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Industrial & Private Lines: Leicestershire

Signal Fact 12

Brunel designed a Disc and Crossbar signal that gave a positive danger or positive clear indication depending on which way it was turned.

It was in use on the Great Western Railway by February 1841.

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County pages contain details of Industrial and other Private lines that do not form part of any of the principally listed companies on this web site. RailRefs generally remain un-numbered in the county lists.

In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR


Measham Collieries Ltd
Measham Collieries
Measham Colliery Sidings AN001
Measham Colliery, Measham SK 350 120; also Minorca Colliery SK 355 114. Measham Colliery opened 1894 (private siding agreement 1902). Rail traffic ceased 1981.

South Leicestershire Colliery Co Ltd
South Leicestershire Colliery Junction AN004
ANJR boundary
South Leicestershire Colliery
end of line
South Leicestershire Colliery & Brickworks, Ellistown SK 431 119. Rail traffic ceased 1964.

Mountsorrel Granite Co Ltd
  Swithland - Barrow-on-Soar
Swithland Sidings GC020
Mountsorrel Quarries (1)
Mountsorrel Junction (1)
Barrow-on-Soar Cement &Lime Works (2)
(1) Mountsorrel Quarries to Junction replaced by a conveyor belt in 1979.
(2) Shown on MR Distance Diagram, sheet 24 of 1923) but not found on OS maps.

Also narrow gauge internal.
  Midland Railway Connection
Mountsorrel Junction
Mountsorrel MR150
  Other locations on this line
Mounsorrel Quarry (Broad Hill) SK 579 149
Mountsorrel crushing plant SK 578 152
Hawcliff Quarry SK 572 152
Nunckley Hill Quarry SK 569 143
Cocklow (Buddon Hill) Quarry SK 564 150

Park Gate Iron & Steel Co Ltd
Off GN132
Sproxton Ironstone Quarry SK 857 254. Connection from GN132 into quarry plus workshops etc.

British Steel Corporation, Harston
Off GN143
Woolsthorpe Ironstone Quarries SK 847 320.
1948-1974. Stewarts & Lloyds until 1970. Made end on junction with Denton Branch, passing under Harston-Denton road, to serve quarries south of road. There was a pre 1948 narrow gauge system.

West Yorkshire Iron & Coal Co Ltd
Off GN150
Tilton Quarries SK 760 061.
1880-c1900. Zig-zag inclined line. From 1911 a narrow gauge system was installed by the new owners, Stanton.

Barnstone Cement Co Ltd
Off GN155
Waltham-on-the-Wolds Lime Pits. 1931-1941 (??).

Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd
Off GN156
Eaton Ironstone Quarries SK 795 305. South facing connection to GNR 300 yards south of bridge on Eastwell - Belvoir road. 1912-1957.

Park Gate Iron & Steel Co Ltd
Off GN156
Basic Ironstone Quarry, Eaton. SK 789 291.

Ministry of Defence, Army Department
Off MR100
Asfordby Gun Range SK 718 196.
WWI-1969. Probably just part of the sidings.

Ministry of Defence, Army Department
Off MR104
Royal Ordnance Factory No.10 Rearsby (Queniborough) SK 635 13500 between Syston East Junction and Rearsby. 1941-1959.

Holwell Iron Works
Off MR106
Two sections of internal railway. See article in Railway Bylines for October 2012.

John Ellis & Sons Ltd
Off MR150
Kilby South Pits SK 615 968 (?).
1873 - c1916.

Vic Berry, Leicester
Off MR150
Nedham Street Depot SK 598 048.
Former MR Wharf for refurbishment of rolling stock, 1990. Never brought into use.

Richards (Leicester) Ltd
Off MR150
Phoenix Ironworks, Humberstone SK 605 060.
Sidings connected to west side of MR150 and west side of GN153. Closed 1977.

Amey Roadstone Corporation Ltd, Eastern Division
Off MR150
Loughborough Rail Terminal SK 542 205.
Former goods yard, west side of MR150, north of station. 1973-1995.

Brush Traction Ltd
Off MR150
Falcon Works, Nottingham Road, Loughborough SK 543 207.
East side of MR150. Original connection removed 1969. New connection mile north of station opened 1989.

Leicester Corporation Electricity Department
Off MR160
Freemans Meadow Power Station SK 581 029 and 582 026.
1921 (private siding agreement), 1922 opened - 1976. Site is now Walker's Stadium (Leicester City FC).

City of Leicester Gas Department
Off MR160
Aylestone Gas Works SK 580 026 .
1878 (private siding agreement)-1969. There is still a gas holding station on the site.

Nailstone Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR160
Nailstone Branch Junction MR160
Nailstone Colliery
end of line
Nailstone Colliery & Brick Works, Nailstone SK 430 086. Rail traffic ceased 1989.

Ibstock Brick & Tile Co Ltd
Off MR160
Ibstock Colliery & Brick Works, Ibstock SK 417 111 (colliery) 414 109 (brickworks). 1832-1956.

Ellistown Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR160
Ellistown Colliery, Firebrick and Pipe Works, Ellistown SK 438 104. Opened 1876, rail traffic ceased 1960.

