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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes H

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Signal Fact 48

In 1916 the Great Central Railway installed a group of eight three position upper quadrant semaphores at Keadby.

Motor operated, they returned to danger automatically as trains passed.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
HAA   Hotwells and Avonmouth Line CE002
HAB   Hay Branch MR213
HAC yes Harworth Colliery Branch
HAD   Hadleigh Branch GE241
HAE   Hallside Branch CA230
HAF   Hayfield to Woodley Line GC411
HAG   Hamworthy Goods Branch SW113
HAH yes Haverton Hill Branch NE561
HAJ yes Hadfield - Ardwick Junction
BRB has Manchester - Woodhead
HAL yes Heathrow Airport Line  
HAM yes Hampton Court Branch SW015
HAN yes Hanwell Loop GW044
HAR yes Kings Lynn Harbour GE112
HAS yes Harrogate Goods Siding NE186
HAT   Harrington Branch CW014
HAU yes Habrough Junction - Ulceby South Junction GC161
HAV   Havannah Branch NW692
HAW   Hawes Branch MR930
HAY yes Harrogate - York NE201
HAZ   Hatherley Loop/Hatherley Curve GW377
HBB   High Barnet Branch GN020
HBD yes Hindley & Blackrod Branch LY144
HBE yes Belston & Holehouse Line GS053
HBH   Helensburgh Branch NB437
HBJ   Newton Curve GS067
HBL yes Hest Bank Junction - Bare Lane Junction NW894
HBN   Hamilton Branch NB355
HPB   Holt Ballast Pit
HBR yes Hull - Barnsley HB030
HBS yes Hull - Bridlington - Seamer NE070
HBW   Holyhead Breakwater NW507
HBZ   Hay and Brecon Junction Line GW834
HCD yes Holmes Chord, Rotherham MR827
HCG   Hallcraig Branch CA143
HCH   Hartington Colliery Branch MR781
HCL yes Honeybourne - Cheltenham Lansdown Junction GW699
HCM yes Silverdale Colliery - Madeley Junction
BRBR has Market Drayton - Madeley
HCN yes Hartford Curve NW533
HCQ   Hulton Sidings to Chequerbent NW664
HCS yes Heaton Carriage Sidings NE674
HDB yes Hertford Branch GN010
HDC yes Hereford Curve NW239
HDD   Hyndland Branch NB373
HDN yes Hoddlesden Branch LY102
HDR yes Hither Green Junction - Rochester Bridge Junction SE020
HDT yes Hackney Downs Junction - Cheshunt Junction GE030
HDY yes Hendy Loop GW596
HEA yes Hexham - Allendale NE435
HEB yes Hertford East Branch GE027
HED   Heathrow Express Depot GW011
HEF yes Gellyrhaidd Junction - Hendreforgan GW553
HEG yes Hartford East Goods Curve CL021
HEL yes Helston Branch GW356
HEM yes Hawthorn Colliery - Ryhope NE360
HEN yes Henly on Thames Branch GW081
HER yes Heanor Branch GN210
HEX yes Halesowen Extension Branch GW757
HFB   Higham Ferrers Branch MR086
HFD   Hendford Goods Branch GW236
HFL   Hall Farm East Junction to Lea Bridge Junction GE195
HGB yes Heanor Goods Branch MR724
HGC yes Hazel Grove Chord MR521
HGD   Hengoed Loop RR014
HGE yes Garsdale - Hawes MR931
HGG yes Hurst Green Junction - East Grinstead CO001
HGH   Haughhead Branch CA281
HGL yes Highland Main Line
HGP yes Hither Green & Grove Park Sidings  
HGS   Hereford Goods Lines SH001
HHB   Hereford Hay and Brecon Line. Now HYB.
HHB yes Haghill Branch NB188
HHH yes Holborn Viaduct - Herne Hill South Junction SE106
HHI   Hayling Island Branch LB095
HHJ yes Hooton - Helsby Junction BJ004
HHL   Harthill Branch CA069
HHM   Hemel Hempstead Branch MR072
HHO yes Halifax - Holmefield GN373
HHT yes Herne Hill South Junction - Tulse Hill Junction SE110
HHW yes Hatton, North - West GW734
HIB yes Hitchin - Bedford MR075
HIG   High Street Branch GS215
HIL yes Hillhouse Branch GS085
HIM yes High Marnham Branch GC110
HIN   Kentish Town - Highgate Road MR005
HIS yes Highdyke - Stainby Branch GN131
HIW yes Highworth Branch
HIY   Hull Inward Yard
HJB yes Doncaster Avoiding Line GC197
HJL yes Haydock Junction Line NW647
HJM yes Hepscott Junction - Morpeth Junction NE717
HJS yes Hessle Road Junction - Saltend NE081
HJW yes Hounslow Junction - Whitton Junction SW042
HKB yes Heatheryknowe Branch NB352
