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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes W

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Signal Fact 66

London Transport's Victoria Line was commissioned in 1958-1959.

Trains were controlled by pulsed codes in the track circuits and driven automatically.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
WAB yes Waltham Branch (Melton Mowbray) GN155
WAC   Whitland and Cardigan Branch. Now WCN.
WAC yes Warsop Colliery Branch MR653
WAD   Wath Junction to Dearne Junction SK003
WAE yes Wath East Curve SK002
WAG yes Wakefield - Goole LY341
WAH yes Worcester & Hereford Railway GW712
WAI   Wapping Independent Goods Line NW601
WAJ yes Adwalton - Wrenthorpe or Batley GN330
WAL yes Wallingford Branch GW092
WAM yes Wrexham & Minera Branch GW863
WAR yes Appleby, North - West MR934
WAT   Watlington Branch. Now PRC.
WAT yes Waterside Branch GS112
WAV yes North Leith Branch NB122
WAW yes Willesden Low Level Goods - Acton Wells Junction NW100
WAY yes Waskerley Branch NE327
WBA yes Woodside Branch at Round Oak GW789
WBB yes Wycombe Branch GW072
WBC yes West Burton Power Station GC170c
WBD   West Brompton Depot NW085
WBE yes Wycombe Branch. Now part of WBB.
WBG yes Workington Bridge Junction CW005
WBH yes Westgate Branch MR826
WBJ yes Whitchurch - Buttington Junction CM001
WBK   Welbeck Branch GC113
WBN   West Benhar Branch NB272
WBR   Wath Branch HB011
WBS yes Windsor Bridge and Southport Line LY140
WBT yes Willesden Brent Sidings 1-15
WBZ   West Bridge Branch MR162
WCA   Weston Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway WC001
WCB yes Welbeck Colliery Branch MR656
WCC yes Wolverhampton & Cannock Chase Light Railway NW391
WCE   Wilmington Curve HB039f
WCG yes Watford High Street - Croxley Green Junction NW069
WCH   Whiteinch Branch NB392
WCI yes Wilton ICI Branch NE537c
WCK yes Highland Main Line HR020
WCL yes Willesden Carriage Lines NW015
WCM yes West Coast Main Line
WCN yes Whitland - Cardigan GW669
WCP yes Westcalder Loop CA062
WCS yes Selhurst Junction - Gloucester Road Junction LB009
wcy   Woodhall Branch CA274
WDB yes Wrexham - Bidston GC490
WDG   SE013
WDJ yes Walsall Pleck Junction - Darlaston Junction NW384
WDK yes Workington Dock Branch CW002
WDN   Warping Drain
WDS yes Selsdon Branch WS001
WDY   Wester Dalry Branch CA111
WEB yes Werrington Branch GN090
WEC yes Westhorpe Colliery Line GC100
WED yes Windmill End Branch GW758
WEE yes Earlestown East Curve NW542
WEF1 yes Wembley Eurpoean Freight Operating Centre NW013
WEH   Wells Harbour Branch GE133
WEL yes West Ealing Loop GW043
WEM   Wembly Stadium Loop. Now WSL.
WEN   Wenford Branch SW157
WES yes Westbury Avoiding Line GW186
WET   Rowrah - Moor Row FN080
WEY yes Weymouth Branch GW190
WEZ yes Wells Branch SD014
WFB yes West of Fife Branch NB620
WFD yes Winsford Branch CL023
WFK   Walkinshaw Fork CA326
WFL yes Willesden Freightliner Depot
WFM yes Maldon - Woodham Ferrers GE216
WFS yes Watford Sidings
WGL yes Wednesbury Goods Loop NW382
WGP yes Wigston South Junction - Glen Parva Junction MR152
WGS yes Willesden Sidings / Willesden Intercity Depot  
WGW   Widnes Gasworks Branch NW717
WGZ   Witney Goods Branch GW107
WHA yes Whitacre - Hampton in Arden MR237
WHB yes Wharncliffe Branch MR834
WHC yes Whitlingham Junction and Cromer Line
WHE yes Welwyn Garden City - Hertford East GN034
WHG   West Hartlepool Goods Branch NE574
WHI   Whitworth Branch PT002c
WHJ yes Whitchurch - Tattenhall NW423
WHL yes West Highland Line NB460
WHM yes West Hallam Colliery Branch MR713
WHN yes Whithorn Branch PW002
WHO   Dobbs Brow Junction to Hindley and Blackrod Branch Junction LY143
WHR yes Whiskerhill Junction to Retford Curve GC171
WHS   West Ham (ex PS) Sidings
WHT yes Washwood Heath Sidings  
WHX   West Highland Line at Fort William NB460
WIB yes Widnes Branch CL063
WID   West India Dock Coal Depot NW041
WIE   Wishaw Estate Line
WIG yes Wisbech Goods Branch GE082
WIH   Wisbech Harbour Branch GE086
WIL   Williamthorpe Branches MR761
WIM yes Witham - Maldon GE212
WIN yes Windsor Branch GW069
WIS yes Wickford - Southminster GE202
WIT   Withernsea Branch NE078
WIY   Wimberry Branch SV019