Cliffe Hill Granite Co Ltd
Off MR160
Cliffe Hill Quarry, Markfield SK 475 105.
Narrow gauge line 1897-1948 from quarry to siding at Cliff Hill.

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd
Off MR160 Bardon Hill Quarry - Bardon Hill West
Bardon Hill Granite Quarries SK 446 129.
Ellis & Everard until 1930, then Bardon Hill (various) until 1998.

South Leicestershire Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR160 Coalville - Snibston
Coalville No.1 Junction MR160
Snibston No.2 Colliery
end of line
Snibston No.2 Colliery SK 420 144 opened 1833, closed 1986.
Also Snibston No.1 colliery at SK 426 146 was served by a siding from Coalville station. Snibston No.3 colliery at SK 412 155 served by sidings from Spring Lane Crossing mile from Swannington incline top.

South Leicestershire Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR160 Coalville - Whitwick
Coalville No.1 Junction MR160
Whitwick Colliery
end of line
Whitwick Colliery SK 429 147 opened 1824-7. Line served Nos.1-5 pits. In 1876 extended to No.6 pit at SK 432 145, and then on to link into NW194 at SK 433 145.

Checkland & Co Ltd
Off MR160
Coleorton Colliery, Coleorton SK 400 166.
1875-1933. Branch ran from exchange sidings at SK 397 154, about 1 mile long.

Groby Granite Co Ltd
Off MR162
  Groby Quarry
2m02c Quarry / MR Boundary
1m77c Groby Granite Sidings MR162
Groby Granite Quarries. SK 523 075.
c1832-1847 and 1865-1966. About 1 miles long.
Also narrow gauge at Quarry 1893-1945.

Desford Coal Co Ltd
Off MR162c
MR Boundary MR162c
Desford Colliery
Desford Colliery & Brickworks, Bagworth. SK 458 069 & 463 067.
1901-1982. Also served Merrylees Colliery, Thornton, from 1943

New Bagworth Coal Co Ltd
Off MR162i Bagworth Colliery Branch
end of line
Bagworth Colliery SK 444 087
MR Boundary MR162i
Closed 1991.

Swannington Pumping Co Ltd
Off MR163
Swannington No.1 Colliery SK 420 169 1853-1866. From bottom of incline SK 416 167, to colliery in north-east direction.

Coleorton Railway
Off MR163 Main Line
MR/Coleorton boundary Off MR163
Worthington Rough SK 395 193
Cloud Hill Quarry
  Califat Colliery Branch
From bottom of Swannington incline to SK 412 172, later connected to Peggs Green Branch.
  Peggs Green Colliery Branch
From north end of Coleorton Tunnel to SK 413 178.
  California Colliery Branch
to SK 413 176.

John Lancaster & Co
Off MR164
Heath End Colliery, Staunton Harold. SK 374 209.
c1872-1881. From SK 382 191 ran 1 miles north west to colliery. Part of exchange siding and branch reopened 1901-1955.

Leicestershire Colliery & Pipe Co Ltd
Off MR164
New Lount Colliery, Newbold. SK 397 183.
Opened c1924. From triangular junction (SK 395 194, empties and SK 398 194, loaded) ran over mile of Coleorton Railway including reuse of Newbold Tunnel then went south west to colliery. Closed 1968.

Moira Colliery Co Ltd
Off MR180 Rawdon Colliery Branch
end of line
Rawdon Colliery
Canal Wharf Junction
Marquis Junction
MR boundary
Rawdon Colliery Junction MR180
Closed 1988.
  Moira Baths Branch
Canal Wharf Junction
Moira Baths Canal Wharf
  Marquis Branch
Marquis Colliery
Marquis Junction

Enderby & Stoney Stanton Granite Co Ltd
Off NW181
Earl Shilton Quarries SK 492 960.
1901-196x(?). Also narrow gauge to SK 489 970. Also Stoney Stanton Concrete Works at SK 490 960.

Croft Granite Quarries
Off NW181
Croft Granite Quarries SP 517 960.
ECC from 1989, now Bardon Aggregates.

Orson Wright & Co
Off NW181
Wigston Junction Brickworks SK 585 984. Sidings etc linking Glen Parva Goods yard via a tunnel under Saffron Lane to Blaby Sidings near Wigston South (MR). Also narrow gauge to clay pits. Closed 1913.

Enderby & Stoney Stanton Granite Co Ltd
Off NW183
Enderby Granite Quarries SK 534 001. Later Redland Aggregates Ltd.
1870-1975. Sidings trailing in at end of NW183.

Whitwick Granite Company Ltd
Off NW194
Whitwick Quarry SK 450 155. 1902-1967. Ran 1 miles north-east from Coalville station. Also connected to NW194.

Charnwood Granite Co Ltd
Off NW194
Charnwood Granite Quarries, Shepshed SK 489 180.
Ellis & Everard until 1936, then Bardon Hill.
1888-1963. Eastward from south side of Shepshed station to SK 485 183 along course of abandoned Charnwood Canal, then south to quarry.
Also narrow gauge internal.

Eastwell Incline & Quarries
Off GN150
3 foot Gauge, rope worked, six miles north of Melton Mowbray.

Article: Railway Bylines November & December 2013.

Holwell Iron Co Ltd; later Stanton Group
Buckminster Quarry
Article: Railway Bylines 2014 January.


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