HLB yes Holwell Branch, near Melton Mowbray MR106
HLC   Bridgehouses Harvest Lane Coal Drops
HLD yes Hartlepool Docks NE576
hleHLE   Harburn Limeworks Branch CA051
HLF yes Hall Lane - Foxlow Curve< MR783
HLK yes High Level Bridge - King Edward Bridge NE646
HLL   Heathrow Link Line GW065
HLM yes Haverhill - Long Melford GE224
HLN yes Hayes Lane Branch GW762
HLO   Hemsworth Loop
HLP yes Henley - Lapworth GW737
HLS yes Willesden High Level Sidings NW011
HLW yes Heaton Lodge - Wortley NW824
HLY   Holygate Branch NB202
HMC yes Hatfield Main Colliery Branch GC194i
HMD   Holmwood Branch MR751
HMF yes Holmfirth - Brockholes LY313
HMG yes Houghton Main Colliery (Barnsley) GC292
HMH   Hampole to Moorhouse Loop WR007
HMN yes Hamilton Circle
HMO   Moorfields Loop
HMY yes Helmsley - Pickering NE233
HNB yes Hendon Branch NE611
HNC yes Hambleton North Curve NE006
HND yes Halesowen Branch GW757
HNE   Haddiscoe North Eastern Curve GE276
HNL yes Hereford & Newport Line GW430
HNO yes Hartford Northwich Oakleigh Sidings CL021
HNP   Honeybourne North Loop GW700
HNR yes Hanslope - Northampton - Rugby NW121
HNS yes Heaton Norris - Guide Bridge NW790
HOB yes Haydock Branch Junction - St Helens Central GC542
HOB   Holmes Branch
HOC   Holbrook Colliery Branch GC069
HOD   Hodbarrow Branch FN056
HOK yes Horrocksford Branch LY274
HOL yes Harwich Old Line GE254
HOM yes Holwell Branch MR106
HON yes Hopetown Branch NE254
HON   Honeybourne North Loop. Now HNP.
HOR   Hornsea Branch NE254
HOS yes Holgate Junction - Skelton Junction via slow lines NE190
HOT   Horwich Town Branch LY112
HOU yes Hounslow Loop SW033
HOW   Horninglow Branch MR215
HOY   Holywell Branch NW461
HPB yes Heap Bridge Branch LY053
HPC yes Hare Park Junction - Crofton West Junction WR008
HPK   Penicuik Branch NB069
HPN   Hamilton Palace Branch NB322
HPQ yes Harwich Parkeston Quay Goods Yard GE250
HPW yes Harringay Park Junction - Harringay West GE025
HPY   Hamilton Palace Branch CA153
HPZ   Hobbs Point Branch GW668
HQU yes Queensbury - Holmfield GN372
HRD yes Halls Road Lower Branch GW518c<
HRL   Huntershill Branch
HRN yes Harborne Branch NW361
HSA yes Hatton - Stratford on Avon GW733
HSC yes Hambleton South Curve NE005
HSE yes Hawkesbury Street Junction - Archcliffe Junction SE092
HSF yes Horwich South Fork LY111
HSG   Hassockrigg Branch NB274
HSJ yes Handsworth Junction - Smethwick Junction GW751
HSL yes Hythe - Sandgate SE049
HSL   Honeybourne South Loop. Now HSP.
HSP   Honeybourne South Loop GW696
HSS   Hatfield to St Albans Branch GN031
HST yes Glasgow City Union Line GS198
HSW   Haddiscoe South West Curve GE275
HSZ yes Halls Siding (Abercarn) GW515f
HTF yes Fullerton Junction - Hurstborne SW121
HTG yes Isle of Grain Branch SE031
HTH   Hammersmith Branch GW002
HTJ yes Torresholme Junction No 1 - Torresholme Junction No 2 MR914
HTL yes Hamiton Hill Branch CA475
HTM yes North Doncaster Chord LY368
HTN   Harton Branch NE616
HTS yes Liverpool Outer Loop CL084
HTW yes Heath Town Junction - Lichfield Road Junction MR240
HTY yes Heaton Yard NE675
HTZ   Howlerslade Tramway SV018
HUE yes Hunslet Branch (GNR) NE022
HUG   Hull Goods Yard
HUL yes Hull - Leeds NE040
HUN yes Hunterston Branch GS143
HUS yes Huskisson Branch CL080
HWB   Highbridge Wharf Branch SD011
HWD yes Hackney Wick Goods Yard GN013
HWE   Howe Bridge East Curve NW665
HWG   Hartford West Goods Curve CL022
HWH   Hartlepool to West Hartlepool Branch NE577
HWL   Hillhouserigg Branch NB276
HWS yes Heacham - Wells GE134
HWT yes Hawcoat Branch FN051
HXH yes Halifax High Level GN374
HXS yes Hunts Cross West Junction - Southport CL073

HYB yes Hereford - Hay - Brecon MR390
HYD yes Hyndland West Curve NB393
HYL yes Hayle Wharves Branch GW359
HYM yes Healey Mills Yard LY330
HYT   Hythe Tramway GE233
HYZ   Hayes Creosote Depot GW064c


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