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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes R

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Signal Fact 11

If the Ball can be seen, the line is right for the train to go in.

If the Ball is not visible, the train must not pass it.

Early Great Western Railway Instruction to Drivers.

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ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
RAC yes Radford Junction - Kirkby Lane End Junction MR640
RAD yes Radyr Branch TV051
RAM   Ramp Line
RAN   Ramsey North Branch GN045
RAV   Ravenscraig No.1 Branch CA146
RAZ   Rassa Tramroad
RBF   Redheugh Bank Foot Line NE650
RBG   Raebog Branch NB304
RBJ   Brownieside - Rawyards NB251
RBS yes Rugby - Birmingham - Stafford NW320
RBY yes Reedham - Burney Arms - Great Yarmouth GE141
RBZ   Riverside Branch GW634
RCB yes Rutherglen & Coatbridge Branch CA340
RCD   Rossington Colliery Branch LY394
RCH   Ringwood to Christchurch Line SW107
RCL   Riddochill Branch NB208
RCM   Ramcroft Colliery Branch MR791
RDB yes Runcorn Dukes Docks Branch NW593
RDG yes Reading Line SW001
RDK yes Ramsden Dock Branch FN040
RDL   Renfrew District Line GP009
RDO   unknown line near St Pancras
RDR   Redcar NE537l
RDW yes Red Wharf Bay Branch NW504
RDY   Radyr Down Yard TV051
REB yes Redmire Branch NE237
RED yes Redhill Line
REN   Renfrew Branch
RET yes Retew Branch
REX   Rexco Sidings MR625
RFL yes Ribble Fork Line LY213
RFW yes Renfrew Wharf Branch GS234
RGH   Rough Castle Branch NB161
RGW   Romford Gas Works and Lower Yard GE008
RGY yes Rugby Sidings NW128
RHD yes Rosyth Royal Dockyard Branch
RHE   Ripley and Heanor Railway MR722
RHN yes Robin Hood - Newmarket Colliery EW002
RHO yes Rhos Branch GW850
RHS yes Roundhouse Branch NW575
RHY   Rothesay Dock Branch
RHY1 Clydebank Dock - West Junction
RHY2 Clydebank Dock West Junction - Green Road
RHY3 Rothesay Dock West Branch

RIC yes Riccarton Branch
RID yes Richmond - Eryholme NE240
RIG   Renishaw Ironworks Branch GC066c
RIK yes Rickmansworth Branch NW070
RIM   Renishaw Ironworks Branch MR776
RIP yes Ripponden Branch LY291
RJB   Romiley Curve GC413
RJS yes Rouden Junction - Swaffham GE121
RKN   Rankinston Branch GS055
RLB yes Langholme Branch NB042
RLL   Reading Low Level Goods Lines GW082
RLY yes Ripple Lane Yards MR049
RMB yes Roddymoor Branch NE321
RMJ yes Rowrah - Marron Junction (WC&E) FN080
RML yes Anston - Ravenfield (RM&L) HB023
RMS   Ramsgate Town - Margate Sands SE063
RNC yes Rutherglen North Chord CA362
RNH   Rosehall North Branch NB325
RNJ yes Reading Spur - Reading New Junction SE081
RNR   SE046
RNW yes Runton to North Walsham Line MG021
ROA yes Roath Branch TV060
ROB   Rothes - Orton Line GO032
ROC yes Roath Dock Branch GW531
ROD yes Rothesay Dock Branch CA382
ROJ   Reading Old Junction SE082
ROK yes Rock Sidings CM011
ROL   Rolles Quay Branch SW151c
RON yes Royton Branch LY005
ROS yes Ross on Wye & Little Mill Line GW384
ROT   Redcar Ore Terminal Branch
ROU yes Romford - Upminster MR041
ROW yes Rowrah Branch CW015
ROY yes Royston - Dewsbury MR870
ROZ   Roath Goods Branch TV061
  Radyr Pre-assembly Depot TV051
RPE yes Raynes Park Junction - Epsom Junction SW012
RRC   Rathbone Road Coal Yard NW602
RRN yes Ryecroft Junction - Rugeley North Junction
RRY yes Robroyston Branch CA472
RRZ   Rhymney and Nantybwch Line RR001
RSB yes Rhondda & Swansea Bay Line RS001
RSC   Roundwood Chord Junction to Silverwood Colliery Line GC237
RSD yes Rugby - Stamford NW160
RSH   Rosehall South Branch NB324
RSJ yes Redhill - Shalford Junction SE073
RSK   Roskear Branch GW354
RSL yes Rosehall and Langloan Curve
RST   Regent Street Branch CA459
RSW yes Inverness Avoiding Line HR006
RSY   Rothesay Dock Branch NB394
RSZ   Swansea Riverside Branch/Swansea Harbour Branch RS036
RTB   Radcliffe South Junction to Bradley Fold Junction Line
RTJ yes Redbridge Junction - Tunnel Junction SW129
RTR   Reading Triangle Sidings
RTS yes Rugby - Leamington Line NW310
RTT yes Redhill - Tonbridge West Junction SE072
RUA yes Ruabon - Barmouth GW845
RUB yes Rufford Junction - Bilsthorpe Colliery GC121
RUC yes Rufford Colliery Branch GC121
RUD yes Ruddington Chord GC025i
RUM   Ruchill Branch CA475
RUN   Ruchill Branch NB412
RUS   Rushey Platt Curve MW001
RUZ   Ruthern Bridge Branch SW156
RVC   Ravensbourne Loop SE112
RVE   Riverside Branch NE672
RVS yes Old Kilpatrick Branch
RWB   Radiator Works Branch HB037
RWC yes Reading West Curve GW084
RWD yes River Witham, Fiskerton GN100
RWF   Radcliffe West Fork LY064
RWJ yes Rugby - Leicester (Wigston) MR151
RWR   Ravenswood & Reston Line (Berwickshire Branch) NB063
RWS yes River Wear Commissioners NE612
RWT yes Rolleston West Curve MR621
RYE   Rye Harbour Branch SE048
RYH yes Romily - Hyde Junction GC415


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