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30 July 2020
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20 March 2011

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Croydon & Oxted Joint Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
South Croydon Junction - Crowhurst Junction South
datum London Bridge datum London Bridge via Forest Hill
11m29c South Croydon Junction LB040
11m51c Selsdon
11m59c Selsdon Road Junction WS001
12m23c Sanderstead
13m38c Riddlesdown
15m33c Upper Warlingham
17m15c Woldingham
  Oxted Lime Siding
20m25c Oxted
21m20c Hurst Green
21m35c Hurst Green Junction LB102
23m29c Crowhurst Junction North LB107
23m56c Crowhurst Junction South SE072
SCU1: South Croydon - Hurst Green Junction
HGG1: Hurst Green Junction - Crowhurst Junction.

OS maps prior to opening show line as LBSCR Surrey & Sussex Branch