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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes C

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Signal Fact 62

In 1951 York Power Signal Box was opened, replacing seven mechanical boxes aggregating 868 levers.

The new signal box had 825 routes that could be set up over a total of 33 track miles.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
CAA yes Canal Branch NB031
CAB   Blairgowrie Branch CA551
CAC   Calderbank Branch NB253
CAD   Cadzow Branch CA224
CAE   Caelliau Branch MR403
CAG yes Coventry Avoiding Line NW322
CAH   Cart Harbour Branch GS235
CAI   Calderbank Branch CA187
CAL yes Callington Branch BA001
CAM yes Cardiff & Merthyr Line TV050
CAN yes Carmarthen & Newcastle Emlyn Line GW661
CAP yes Caerphilly - Pontypridd AD001
CAR yes Cardiff & Rhymney Line RR001
CAS   Castella Branch (Old Glanmyshyd Branch) GW552c
CAT yes Catford Loop Line SE112
CAW yes Cricklewood - Acton Wells Junction MR060
CAY   Camden Yard NW026
CAZ   Crockherbtown Carriage Sidings. Now in CHT.
CBB yes Cambusnethan Branch CA161
CBC yes Carnforth & Barrow Line FN001
CBD yes Cumbernauld Line CA491
CBE yes Cambridge Goods  
CBH   Cransley Branch MR089
CBL   Camelon Branch NB162
CBM yes Cannon Street - Borough Market Junction SE004
CBN   Carbean Branch GW317
CBR yes Castle Bromwich to Ryecroft Junction MR241
CBS yes Carbis Branch GW319
CBV   (Cardiff) Bute Viaduct Lines
CBX yes Tollcross Branch CA354
CBY yes Canning Town - Blackwall Goods GE171
CBZ   Clutton Branch GW202
CCA   Cornbrook Junction to Castlefield Junction CL050
CCB yes Cotgrave Colliery Branch GN162
CCC   Cardiff Canton Carriage & DMU Depot GW538
CCD   Cardiff Canton Locomotive Depot
CCE yes Campbell Road Curve NW049
CCF   Cotcastle Fork CA211
CCG yes Croxley Green Branch NW068
CCH yes Cambridge - Haughley Junction GE060
CCL yes Castle Cary & Langport Line GW234
CCN yes Clipstone Colliery North GC124
CCO   Camps Exchange Connection CA093
CCQ yes Chester South Junction - Dee Marsh East Junction GC480
CCR   Cromarty Branch
CCS yes Birkenhead Goods Extension Line BJ010
CCT yes Chorley - Cherry Tree LU003
CCV yes Clifton Curve NE273
CCY   Cadeby Colliery Branch LY397
CCZ yes Liskeard - Caradon GW303
CDB   Craighead Branch CA228
CDC yes Perth to Ladybank Line
CDK yes Cardiff Docks TV060
CDL yes Codsall Branch GW788
CDM yes Deansgate and Dee Marsh MA002
CDN yes Clevedon - Yatton
CDO   Chatham Dockyard Branch. Now CYD
CDS yes Chesterford - Six Mile Bottom GE053
CDT   Whitechapel & Bow WB001
CDV yes Cheadle Deviation NS014
CDY yes Chelmsford Lower Yard GE210c
CDZ   Common Branch Loop Line TV046
CEB   Cardiff East Branch TV062
CEC yes Carnforth East Curve FN002
CEH yes Castleton East Junction - Heywood LY051
CEJ yes Cardiff East Junction GW532
CEM   Clipstone to Mansfield Colliery Branch GC120
CEN   Camelon Branch CA494
CER yes Colchester Goods GE218
CET   Castleford East Branch NE159
CEZ   Cardiff East Branch. Now SWR.
