Off MJ001
Connection off north side of MJ001 about half mile west of Byfield
Byfield Quarries SP 509 531. 1915-1965.

Towcester Mineral & Brick Co Ltd, Easton Neston
Both sides of MJ001
Easton Neston Ironstone Quarries & Brickworks SP 706 508. 1873-1882. Later connection to MJ002 1891-1901.

Morris Motors Ltd, Wellingborough
Off MR080
Connection off north side of MR080 about half mile south of Wellingborough
Nuffield Foundry (Ithlingborough Ironworks) SP 907 676. 1947-1981. Previously United Steel Companies Ltd and Thos Butlin c1869-1947. Also connected to NW150 at Butlin's Siding.

Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd, Irthlingborough
Off MR080
Connection from Wellingborough Sidings MR080
Finedon Ironstone Quarries connection 1941-1946, track in place until 1966. Also narrow gauge system to Irthlingborough (part underground).

Wellingborough Iron Co Ltd
Connection west side of MR080
Wellingborough Ironworks SP 903 694. 1883-1962.

Railcar Services Ltd, Finedon Road
Off MR080
Connection off west side of MR080
Wellingborough Works, Neilson Road, Finedon Road Industrial Estate SP 903 695. Previously Wagon Repairs Ltd. Closed 1983.

Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron & Coal Co Ltd, Finedon
Off MR080
Connection off east side of MR080
Finedon Park Ironstone Quarries SP 908 714

Glendon Iron Co Ltd, Finedon
Off MR080
On east side of MR080
Finedon Furnaces SP 895 724. 1866-1891

Islip Iron Co Ltd, Finedon
Off MR080
On east side of MR080 south of Finedon station
Finedon Siding Slag Works SP 896 725. 1925-c1960 site used by Francis T Wright Ltd as Finedon Railway Wagon Works.

Thos E Gray & Co Ltd, Burton Latimer
Off MR080
Exchange sidings on east side of MR080
Isebrook Quarry SP 887 752. 1925-1982, no connection to main line after c1947. Also narrow gauge internal.

Lloyds Ironstone Co Ltd
Off MR080
Quarries about half mile east of Burton Latimer station.
Isham Ironstone Quarry SP 890 755. 1900-1910, and again by This E Gray & Co Ltd from 1925.

Cunliffe's Kettering Brickworks Ltd, Kettering
Off MR080
Sidings on east side of MR080 opposite Kettering Ironworks.
Northfield Brickworks SP 862 798. Kettering Borough Council plant depot from 1929.

Kettering Iron & Coal Co Ltd, Kettering
Off MR080
Sidings on west side of MR080
Kettering Furnaces & Quarries SP 860 800. 1878-1959. Also narrow gauge to quarries

Glendon East Ironstone Quarries
Off MR080(?)
East of MR line, north of Glendon South Junction SP 856 824. Previously Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.

MoD Army Department, Yardley Chase
Off MR081
Off MR081 near Piddington station
Royal Ordnance Factory No.20 loco shed SP 833 558. 1942-1981.

Northampton Electric Light & Power Co Ltd
Off MR081
Hardingstone Junction Power Station SP 763 597. 1916-1976. Subsequently site used for Northampton Rail & Grain Terminal Ltd, Northampton Warehouse, Hardingstone Road, Far Cotton from 1978 to 1988.

Cranford Ironstone Quarries, Cranford St John
Off MR088
SP 917 768 and SP 934 770. Previously Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd. Closed 1969.

Plevins & Co, Twywell
Off MR088
Twywell Brickworks SP 952 776. Half mile south west of Twywell station. Previously Twywell Iron Ore Co Ltd 1866-1890.

Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Islip
Off MR088
Connection off north side of MR088
Islip Ironworks SP 969 782. 1867-1952. Previously Plevins & Co (to 1875) and Islip Iron Co Ltd (to 1932). Also narrow gauge to Islip Quarries.

Raunds Iron & Limestone Quarries Co Ltd, Raunds
Off MR088
Connection from Raunds station
Raunds Quarry TL 000 728. 1880-1882.

Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Loddington
Off MR089
Connection off end of MR089 at Loddington
Loddington Ironstone Quarries SP 811 770. 1893-1963. Previously Loddington Ironstone Co Ltd. Also narrow gauge lines converted to standard gauge 1958. Also White Hill Lodge Quarry branch from MR 1891-1897.

George Cohen, Sons & Co Ltd, Cransley
Off MR089
Cransley Ironworks site, sidings for scrap yard SP 850 775. 1962-1981. Previously Carnsley Iron Co Ltd and in use 1877-1957.

Storefield Ironstone Quarries
Off MR100
SP 863 831. Previously South Durham Steel & Iron Co Ltd. 1940-1971.

British Steel, Corby
Off MR100c
BR/BS boundary MR100c
Previously Cardigan Iron Ore Co (until 1885), then Lloyds Ironstone Co (until 1932), then Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd (until 1968). Loco sheds at SP 900 893 and 909 899.

James Pain Ltd, Corby
Off MR100
About quarter mile south east of Weldon & Corby station
Corby Brickworks SP 895 882 & Ironstone Pits SP 897 884. 1886-1912.

British Steel Corporation, Tubes Division
Off MR100
Corby Quarries. Gretton Brook loco shed SP 900 913; Pen Green workshops SP 897 902. Previously Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd.
Article: Railway Bylines June 2013.

Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Harringworth
Off MR100
Exchange sidings off east side of MR100 at Harringworth station
Harringworth Ironstone Quarries SP 913 967. 1923-1952. Previously Bloxham & Whiston Ironstone Co Ltd. From 1952 connected to Corby Quarries system as well.

Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Glendon
Off MR150
Connection off west side of MR150 at Glendon North Junction
Glenson North Ironstone Quarries SP 852 823. 1873-1957 with gaps. Previously James Pain Ltd.

British Gas Purifying Materials Co Ltd
Off MR150
Connection off MR150 west of Desborough & Rothwell station
Desborough Works SP 797 829; Desborough Ironstone Quarries SP 798 832. 1905-1969. Site previously Cochrane & Co and Desborough Co-op. Also narrow gauge internal.

Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, Desborough
Off MR150
Connection off MR150 north and north east of Desborough station
Desborough Ironstone Quarries SP 806 837. 1882-1966. Previously Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co Ltd, then Staveley Minerals Ltd.

Blisworth & Stowe Brick & Tile Co Ltd
Off NW110
Connection off NW110
Gayton Brickworks SP 714 549. 1903-1940.

Heyford Iron Co Ltd, Gayton
Off NW110
Connection off NW110 north of Blisworth
Gayton Wood Ironstone Quarries SP 710 540. 1855-1900.

Castle Dykes Iron Ore Co Ltd, Stowe
Off NW110
Lodge Plantation Ironstone Quarry SP 630 565. 1869-

Nine Churches Iron Ore Co, Stowe
Off NW110
Off NW110, about a mile south west of Stowe Hill tunnel
Stowe Ironstone Quarries SP 647 578. 1875-1877.

Henry Martin Ltd, Nether Heyford
Off NW110
Off west side of NW110
Nether Heyford Brickworks SP 652 578. Closed 1940 when site requisitioned for ammunition storage. Site previously Steel & Iron Co Ltd 1866-1892; then King & Smith 1890-1906; Blisworth & Stowe Siding Brick & Tile Co Ltd 1906-1920.

MoD Army Department, Weedon
Off NW110
Off west side of NW110 south of Weedon
Weedon Technical Stores Depot SP 632 594. Previously No.99 OSD Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 1912-1965. Narrow gauge internal as well.

Northampton Corporation Highways Department
Off NW121
West Bridge Depot SP 745 602. 1906-1970.

Byfield Ironstone Co Ltd, Pitsford
Off NW124
Pitsford Ironstone Sidings NW124
SP 738 661. 1923-1965.

Lamport Ironstone Quarries, Lamport
Off NW124
Lamport Ironstone Sidings NW124
Hanging Houghton SP 752 730; Scaldwell SP 767 722; Lamport SP 742 731. Previously Staveley Coal & Iron Co Ltd, Stewarts & Lloyds. 1942-1962.

Glendon Iron Co Ltd, Lamport
Off NW124
From Lamport Goods Yard NW124
Finedon Furnaces SP 895 724. 1866-1891

Exors of P Phipps, Hunsbury
Off NW150
Hunsbury Hill Iron Works SP 732 592. 1873-1921.

Duston Iron Ore Co Ltd, Duston
Off NW150
Duston Quarries SP 738 606. 1855-1908.

F Cohen, Cogenhoe
Off NW150
Cogenhoe Ironstone Mines SP 838 609. 1858-1888.

Whiston Ironstone Co Ltd, Castle Ashby
Off NW150
From Whiston Sidings NW150
Whiston Ironstone Quarries SP 846 606. 1914-1921.

Irchester Ironstone Quarries
Off NW150
Loco shed SP 905 661; Workshops SP 909 660. Previously Thos Butlin & Co Ltd.
See Railway Bylines, November 2011.

United Steel Companies Ltd, Wellingborough
Off NW150
Irthlingborough Iron Works SP 910 675.

British Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd, Irthlingborough
Off NW150
Connection off NW150
Irthlingborough Cement Works SP 938 699. 1895-1928. Also narrow gauge in quarries. Previously Dunmore Ltd.

Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd, Irthlingborough
Off NW150
Exchange sidings off NW150 1 mile south west of Irthlingborough
Irthlingborough Ironstone Mines SP 940 697. Closed 1965. Also narrow gauge in mines.

Hatton Shaw & Co (Irthlingborough) Ltd, Irthlingborough
Off NW150
Three Chimneys Tannery SP 946 697. 1890-1898. Branch subsequently used by Irthlingborough Brick & Tile Co Ltd until 1900. Site taken over by Hatton Shaw & Co 1913. Finally closed 1924.

Great Addington Ironstone Quarries
Off NW150
SP 959 747. 1884-1899.

Thomas Walters
Exchange sidings 0.25 mile north of Ringstead & Addington station
Addington Ironstone Quarries SP 972 753. by 1871-1885.

Northampton Gaslight Co
Off NW151
Northampton Gas Works SP 750 599. 1871-1969.

Nassington Barrowden Mining Co Ltd
Off NW160
About 1 mile west of Nassington station, north side of NW160
Nassington Ironstone Quarries TL 054 973. 1939-1970.

Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd, Wellingborough
Wellingborough Ironstone Quarries SP 905 695. 1883-1966. Metre gauge not connected to main line but passed beneath MR080 in tunnel north of Wellingborough station. Originally Rixon & Co. Pictures in Railway Bylines for March 2012.


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