WJB yes Willingdon Junction - Bopeep Junction LB123
WJK yes Walton Junction - Kirkby LY160
WJL yes Weaver Junction and Liverpool Line NW590
WJM yes Welham Junction - Melton Junction GN150
WJN yes Wigan Junction Line CL002
WJP yes Woodley Junction to Partington Branch CL002
WJS   Strathaven & Whiteshawgate CA251
WKB   West Kensington Goods MR065
WKC yes Welbeck Colliery Branch GC113
WKG yes Woking Yards  
WKL yes Wigan and Kirkby Line LY140
WKS yes Wolverton Works NW118
WKV yes Wansbeck Valley Branch NB045
WLE   Ministry of Works (Westerleigh East) Loop. Now MYW.
WLH   Wellhill Branch
WLL yes West London Line & West London Extension Lines WE003
WLN yes Dunstable Branch GN032
WLR yes Tayport Loop NB516
WLS yes Woodhall Junction - Little Steeping GN101
WLY   West London Yard Line. Now part of WLL9.
WMB yes Willesden High Level Junction - Mitre Bridge Junction NW064
WMC yes Wroxham - County School GE151
WMD1 yes Willesden Traction Maintenance Depot
WME yes Woodburn Junction - Mexborough Junction GC310
WMJ yes Weedon - Marton Junction NW127
WMO yes Wavertree & Edge Hill Goods CL068
WMP   Pilkington Branch
WMR yes Woodmuir Branch CA063
WMS yes Sittingbourne Curve SE126
WMY   Whitemoor Yard
WNC   Wincobank Curve MR831
WND yes Wellington Stafford Junction - Stafford via Donnington NW220
WNL   Watnall Branch MR644
WNS yes Wigston North Junction - Nuneaton South Line NW181
WNT yes Walnut Tree Branch RR024
WOA yes Walton Old Junction to Arpley Junction Curve NW535
WOD yes Woolsthorpe Branch (Denton - Bottesford) GN143
WOF   Wolfhall Loop MW021
WOG   Worcester Goods Loop GW711
WOL   Wolvercot Loop NW134
WOM   Wombwell Main Colliery Branch GC322
WOO yes Woodend Branch NB243
WOP yes Water Orton West Junction - Park Lane Junction Curve MR240
WOR   Worcester Goods Loop. Now WOG.
WOR   Worsbrough Branch GC330
WOT   Waterloo Independent Lines NW603
WOW yes Wolverton Works NW120
WOZ   Woodstock Branch GW108
WPG yes Doncaster Wheatley Park Branch GC194l
WPH yes Woking to Portsmouth Harbour SW020
WPK yes Wimbledon Park Depot & Sidings SW008
WPM   Westfield Branch NB214
WPS yes Wyre Dock - Poulton le Fylde PY015
WRB yes Wicker Branch MR824
WRG yes Whitehall Road Goods, Leeds NW842
WRI   Wrington Vale Light Railway GW214
WRM   Willesden Royal Mail Terminal NW011
WRO yes Aberdeen Waterloo Branch GO002
WRS   Whittington Road Junction to Wagon Repairs Siding
WRZ   Wernplumis Branch MR406
WSA yes St Albans Abbey Branch NW018
WSB   Weston-Super-Mare Old Branch. Now WSO.
WSB yes West Sleekburn and Blyth Branch NE708
WSC   Wentworth Silkstone Colliery Branch GC332
WSD yes Wansford - Stamford GN122
WSE   Mottram Junction to Waterside Branch GC374
WSH yes Wheatsheaf Branch GW871
WSJ yes Wolverhampton to Saltney Junction GW769
WSL yes Wembley Stadium Loop GC007
WSM yes Weston super Mare Loop GW172
WSN   Wilsontown Branch CA044
WSO   Weston-Super-Mare Old Branch GW174
WSP   Wilsontown North Curve CA048
WST yes Wednesbury Town - Wednesbury Central GW764c
WTA   Wright Andersons Branch
WTB yes West Blyth Staithes Branch
WTD yes Waterside Loop NB342
WTE   Weymouth to Easton Branch WP001
WTG   Whitrigg Branch NB221
WTH yes West Norwood Spur LB024
WTL   Warriston - Trinity Loop NB123
WTN yes Wanton Walls to Niddrie Line
WTP yes Weston, Clevedon & Portishead WC003
WTQ yes Weymouth Quay Branch WP002
WTR yes Ryecroft - North Walsall Junction MR245
WTS yes Willesden Through Sidings, Harlesden - Brent NW009
WTT   West Street Goods Branch CA415
WTW yes Wofferton - Tenbury Wells SH004
WTZ   Taunton West Loop GW238
WUT   Wisbech and Upwell Tramway GE085
WVL yes Western Valleys Line GW511
WVO   Woodville Goods MR182
WWB   Whitwood Branch NE155
WWC   Waleswood Curve GC068
WWD yes Wishaw Deviation Line CA160
WWH yes Walsall Wood Branch MR242
WWK yes Wakefield Westgate Curve GN321
WWS yes Wortley West to South Curve GN325
WXB   Whitecross Street Branch MR015
WYD yes Wednesbury - Darlaston NW347
WYE yes Wye Valley Line GW385
WYK yes Wyken Branch NW325
WYL yes Westbury East Loop GW187
WYM yes Wymington Slow Line (Sharnbrook) MR085
WYS yes Wemyss Bay Branch CA455
WZS yes Willesden TMD Sidings  


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