CFB   Cargo Fleet White House Branch
CFG yes Coleford Branch GW386
CFH yes Church Fenton - Harrogate NE183
CFJ   Coalfields Farm Colliery AN004
CFL yes Charnwood Forest Line NW194
CFM yes Church Fenton and Micklefield Line NE028
CFN   Carfin Branch CA164
CFP yes Canonbury to Finsbury Park Curve GN008
CFR   Cardiff Riverside Branch GW535
CFS   Coleford Branch SV014
CFY   Ballachulish Branch CA523
CFZ   GW501
CGB   Cockett Goods Branch GW602
CGJ yes Crewe - Carlisle Grand Junction Line NW530
CGL   Collyhurst Connection Line No 3 LY061
CGS   Cartside Goods GS180
CGV yes Congreaves Branch GW760
CGW yes Carlisle Gas Works Branch
CGZ   Cwmbargoed Branch NW274
CHA   Chapel Street Branch
CHB yes Chesterton Branch NS082
CHC   Chapelhall Branch CA186
CHD yes Chard Branch GW237
CHE yes Cheadle - Cresswell Junction NS013
CHE   Cheltenham Branch GW378
CHF   Coppermill Junction to Hall Farm Junction GE022
CHH   Chickenley Heath Branch GN332
CHJ   Widnes Deviation Line NW735
CHL yes Cheltenham Loop Line GW373
CHM yes High Meads Curve
CHN   Crockherbtown Loop. Now CHT
CHN   Castle Hills Curve WR002
CHP yes Cromford & High Peak NW772
CHQ   Cronton Colliery Branch NW632
CHR yes Chesterfield - Rotherham Line MR770
CHS yes Crigglestone and Horbury Link Line LY334
CHW yes Chester - Warrington BJ020
CHY   Cinder Hill Branch MR642
CHZ   Coal Pit Heath Branch MR343
CIB yes Cinderford Branch GW393
CIL yes Chester Independent Lines NW210
CIR yes Cirencester Branch GW371
CIW   Clyde Ironworks Branch CA355
CJA yes Ardingly Branch LB70a
CJB   Chard Junction Branch SW142
CJC yes Clapton Junction - Chingford GE021
CJD   Challoch Junction - Dumfries
BRR quotes Dumfries - Stranraer
CJL yes Clapham Junction - Latchmere No 2 Junction WE004
CJM   CA091
CJN yes Camps - Uphall NB203
CJS yes Carcroft Junction - Stainforth Junction WR004
CKC yes Cannock Chase Line NW395
CKL yes Clapham Junction - Latchmere No 1 Junction WE001
CKN yes Cleckheaton - Mirfield 60 LY321
CKP yes Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith CK001
CKS   Cricklewood Sidings
CKT yes Craiglockhart Loop NB099
CLA yes Chart Leacon Depot  
CLB yes Crainlarich Loop. CA521
CLC   Warrington Avoiding Line CL061
CLD yes Cauldon Low Branch NS028
CLE yes Clee Hill Branch SH003
CLF   Clifton and Kearsley Branch
CLH   Cliff House Branch NE572
CLJ yes Clapham Junction Sidings SW007
CLK yes Carluke Branch NB229
CLL yes Cardiff Leckwith Loop Line GW539
CLN yes Chesterfield to Lincoln Line GC090
CLO yes Chesterfield Loop GC080
CLP yes Clarkston West Loop CA256
CLS yes Llanberis Branch NW515
CLU yes Congleton Lower - Upper Junction NS040
CLV   Liverpool Central High Level Station CL073
CLW   Clay Lane Works Branch NE535
CLY yes Clydesdale Line.
CLZ   Clandown Branch SD002
CMB   Cwmbran Branch GW481
CMC   Cwmcarn Branch GW518
CMD yes Colwich Junction - Macclesfield NS080
CME yes Campsie Branch NB165
CMF yes Cwmffrwdoer Branch GW505
CMG   Cwmgorse Branch GW645
CMH yes Canons Marsh Branch GW159
CMI yes Cleland & Morningside Branch CA171
CMJ yes West Croydon - Mitcham South Junction LB064
CML yes Cambridge - Mildenhall GE064
CMM yes Cwmmawr Branch BP001
CMN yes Cwmnantddu Branch GW504
CMO yes Chester to Mold Line NW480
CMP yes Crewe - Manchester Piccadilly NW740
CMR   Cymmer Junction Loop. Now CYM.
CMR yes Clifton Mill - Rugby Loop NW161
CMS yes Carmuirs Loop CA495
CMT   Cwmtillery Branch GW512
CMY   Clifton May Bank Branch GW221
CMZ yes Camerton Branch GW194
CNB yes Chinley North Junction and Buxton Branch MR450
CNC yes Cathcart North Loop. CA287
CND yes Cardonald and Deanside Branch
CNE yes Calne Branch GW117
CNG   Gatewen Branch GW863
CNH yes Crewe North and Holyhead Line NW420
CNL   Cornwall Loop. Now MLN.
CNL yes Paisley Canal Line. GS190
CNN yes Coventry - Nuneaton NW323
CNP   Cornwall Loop. Now MLN.
