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13 February 2011

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RailRef Line Codes MY

Mersey Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
MY001 Liverpool Central Low Level - Rock Ferry
datum Liverpool Central LL
0m60c James Street MY003
0m69c Mann Island Junction MY002
1m60c Canning Street Junction
1m67c Hamilton Square
1m72c Hamilton Square Junction MY005
2m30c Birkenhead Central
2m64c Green Lane
3m27c Rock Ferry North Junction BJ010
3m42c Rock Ferry
MY002 Mann Island Junction - James Street clockwise Loop Line
0m00c Mann Island Junction MY001
0m16c James Street MY001 MY003
0m39c Moorfields
1m06c Liverpool Lime Street
1m48c Liverpool Central
2m05c James Street
2m12c Mann Island Junction
MY003 Paradise Junction - James Street via Stock Interchange Line
datum ??
0m32c Paradise Junction
0m46c Derby Square Junction
0m53c James Street MY001 MY002
MY005 Hamilton Square Junction - Birkenhead Park
1m72c Hamilton Square Junction MY001
2m24c Conway Park
3m05c Birkenhead Park WI001
MY006 connection to Birkenhead Joint at Rock Ferry
MY009 Mersey Railway Power Station