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West London Railway (GWR, LBSCR, LNWR, LSWR)

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Earls Court Junction - North Pole Junction datum Falcon Junction (Clapham Junction), former GW mileages from Old Oak Common East in brackets)
2m78c (3m09c) Earls Court Junction WE001 GW031
3m03c (3m04c) Earls Court LPTB Junction
  Kensington (1st)
3m34c (2m63c) Kensington South Main
3m42c (2m55c) Kensington Olympia (2nd) (1)
3m45c (2m52c) Kensington Middle
3m58c (2m39c) Kensington North Main
3m66c (2m31c) Richmond Junction SW035
4m09c (2m08c) Uxbridge Road
4m14c (2m03c) Uxbridge Road Junction GW004
4m15c (2m02c) Shepherds Bush
4m52c (1m45c) Viaduct Junction GW032 GW033
5m31c (0m76c) St Quentin Park (2)
5m35c (0m65c) North Pole Junction GW034 NW080
(1) originally Addison Road
(2) originally Wormwood Scrubs