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RailRef Line Codes MW

Midland & South Western Junction Railway

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This was the second company of this name.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
MW001 Rushey Platt - Marlborough
32m60c Rushey Platt Junction GW110 32m44c Rushey Platt
32m30c Rushey Platt Junction MW050
30m72c Swindon Town 'A'
30m67c Swindon Town
30m51c Swindon Town 'B'
27m56c Chiseldon
26m63c Chiseldon North Junction MW002
24m11c Ogbourne
19m44c Marlborough (1)
19m26c Marlborough Junction MW004 GW183 GW184
19m20c mile post MW020
(1) Marlborough Low Level from 1924

RUS: Rushey Platt Junction GWR - Rushey Platt Junction
AND: Rushey Platt Junction - 19m20c

1887 OS map shows a 7mp from Swindon by Chiseldon Camp Halt, incrementing in down direction.
MW002 Chiseldon Camp Branch
Chiseldon North Junction MW001
Chiseldon Camp
MW003 Chiseldon Camp Curve
Never built.
MW004 Marlborough Low Level - Marlborough South
19m26c Marlborough Junction MW001
19m16c Marlborough South Junction GW183
Duplicated by GW184
MW010 Grafton - Red Post Junction
12m00c MW020
9m45c Collingbourne Kingston
8m21c Collingbourne
5m71c Ludgershall Junction
5m64c Ludgershall
1m74c Weyhill
0m00c Red Post Junction SW120
AND: 12m00c - Ludgershall Junction
LUD2: Ludgershall Junction - Red Post Junction Continued to Andover Junction parallel to SW120.
MW011 Tidworth - Ludgersall
datum Red Post Junction
8m23c Tidworth
6m15c Perham Junction
5m71c Ludgershall Junction MW010
MW020 Marlborough - Grafton
19m20c mile post MW001
19m19c Marlborough Tunnel West
18m26c Marlborough Tunnel East
16m50c North Savernake GF
14m47c Savernake (1)
13m46c Wolfhall Junction (2) MW021
13m28c Wolfhall Junction (3) GW181
  Dodsdown Branch Junction MW022
12m41c Grafton & Burbage
12m00c mile post MW010
(1) Savernake High Level from 1924
(2) Grafton South Junction from 1933
(3) Grafton Curve Junction from ??

Cobb shows a 1933 connection to GW183 at about 16m40c - this is wrong, there were two parallel lines from this point to Marlborough Low Level Junction as shown by Tony Cooke.
MW021 Wolfhall Loop
13m70c Wolfhall Junction GW180
13m46c Wolfhall Junction (1) MW020
(1) Grafton South Junction from 1933
MW022 Dodsdown Branch
Dodsdown Brickworks
Dodsdown Branch Junction) MW020
MW050 Cirencester - Rushey Platt
45m60c Cirencester (1) MW060
42m51c South Cerney
39m13c Cricklade
39m08c Moredon North Junction
36m58c Blunsdon
34m79c Moredon
34m65c Moredon South
32m44c Rushey Platt
32m30c Rushey Platt Junction MW001
(1) Cirencester Watermoor from 1924
MW051 Electricity Works Branch
Moredon North Junction
Swindon Corporation Electricity Works
MW060 Andoversford - Cirencester
59m43c Andoversford Junction GW376
58m74c Andoversford & Dowdeswell (1)
56m54c Withington
53m11c Chedworth
51m72c Foss Cross
45m60c Cirencester (2) MW050
(1) Dowdeswell until 1892
(2) Cirencester Watermoor from 1924