CNS yes Carpenters Road Curve GE184
CNT   Consett Branch NE401
CNV   Caernarvonshire Line NW512
CNW yes Carmarthen West Loop GW662
CNX yes Clifton Extension Line GW131
CNZ   Coegnant Branch GW559
COA yes Coalport Branch NW222
COB yes Cardiff - Ogmore GW555
COC yes Colchester - Clacton GE230
COD   Corton Wood Colliery Branch GC275
COE   Coxhoe Branch NE371
COG   College Goods GS214
COH   Corkerhill (Wilsons) Branch
COI   Auchtertool Branch NB496
COJ   Cowdenbeath Old Branch NB640
COL   Coleford Branch. Now CFG
COL yes Manchester Piccadilly - Ordsall Lane MA001
COM   Comedie Branch CA471c
CON yes Container Base Branch
COR yes Corris Railway CR001
COS yes Coltness Branch
COT   Cottam CEGB Branch. Now TYB
COU   Couston Branch NB213
COV yes Colne Valley Branch CV001
COW   Cowdenhill Branch NB377
COY   Coley Branch GW085
COZ yes Common Branch TV044
CPB   Cameron Bridge to Pirnie Branch NB541
CPC yes Codnor Park Curve MR424
CPH yes Powderhall Branch. NB110
CPI yes Castleton and Bolton Line LY050
CPL yes Cardiff Penarth Loop TV052
CPM yes Castleford and Pontefract Monkhill Line LY350
CPP   Crystal Palace Loop GW007c
CPR   Collins Paper Mills Branch
CPS yes Cottam Power Station GC182
CPY yes Caerphilly - Machen BM032
CPZ yes Caerphilly - Machen Down Loop Line BM033
CQR   Cheetham Hill Junction and Queens Road Junction Curve LY062
CQS   Cardiff Queen St North Junction. Part of CAR.
CR yes Various Sidings in West Midlands
CRA yes Crayford Loop SE030
CRB yes Cowbridge Road Junction - Coity Junction
CRB   Cleator Moor & Moor Row FN093
CRC yes Camden Road Junction - Camden Road NW020
CRD   Boundary with Talbot to St James Junction
CRE yes Westfield Branch. NB646
CRF yes Camden Road Freight Terminal + Kings Cross Yard
North London Incline
CRG   Commercial Road Goods Depot MR037
CRH   Cromer High Branch GE150
CRI yes Criggion Branch SM008
CRL yes Clarbeston Road & Letterston Line
CRN yes Charlestown Branch NB595
CRO   Crossfields Branch FN093
CRP   Corstorphine Branch NB131
CRR yes Chester - Rock Ferry BJ001
CRS   Cardiff Riverside Branch. Now CFR.
CRS yes Cromer - Sheringham MG020
CRT   Coursington Branch CA147
CRY yes Cardiff Railway CF001
CRZ   Cawdor Branch GW646
CSB yes Crowhurst - Bexhill West SE042
CSC   Cable Street Coal Depot
CSD yes Castleton Depot LY052
CSF   Croesnewydd South Fork GW862
CSG yes Crewe Salop Goods Loop NW205
CSJ yes Clifton South Curve (Cumbria) NE273
CSM yes Chislehurst Loops SE011
CSN yes Cowlairs East Curve. NB168
CSP yes Carstairs Loop. CA040
CSQ yes Calstock Quay Branch BA002
CSS   Cannon Street Goods CF016
CST yes Carpenters Road North Junction - Stratford Central Junction West GE183
CSW   Coleford Branch. Now CFS.
CSW yes Metropolitan Junction - Cannon Street South Junction SE003
CSY   Selsey Branch SI001
CTA yes Clifton Junction - Accrington
CTA1 Clifton - Radcliffe
CTA2 Bury - Accrington
CTB   Elgin Tramway NB612
CTC yes Cathcart Circle. CA300
CTD yes Cadoxton Junction - Trehafod Junction BY001
CTH yes Coln Junction - Hythe Junction GE232
CTL   Cadoxton and Trehafod Line. Now CTD
CTL yes Calder Bridge Junction - Turners Lane Junction LY342
CTM   Cheltenham Branch
CTP yes Connington Tip Siding GN044c
CTR yes Catrine Branch GS062
CTS   Coltness Branch NB231
CTY   Cowlairs Chord NB181
CUL yes Culm Valley Branch GW251
CUS   Cudworth Station Branch HB004
CUZ   Cwmcapel Branch BP014
CVB yes Cheddar Valley Line GW213
CVL yes Churnet Valley Line NS020
CVR yes Cairn Valley Branch GS021
CVS yes Chester, South - North BJ003
CVZ   Carnarvon Branch GW649
CWB   Cook and Co Works Branch GC341c
CWD yes Crewe Works Deviation NW421
CWH yes Cowdenbeath Branch
CWJ yes DC Electric Lines NW066
CWK yes Hamilton Square and West Kirby Line MY005
CWL yes Central Wales Line SH001
CWN   Cockermouth and Workington Line NW944
CWO yes Cleator - Workington CW001
CWP yes Camden Washing Plant NW006
CWR yes Cattewater Branch SW172
CWS yes Clipstone West - South Curve GC125
CWT yes Caerwent Branch GW474
CWZ yes Cwmbach Branch. TV012
CXL   Caldercruix Lower Branch NB248
CYA yes Cylla Branch RR015
CYC yes Chinley Chord MR451
CYD yes Chatham Dockyard Branch SE125
CYL   Crimea Yard Branch
CYM   Cymmer Junction Loop GW570
CYW Canterbury & Whitstable SE061
CYY   Scarborough Goods Lines NE191


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