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Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway

Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales lines beyond Llanymynech had been sold to the Cambrian Railway in 1881 and are included in the Cambrian list. Blank numbers have been left for possible inclusion of military branches.

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
SM001 Shrewsbury - Llanymynech
0m00c Shrewsbury Abbey
0m36c Abbey Junction SM002
0m48c Abbey Branch Junction GW825
1m07c Shrewsbury West
  Meole Brace Junction SP002
1m69c Meole Brace
2m64c Hookagate East Junction SP003
2m72c Hookagate & Redhill (1)
  Red Hill (1st)
3m17c Hookagate West
4m09c Edgebold
4m72c Horton Lane
5m13c Cruckton
6m60c Shoot Hill
7m31c Ford & Crossgates (3)
9m36c Shrawardine
13m48c Kinnerley
13m58c Kinnerley Junction SM008
15m05c Wern Las
15m79c Maesbrook
17m75c Llanymynech
18m01c Llanymynech Junction
(1) Hookagate until 1921
(2) Hanwood Road until 1921
(3) Crossgates until 1911
SM002 Potteries Loop
0m65c North Wales Junction SJ001
0m00c Abbey Junction SM001
SM008 Criggion Branch
datum Kinnerley
0m05c Kinnerley Junction SM001
1m20c Chapel Lane 2m07c Melverley
3m18c Crew Green
4m22c Llandrinio Road
5m16c Criggion
5m27c Quarries